Chapter 41 - Recurrence of Old Wound

Novel:A Gallop on the Embankment with Spring Breeze|Author:Jin Mu 锦沐|Genre:Gender Bender
Chapter 41: Recurrence of Old Wound
Translator: Zhou Yang
Proofread by Fu Tianying

Ma Tian’en was stunned as she saw her father spit blood. She stood in the same place, only to see the red before her. At this time, the crowd gathered around, and Ma Chaosheng signaled to close the door, fearing that someone would see it. At this time, the waiter ran to close the door.

It was until then that Ma Tian’en came back to herself, knelt down in front of his father, took Ma Chaosheng’s hand and said incoherently, “Dad, aren’t you all right? How did you spit blood again? What’s the matter with you, dad? Hope nothing wrong happens to you. “She said tearfully.

Ma Chaosheng tried to raise his other hand and stroked Ma Tianen’s hair: “Dad is OK. Don’t be afraid. We are your parents, and we won’t let anyone hurt you. ”

Mrs. Ma could not help but cry. Ma Chaosheng was getting better recently. As soon as he heard that something happened to the bank, he was afraid that Ma Tian’en could not deal with it. When he got out of bed, he fainted and would not rest when he woke up. He took out all the silver in his family and rushed to help Ma Tian’en. What’s more, he spoke so much just now, which hurt his freshly restored vitality a lot.

Ma Chaosheng insisted that the doctor not come to the bank, for fear that someone would take this opportunity to make a trouble again. After a rest, he came back home with others. As soon as he got home, he could no longer support himself. Everyone quickly put him on the bed, and then a familiar doctor was invited to examine him.

“How is my father, doctor?” Ma Chaosheng’s illness had always been treated by Dr. Chen. Looking at his heavy expression, Ma Tian’en was more worried.

“Master Ma was too furious. I’ll give a prescription first of all. Don’t be angry or overworked and take good care of him. “The doctor instructed something more, and then went for the prescription.

Ma Tian’en knelt on the bed, reaching out her hand to touch her father’s face, but was stopped by Ma Chaosheng. Mrs. Ma motioned everyone to leave the room, and then she sat beside the bed to wipe Ma Tian’en’s tears with her hand.

“I’m sorry, mom and dad. It’s me that made you worry. If it weren’t for me, my father wouldn’t be like that. I’m such an unfilial son.” Ma Tian’en was full of guilt. If she didn’t move the money of the bank, her father would not have rushed to rescue her, which caused his old wound to relapse.

“One is sure to suffer losses in business, and you’ll gain wisdom after a fall. Now there are people who target our Ma Family, and what we can do is to be more careful. It’s OK. All grow up like this. When I was at your age, I was not as good as you. “Ma Chaosheng spoke with difficulty, comforting his daughter.

“Master, save your strength and stop talking. Tian’en, don’t take it to heart. We know you want to do well. It doesn’t matter. Our Ma Family can win and also can afford to lose. Just go. “Mrs. Ma said gently and firmly.

Finding that her parents didn’t blame her, but encouraged her, Ma Tian’en vowed that she would continue to revitalize Ma Family and never lose the strength as long as she takes charge of Ma Family.

“Don’t worry, mom and dad. I won’t let you down. Keeping Ma Family is the best reward.”

After talking for a while, Ma Tian’en was afraid to disturb her father’s rest, so she went out of the room. She was still very depressed, and she always felt that it was not over. Although it was not clear who manipulated the thing that happened today, Ma Tian’en had a premonition that it must be related to Tian Family, and to be exact, it must be related to Guo Qi, the housekeeper of Tian Family. Thinking of that man, Ma Tian’en felt cold. He was like a poisonous snake hiding in the grass and you don’t know when he would come out and bite you.

As she was walked along, she thought about that. When she came to her room, she saw a man standing in front of it, who was Mr. Wu Zhong.

“Sir, why don’t you go in?” It was very cold and she didn’t know how long Wu Zhong had been waiting at the door.

Wu Zhong didn’t know she was a girl before, but now he knew it, so he felt it improper to enter her room when she was away, especially in the evening. So if there was no particularly important thing, he wouldn’t come to her room to find her, instead, he would talk to her in the study. Of course, Ma Tian’en didn’t know this gentleman’s inner thoughts.

“Tian’en, I have an important thing to tell you, please follow me.” Wu Zhong took Ma Tian’en towards the study. On the way, Wu Zhong asked about Master Ma’s illness, and then he always wanted to say something, but said nothing. The more he did like this, the more Ma Tian’en felt that there would be a big event. Good or bad, what should come will come. So it is better to say it out directly.

“Sir, don’t you have any disease?” Ma Tian’en asked tentatively.

“No, of course not.”

“Well, are going back to your hometown and want to say goodbye to me, sir?”

“Don’t guess. It’s about Zhuanghua Satin.” Wu Zhong wanted to say it out after they reached the study, but her guess was more and more ridiculous.

“Ah, what happened to Zhuanghua Satin?”

Ma Tian’en felt panicked and held Wu Zhong’s hand. Wu Zhong hesitated for a moment and didn’t pull it out. “Don’t worry, I doubt the Zhuanghua Satin is fake.”

“Ah!” Hearing this, Ma Tian’en was dizzy and almost fell down. Wu Zhong stretched out his hand to pull her, only to find that they almost stuck together. He wanted to push her away, but thinking of Ma Tian’en’s body, he held her shoulders by his hands, and then said very seriously: “Tian’en, I know you have experienced a lot of things today, and suffered a lot of blows, but you must be firm, because this is your responsibility and you are the future owner of Ma family. You have to bear all this and no one can be your substitute, so you must stand firm now and not fall down. Do you understand? ”

Ma Tian’en came to herself and nodded heavily: “Sir, I see. Don’t worry. I’m ok. Why do you say that Zhuanghua Satin is fake? The boss and master of the silk and satin villa have made identification. ”

“Come with me.” Wu Zhong took Ma Tianen back to the study. Pushing open the door, there was a box on the table that Ma Tian’en sent to Wu Zhong.

Wu Zhong took the fine iron hook on the table and made the light on. Ma Tian’en saw that there was a piece of Zhuanghua Satin of the box missing, which was on the table.

Ma Tian’en picked up this piece of satin and looked at it carefully under the lamp. The work was exquisite and the color was bright. The pattern was also a typical one of Zhuanghua Satin. How could it be a fake?

Wu Zhong took it from her hand and tore it hard with his hands, and the brocade was torn into two pieces. Then he said gently, “The real Zhuanghua Satin won’t break so easily, you know? In fact, it can’t be said as fake, but I suddenly remember that I heard something when I was in the south of the Yangtze River. A young lady of an official family went to the temple and wore a dress made of Zhuanghua Satin, which was broken by a branch of a tree. The young lady felt that she had lost her reputation and wanted to die. Later, she knew that the Zhuanghua Satin bought by the silk and satin shop was fake. In fact, they could not be said to be totally fake but the gold thread was fake. The thread was not good but cheap, and the pattern was also made through quantity production, so the cost was much lower. If you look at the appearance, it’s hard to see the difference, but this kind of Zhuanghua Satin is easy to tear… ”

At his words, Ma Tian’en suddenly understood that this was the real killing move. Those who could afford to wear Zhuanghua Satin were all noble people. If the clothes worn by noble people were torn in public, Ma Family could not even afford a case. What a vicious ruse!