Chapter 630 - Member of the Council

Novel:Ace of the Dragon Division|Author:Dust Wind|Genre:Action
Chapter 630: Member of the Council (Part One)

Hawking came back to his

senses and looked at Xu Cheng. “The second guarantee is indeed very

attractive. With your current monopoly on that piece of medical technology, you

can indeed attract more powerful members to serve you, but the guarantee of

security, you may not be able to do more than those professional agents. This

point is unlikely to attract people. In addition, as medical advancements

continue to breakthrough, perhaps this advantage will be lost one day! After

all, it’s not like everyone will have cancer or something similar like me.”

Xu Cheng smiled. “Since you are not interested, then forget it. I will let you go back after you finish your research on quantum nuclear weapons.”

Hawking looked at Xu Cheng. “Do you think I can still go back? Now the M Nation is negotiating with the E Nation about me, saying that I threw myself into the river and disappeared. You think that after I’ve been missing for two months, the MI6 will let me go without asking where I’ve been all this time? You’re thinking too simply. Once I go home, I’ll be targeted, no different than a spy. That’s why I turned down the offer to come here with you in the first place, and frankly, I lost my family.”

Xu Cheng was stunned for a moment before he looked at the old man with some guilt and said, “I’m sorry for being a bit of an a—–e, but I did have some lack of consideration before.”

Hawking shook his head. “The blame is not entirely on you, and it is also true that in the M Nation, you are indeed the only one who could save me and get me out. Besides, as you said, I shouldn’t have wasted my talent by not doing anything. The only regret is that I didn’t do anything for my country, but that’s okay. Consider it as a reward for helping me recover to being able to live like a normal person, I will do my best to help you with making quantum weapons!.”

Xu Cheng patted his shoulder and said, “Old man, I owe you a favor, and in the future, if you need it at any time, no matter if it’s you or your family, just come to me and I will help you.”

Hawking laughed. “Wait until you are well alive. People like you are similar to those allied warlords in the I Nation. Sooner or later, they will also be killed by the M Nation. I feel that your life will definitely not be as long as mine.”

Having said that, Hawking walked away.

Xu Cheng laughed. “What I said is true. Regarding the matter of the Deviant Corp members, I can give you an honorary badge. Are you really not interested?”

“No,” Hawking refused outright.

It was much later, when Hawking recalled today’s conversation with his grandchildren, he said, “What I regret the most in my life was that I underestimated that young man, and that I turned down this position, a position that even the presidents of Europe had to give full credit for!”

Xu Cheng’s current model was the club model, absorbing more members to form a chain of interest.

Other people’s chains of interest was to make money, but the Deviant Corp was different; their model was to kill!

With Xu Cheng’s current genetic technology, there was no problem at all in delaying or curing various diseases.

No one in power would complain of a life that was too long, they could be even afraid of a short life.

So it was easy to gather those in power into the council, and some say that will offend or marginalize other mysterious organizations, and they would be targeted if this affected their growth.

Xu Cheng just wanted to say that maybe he would be afraid facing the whole world, but in terms of assassination, it wouldn’t just bragging if one said that as long as Xu Cheng claimed that he was second best, no one would dare to name themselves first. Then again, one shouldn’t forget that none of the members of the Deviant Corp were simple, it wasn’t really a different thing for any of them to erase someone off the face of the Earth.

That was why Xu Cheng had decided to bring the Deviant Corp behind the scenes so that its members could grow first. Once the Deviant Corp grew and absorbed more capable people, relying on their influence, even if they were exposed as Deviants later on, who could come forward?! Let them try!

Chapter 630: Member of the Council (Part Two)

– The Next Day –

– At the Continental Mercenaries Corps –

Benjamin arrived at Kush’s villa, and after the guard searched him, he asked, “What are you here for?”

Benjamin lit a cigarette for himself and took a smoke as he said, “Tell your boss that the Deviant Corp is here.”

The guard’s eyes narrowed, hearing he was part of the Deviant Corp, but he went in and came out.

Benjamin went straight to Kush’s ward, where the sounds of Kush’s constant wailing and pain could be heard. It seemed like his internal injuries were acting up again.

When Benjamin went in, Kush was in a cold sweat, and he leaned over the bed as he asked, looking at him, “What brings you here?”

“Our Boss sent me to ask if you have decided,” Benjamin asked.

Kuchi became silent all of a sudden.

Benjamin looked at the watch on his wrist and said, “Our boss said that right now, even if you refuse to compromise, even if he doesn’t exterminate your Continental Mercenaries Corps, your situation won’t be much better. First of all, you have enemies surrounding you from all sides, and this time, although the four large mercenary clans were exterminated, don’t forget that there are second-tier mercenary teams supported by other countries. One of them is the team of army veterans supported by Blackwater. These are all ruthless characters who are eyeing the land of your Continental Mercenary Corp, and the hundred or so of you would simply not be strong enough to resist. So, as long as you are willing to compromise, we, the Deviant Corp, are able to behead any mercenary leader who has thoughts about the Continental Mercenary Corp within two days! Don’t doubt if we have the ability to do that or not, you just have to make a decision.”

Kush asked, “Willing to what? You think I’d want to? I’m the dictator of the Continental Mercenaries. Shall I join your Deviant Corp? You gotta be day-dreaming; I wouldn’t do that unless I’ve got Alzheimer’s, but I’m only forty and I’ve got a pretty good brain.”

“I’ve said all I have to say, and since you won’t agree, then I’m leaving.” Benjamin looked at the time and said, “Remember, from the time I step out of this place, we will not interfere even if the Continental Mercenaries die out. We will support other local mercenaries who have ideas, ambition, and courage. I believe they are not as old as you, who is forty years old and afraid of death. It would be difficult for them to refuse us. Another word Mr. Kush, you may have missed a chance to join the most powerful organization of the century. The President of the M Nation has no shortage of hereditary financial families, the Roosevelt and Benjamin all reside under the Capitalist society. So where does a little character like you get your arrogance?”

Afterwards, Benjamin turned and walked away.

Kush heard the Capitalist Society and his pupils expanded immediately.

“What did you say? Wait a minute! Capitalist Society, you want me to join them?”

Benjamin said, “I didn’t say that.”

Kush nervously said, “You just mentioned it.”

Benjamin: “I was just giving an example, are you joining it or not?”

Kush: “Join the Capital Society?”

Benjamin: “No, we’re the Deviant Corp.”

Kush frowned. “The most powerful organization of the century, you say? What the hell is the Deviant Corp?”

Benjamin: “If you want to join, you can be a member of the council.”

Kush felt like he was humiliated as he picked up a glass and smashed it across. “Get out!”