Chapter 459

Novel:A Doted Toy Boy in Another World Novel|Author:Miao Bu Cheng Yu|Genre:Action
Hearing the sound of water flowing from the bathroom, Jiang Cheng knew that Bai Hezhi had gone to take a bath.

He frowned and turned and murmured, "take a bath, why should I turn around? What should be seen and what should not be seen has not been seen by me already? "

But after that, he sighed and did not care so much about Baihe.

Can touch the face to mumble again, "tell him not to hit the face, Leng with me, with his daughter a temper."

Kowtow, kowtow

There was a sudden knock outside the door.

"Here it is."

Jiang Cheng scratched his head and went back to the door lazily. He didn't wake up.

He opened the door and saw Jiang Sheng.

"What are you doing here early in the morning?"

Jiang Cheng asked him and raised an eyebrow.

Instead of answering, Jiang Sheng sighed.


What's the meaning of Jiang Cheng's face? It's like this when I see him in the morning.

"What are you asking me! This is not our house. Can't you get dressed, uncle? Would you like to come out and open the door with just a pair of underpants? What if a servant comes to knock on you? "

"What to do? They can see it when they see it. Have they not seen a man's body yet?"

Jiang Cheng didn't pay attention to it.

His third uncle, a playboy, said he would not listen, so Jiang Sheng didn't want to waste words with him and enter into the theme, "you can invite baihezhi in a moment, let's go shopping."

"Can you tell him no yourself? What are you doing with me? "

Jiang Cheng's puzzled amorous feelings were immediately kicked by Jiang Sheng. "Are you stupid? I said Jiaojiao. Maybe it's you and Baihe's daughter. Naturally, I want you to find a chance to try Baihe's formation!"

I go, I think for him, he is also a matter of his own high hanging appearance.

"Don't try. Bai Jiaojiao is the daughter of Bai He and I

Jiang Cheng yawned back to Jiang Sheng with a calm face.

Jiang Sheng was stunned and said, "really, really? Have you tried it yourself? "

"I was forced by Bai Jiaojiao, a little violent maniac."

As soon as she talked about Bai Jiaojiao, Jiang Cheng remembered what happened last night.

That smelly girl, will see her later, I must severely slap her buttocks, but also dare to lock the door for me.


Jiang Cheng was suddenly stunned. He immediately asked Jiang Sheng, "did you open the lock?"

"What lock?"

So Shengjiang is unknown.

"The lock of the door! Isn't it locked up outside? "

"No! There is no lock

Jiang Sheng looks puzzled.

Damn it, can't it be a ghost? When I was holding Baihe to go out last night, the door couldn't be opened.

"Are you OK, uncle?"

Jiang Cheng was stunned. Jiang Sheng called him, but Jiang Cheng didn't respond.

At this time, he also noticed that Jiang Cheng's arms and neck had been scratched, and the red lines were very obvious.

"Are you hurt?"

Jiang Sheng points to her arm and asks Jiang Cheng.

Jiang Cheng took a look and said, "your three aunts caught it."

Jiang Sheng was stunned, "me, me, my three aunts? Who is my third aunt Then he angrily punched and kicked Jiang Cheng and scolded, "Jiang Cheng, you are not going to attack the maid here, are you! You are still not a human being

"I go to pain, pain, what are you crazy about."

Jiang Cheng quickly avoided and rubbed his hurt chest. He was furious.

Jiang Sheng was angry and fierce, pointing at him and scolding, "do you still have the face to ask me? Isn't Jiaojiao your daughter? Are you still fooling around? "

"Who fucked up? Isn't your aunt Bai Jiaojiao's mother?"

This son of a bitch, you can beat people if you don't know.

Jiang Cheng is going to die of anger and has been beaten up recently.