Chapter 1276

Novel:100 billion doted on|Author:Dawn|Genre:Romance

Mo Yu’s voice trembled slightly. Although she was already on the verge of death, she still had no way of dealing with it calmly.

“Give me some time to think about it. ”

“although she is such a precious granddaughter, compared to her own life, she will still hesitate. ”

Mo Huichen smiled, but he did not refuse. “Forget it, forget it. Anyway, you don’t have much time left anyway. It doesn’t make any difference to let you live for one more night. Grandma, I will come over tomorrow to get the will. You must be prepared. ”

—— —

It was late at night, in the shade of an abandoned factory, a dump.

Yang Lan, who was just shot, was just left here.

Everyone thought she was dead… …

Only then will she abandon here, the Moonlit night wind high, the moonlight sprinkles on that like the Corpse General Pale body… …

“Rustle, Rustle”

“How dare you piss next to a dead man? ”

“Oh, what’s the big deal? I didn’t spill it on her. ”

“You’re really not afraid of death. Seriously, although I know that there’s no one in this industry who doesn’t see blood, it’s really a pity for such a beautiful girl to die just like that… ”

“speaking of which, this corpse must still be warm… do you want… US brothers… to have a good time? ”

“Oh my, Tsk Tsk, seriously? Do you have the guts? ”

The joking voice suddenly became a little serious, but that person suddenly laughed and said Lewdly, “what’s there to be afraid of? Little brother, is this your first time… that? ”

“How is that possible? ”

“How about this, the two of us, you keep a lookout for me. After I’m done, you keep a lookout for me. How about it? ”

“That won’t do. How do I know if you’ll keep your word later? What if you run away after you’re done? ”

“Okay, okay, okay… a little devil is a little devil. Then you go first, and I’ll come later, okay? ”

“That’s fine. ”

A black figure took advantage of the night and gradually approached the corpse lying on the garbage heap. The man first touched Yang Lan’s calf, and sure enough, the temperature was just right. Yang Lan’s face was pale, and she was lying on her side. Her facial features were well-defined She looked even more beautiful and moving.

The man’s lust was aroused, and he became even more impudent. He reached out his hands and touched Yang Lan’s slender calves. “Tsk Tsk, this is really a beauty… it’s simply… ”

The man’s voice suddenly stopped… … The watchman suddenly couldn’t hear the voice, so he raised his head and asked …

“What’s wrong? Hehe, could it be that this is the first time you’ve touched a corpse? ”

At this moment, the man was lying on Yang Lan’s body. His hands were completely frozen, but he still didn’t dare to move.

Because at this moment… … A black pistol was pressed against his temple …

And the person holding the pistol was Yang Lan, who was lying on the ground just now!

Yang Lan did not say a word. She just used her hand to pinch that person’s waist. That person cried out in pain, “AH”

The person who was guarding the wind burst into laughter, “as expected, you’re still a little Brat. How did you get that so quickly? ”

Yang Lan smiled coldly and used the butt of the gun to knock that person out. She stood up and was about to walk towards the man who was guarding the wind not far away… …

The man suddenly turned around… …

The man did not expect that Yang Lan, who was lying on the ground just now, would suddenly come back to life… … His pupils instantly contracted. Almost in an instant, he had already pulled out his gun ! !