Chapter 462

Novel:A Doted Toy Boy in Another World Novel|Author:Miao Bu Cheng Yu|Genre:Action
"This straight man's cancer is hopeless."

Jiang Sheng and Bai Jiaojiao, who had the same face and black face, could not understand how those women make complaints about Jiang Cheng. Is it difficult for Chengdu to love Jiang Cheng's brain?

"Haven't you talked to your third uncle yet?"

Pei Wai Yan waited for Jiang Sheng in his room for half an hour, but he didn't come back, so he came to look for him.

I didn't expect Jiang Sheng was still here after such a long time.

"I told my third uncle, but my third uncle is going to take my aunt home. I don't think he will go shopping."

Jiang Sheng raised his head and went back to Pei yaoyan.

Pei Shouyan is much higher than him. Therefore, every time he talks to Pei yaoyan, he always has to raise his head. He never has his eyes parallel, which makes him very distressed.

"What's the matter?"

Jiang Sheng looked at himself with a displeased look on his face. Pei Shouyan raised his hand to rub his head and asked, then lowered his head and kissed him on the forehead.

"It's nothing. It's just that you're too tall. Every time I talk, I have to look up and talk to you. Otherwise, I can't see your face and my neck is tired." Jiang Sheng murmured.

Pei Shouyan didn't even think about it. He bent down and picked up Jiang Sheng. He looked up at Jiang Sheng and asked, "what about this? Is your neck still tired? "

Jiang Sheng immediately turned black and said, "I didn't let you hold me up. Besides, are you going to hold me like this in the future

Now the men, are so straight man cancer?

Jiang Sheng couldn't help but sigh. It would be nice to have a Jiang Cheng, and now another Pei Shiyan.

However, he was a little bit excited.

Although there is no sweet talk, but made a practical action, or let him a warm heart.

"I'm still here, can't I show my love?"

Bai Jiaojiao raises her head and looks white. Pei Shouyan and Jiang Sheng have a look, and their disgusted eyes are vivid.

"If you can't stand it, you can find someone to hold you!"

Jiang Sheng slightly spits out her tongue and makes a face for Bai Jiaojiao, just like a child.

Bai Jiaojiao's impatient eyes, pointing to Jiang Sheng, said, "then you look, I'm going."

Then she trotted into the room and gave Jiang Cheng a leg with her back to her. Her hands were akimbo and she raised her head and ordered Jiang Cheng, "I want the princess to hold her."

The voice was sucking, but it was very domineering.

Leng Buding, who was kicked and hurt, raised her feet and kneaded. Then she turned around and scolded Bai Jiaojiao, "I owe you in my last life! Have you ever done this to your father? "

After scolding, the finger poked white Jiao Jiao Jiao's forehead, the gas does not hit a place.

Bai Jiaojiao didn't pay any attention to him, looked up and continued to order, "I let you hold me, you didn't hear me!"

"Is that your attitude of asking for help?"

Jiang Cheng didn't hold it.

"Well, you don't hold it, do you! Then don't touch the White River

Bai Jiaojiao gives Jiang Cheng another kick. She walks up to Baihe and climbs onto Baihe's thigh. Finally, she hums to Jiang Cheng who is about to die of anger.

Jiang Cheng was too lazy to make complaints about Jiao Jiao. He climbed up the White River and looked like a house lizard.

He sighed, he suspected that baijiaojiao, the handlebar of Baihe, had the wrong gender, which was clearly the character of a boy.

Don't they say that the daughter is a little cotton padded jacket? Baijiaojiao this kind of, is a mine, a blast will blow you outside Jiao Nen.

But the White River is very Leng, now just know that there is someone at the door, Bai Jiaojiao has been in.

He was very embarrassed. Just now Jiang Cheng also said some fantastic things.

The fury of Baihe pointed to Jiang Cheng and told Bai Jiaojiao, "beat this rascal out."

"At once."

Bai Jiaojiao is very obedient. A smart bullet directly knocks Jiang Cheng out of the door and slams into the wall, forming a human figure.