Chapter 584 - I’m Out of Your League

Novel:Ace of the Dragon Division|Author:Dust Wind|Genre:Action
The soldiers of the Deviant Mercenary Corp hadn’t slept well for the past two days as they thought that the M Nation special forces would come, and yet they were taking some time.

The M Nation special forces spent two days sweeping out the Black Cat mercenaries but did not end up wiping them all out.

There were five carloads of more than thirty members who had escaped from capture.

The M Nation forces were already dissatisfied with the low points; although they eliminated 89 members of the Black Cat mercenaries, they also lost two comrades in their group of thirty. Naturally, they were enraged, unwilling to give others a chance to survive.

They advanced using an armed vehicle they had stolen and chased down the fleeing stragglers everywhere they went as they saw them.

They did not give them a chance to surrender at all.

Normally, the POWs were exempt from death but would have to work as laborers for the country. However, this group of twenty-eight soldiers were dissatisfied that there weren’t enough ‘points’ to begin with, therefore they wouldn’t give them a chance to surrender; and they also wanted to vent out their anger on these unlucky guys for their two comrades that died during the battle.

In fact, aside from the Black Cat Mercenaries, there were some other homeless mercenaries that were hiding in the mountains, and these M Nation special forces were like starving ghosts as they used satellites and drones to hunt them down. It was nearly impossible to hide unless they dug into a cave and dared not to see the sunlight at all.

Otherwise, they would get eliminated!

The homeless mercenaries panicked.

Then they began to run. Before they thought that it would be fine to hide in the deep woods, yet now there was not even a place to hide so they could only find powerful backup.

Early in the morning, a bunch of people waited by the gate downhill of the Deviant Mercenary Corp asking for shelter.

Xu Cheng got up when he heard the noises and walked out.

“What’s going on?”

“Some homeless mercenaries are asking to form an alliance,” the sentry guarding the gate answered.

The pair of soldiers made way as Xu Cheng walked over and looked down.

There were more than two hundred people.

It was rather interesting that there were also several of their old acquaintances from before; the small team that had sought out the Falcon Mercenaries asking for shelter, as well as the group that had once come over and warned Xu Cheng to either hide or make an alliance.

Xu Cheng laughed. “What do you guys want?”

“You’re the leader of the Deviant Mercenary Corps, right? Let’s make an alliance, I think you are good. I didn’t expect the M Nation to come to our district this time, and their equipment is so powerful that we can’t hide from it.”

“Yeah, yeah. We should team up.”

Xu Cheng saw that there were even a few injured soldiers carrying the Black Cat flag and asked, “Those people, what about you guys? This flag of yours shows you’re from the Black Cat Mercenaries, aren’t you?”

Chapter 584. I’m Out of Your League (Part Two)

The thirty or so Black Cat mercenaries were wounded with bandages and they nodded. “The M Nation’s equipment and ammunition is too strong, and they are now killing everyone they see, even the civilians. They are treating this place like a slaughterhouse and we were wiped out. There were still many brothers who escaped, but they were chased down and killed. We know that this is the only place we can escape to, so we thought we should all unite and fight them together. With this many people, we could definitely take down their group of thirty.”

Xu Cheng said, “I’m sorry but our paths are different. Besides, you’ve got two hundred plus people here and I don’t have enough food for that, so there’s no way this is possible. Even if you flee here, the M Nation will come here, find you and kill you. So hiding over here won’t help.”

“Boss of the Deviant Corp, I know what we said that day was overly ignorant, and we looked down on you, but this is crucial, please be merciful.”

“Yeah Boss. We heard that you took out the Wild Wolf Mercenaries, which means you are very powerful. As long as you can get us through the winter this time, we’re willing to pay the costs.”

“Could you please let us in and hide for a bit?”

“As long as we can be sheltered this time, we are willing to do odd jobs for the town.” Those native civilians said, “As long as we can have a bite, as long as we can live.”

Xu Cheng was actually in need of some manpower, including workers for the underground construction project, and so he asked the logistics manager Lin Dong, “Do we still have enough food for daily expenses?”

Lin Dong answered, “We’ve purchased a large amount of food in advance; this time it was even bought in from abroad, so it is sufficient, and we can completely handle the winter.”

Xu Cheng nodded and said to the people waiting at the gate, “The native civilians can come up first.”

The mercenaries became anxious. “Hey, don’t forget us. We should put aside our preconceptions and unite as one at this time.”

“Sorry but our Deviant Corp doesn’t need support, nor are we required to passively give support to others. Everyone has been hanging around here for a while. I said that I could take you in at first, but all of you looked down on us, but now, we are out of your league.”

Having said that, Xu Cheng arranged for the soldiers to accept the unarmed native civilians to head up the mountain and enter the town.

Meanwhile, the Black Cat Mercenaries sneered as they looked up at the Deviant Corp and shouted, “You will end up like us Black Cats sooner or later, they are still looking for where the Falcon Mercenaries are hiding. Once they finish off their business over there, they will come here and kill you. We’ve fought them, their captain has S-rank ability and about three of the others are also S-rank while the rest are all A-rank. These four S-ranks are enough to beat you down once they arrive. I’m kind enough to offer to work with you guys since we’ve fought them and somewhat know about them.”

“Well sorry, we don’t need that,” Xu Cheng refused these people’s request to come in.

The members of the Black Cat Mercenaries smashed a bag onto the ground. “This is our Black Cat’s stash; there’s a pair of gold bars! Just let us in for shelter and we’ll split it in half with you!”

Xu Cheng was not greedy, but he had many followers; if he did not know how to manage his wealth, just relying on his own funds, then his money wouldn’t last long. He was not a philanthropist, and there was war because everyone wanted to get rich. If no awards were involved, then what was there to fight for? So having heard the other side say that they will exchange gold bars for shelter, it was clear that they knew what to do.

Should have said so earlier.

Xu Cheng said, “Mercenaries, it’s not impossible to come in for shelter. Firstly, give us all your guns and ammunition for safekeeping, and it will be returned when you leave later on. Then, the fee will be 50K dollars per person for those who wish to take shelter.”

As soon as he said the amount, they were unable to accept it. “Wouldn’t this price be too outrageous? Where do we get that kind of money?”

Xu Cheng chuckled. “Don’t joke with me, mercenaries have some of the highest incomes in the world. You get paid thousands of dollars a day as mercenaries hired by those mining companies, but you’re telling me that you don’t have $50K? Alright, if you don’t have it, then don’t come in. If you’re more concerned about money than your life, I won’t stop you. Close the gate!”

Xu Cheng shouted and those people panicked.

“Fifty thousand is negotiable, but isn’t it a bit excessive to take away our guns and ammunition? You’re making us feel very insecure.”

“You can come in or not, cut the bullsh*t.” Xu Cheng shouted, “Close the gate.”