Chapter 1276

Lu Huanzi lay back down and hugged Yu Haoran tightly.

Yu Haoran was still mumbling, but he kept calling her name in a daze.

He repeated, “Lu Huanzi, I like you, I like you, do you know? I like you very, very much… ”

Lu Huanzi felt as if her heart was being beaten continuously.

She did not know why.

Lu Huanzi’s tears kept flowing.

It was not because of fear, nor was it because of helplessness.

Instead, she felt a huge emptiness in her heart.

Lu Huanzi felt that her tears were somewhat numb.

Yu Haoran was running a fever. His body was like a furnace, but Lu Huanzi felt warmer instead.

He held her tightly in his arms, and his mouth was still muttering her name.

When Yu Haoran called her name, Lu Huanzi replied, “I’m here, I’m here… ”

It was a stormy night, destined to be sleepless.

Lu Huanzi listened to the sound of the wind and rain outside and felt a little hopeless.

Yu Haoran was sick.

There was no medicine, no fire, and no food.

If this dragged on for two days, perhaps Yu Haoran would be in great danger.

However, her foot was also injured and she did not know where she was.

The fear in Lu Huanzi’s heart was like a black hole, slowly devouring her rationality.

What should she do What should she do?

Lu Huanzi cried out faintly, “brother-in-law, where are you? Where are you? ”

“Huanzi! ! Is that you? ”

A familiar voice came from the entrance of the cave.

Lu Huanzi heard her brother-in-law, Mo Lichuan’s voice.

She thought she was hallucinating.

Lu Huanzi sat up halfway.

The light of countless torches suddenly appeared at the entrance of the cave.

The lights were too bright.

Lu Huanzi directly covered her eyes with her arm.

At this moment, Lu Huanzi also saw clearly.

There was a group of people at the door.

There was Mo Lichuan, instructor Li, and Instructor Zhao. Li Jiajun, Lu Shuangyi, and Fang Xiaoai were all at the door. In addition, there were many students who participated in the training together. Almost everyone was there.

Of course, there were also Yu Haoran’s family members. Lu Huanzi even saw the armed police behind them.

Lu Huanzi really thought that her eyes were playing tricks on her.

At that moment, her mind was almost blank, but a thought still overflowed.

She was saved.

Because she saw Mo Lichuan!

As long as she saw her brother-in-law, Lu Huanzi’s heart was completely at ease.

She almost cried out, “brother-in-law… ”

Actually, most of the people at the entrance were also stunned.

They could not believe what they saw.

Because in their eyes.

In this cave, just now, the young man and the young woman were clearly sleeping in each other’s arms.

Such a scene, especially in the eyes of a group of students, was simply inconceivable… …