Chapter 905 - Whose Son Was Little Xingxing?

Shangguan Wan looked at the man’s tall and beautiful figure which looked very dignified just now, but seemed to be full of vigor now.

But she had to remind him, “The King asked me to watch you.”

Ye Yanfeng turned and looked at Shangguan Wan. Their gazes met and she raised her eyebrows slightly, her beautiful face was full of the heroic grace of a female soldier. “Twenty four hours.”

Sure enough, the man’s expression darkened immediately.

It seemed like he did not want to say anything more to her and he walked towards the elevator with big strides.

Ye Yanfeng was stopped at the entrance.

“Your Highness, the King has ordered that you have to be accompanied by Lieutenant Shangguan if you leave the building.”

It was ‘accompanying’ to put it in a nicer way, but actually it was simply to watch over him.

“Ask him to change it to someone else to monitor me.”

Shangguan Wan’s voice came from behind. She frowned and glared at Ye Yanfeng. “Can you stop being arrogant at this time? Why can’t I monitor you?”

Ye Yanfeng’s expression darkened. “I asked you not to come along!”

“What’s there to be afraid? I’ve been out on the battlefield all this time!”

Ye Yanfeng’s handsome face was tense and he said coldly. “It’s dangerous!”

“I’m not afraid. Although Xiaojie’s not my child, I have feelings for him too!”

Ye Yanfeng’s expression darkened even more! But in the end, in order to get out of the office, Ye Yanfeng still let Shangguan Wan follow behind.

On the journey back to the Prince’s palace, he pursed his lips tightly and remained silent. Similarly, Shangguan Wan looked out of the car window, ignoring him completely.

They remained silent all the way to the Prince’s palace.

When they arrived, the butler and servants were all undergoing investigation.

Ye Yanfeng walked back to his room quickly. Shangguan Wan stood outside his bedroom door and did not follow.

After waiting for about ten minutes, Shangguan Wan’s phone rang.

When she saw the caller ID, Shangguan Wan’s face softened and she answered quickly, her voice becoming gentler, “Darling.”

The moment Ye Yanfeng opened the door, he heard her voice gently saying ‘Darling’ and his lower abdomen clenched.

He glanced down towards his lower abdomen.

And cursed in his heart.

Was she thirsty or was it him who was thirsty? F*ck, just from her saying ‘darling’, he was hard.


Ye Yanfeng looked at the woman, who was leaning against the wall, on the phone. She did not notice that the door behind her had opened, nor did she notice that there was a man standing behind her.

All of her attention was focused on the phone call.

“Of course I miss my darling. No one is more important in my heart than Darling…”

Ye Yanfeng’s eyes darkened slightly.

Darling? Was she on the phone with her son or with another man?

They hadn’t seen each other for nearly five years, and although she was not gentle enough and had a son, she was bright, courageous and her looks and figure were not bad. It was not like there weren’t men who liked women like her.

Perhaps his gaze was too sharp and cold, Shangguan Wan turned back and saw him.

She looked away very soon and she walked forward a few steps, saying something hurriedly before hanging up.

When she returned to the door of the bedroom, the man was still looking the same as before. His hair was still dripping wet from his bath, some of the water droplets moving down slowly from his handsome face, past his high nose, sexy lips and to his protruding Adam’s apple.

He was not wearing any clothes on his upper torso and his firm muscles were rippling. With his abdominal muscles flat and distinguished, his Apollo’s belt extended down towards the towel, looking strong and sexy.

“Which darling are you talking to?” When he said the word ‘darling’, his tone was hard like a stone jumping out of his mouth.

Shangguan Wan felt like there was nothing to hide. “My son.”

Ye Yanfeng grabbed Shangguan Wan’s wrist, pulled her into the room and pressed her against the door, his wet handsome face came close to her, his gaze charming and dark. “The King said that Little Xingxing was not his son. So, whose son is he?”

Shangguan Wan did not expect that Sihan told this to Ye Yanfeng and she bit her lip, lowered her eyes and pushed against his body. “Wear your clothes quickly, we’re leaving soon!”

Ye Yanfeng saw that she was avoiding the question and his expression darkened, the hand holding her wrist tightnened its grip. “Shangguan Wan, you f*cking had another man before?”

Shangguan Wan made no comment.

Ye Yanfeng glared at her with a tense face, and seemed like he wanted to swallow her up. He only released her after a while and strode into the cloakroom.

Ten minutes later, he came out wearing a black leather jacket, sunglasses, carried a backpack on his shoulders and leather shoes, exuding a cold air.

Shangguan Wan could not see his eyes under the sunglasses, but from his tightly pursed lips, his displeasure couldn’t have been any more evident.

They did not delay and drove to the airport.

On the way, Ye Yanfeng kept looking out of the window, the side of his face tense.

Shangguan Wan raised her leg and kicked his calf. “Did you just find out I had a son? Besides, I didn’t expect you to be clean. That time I asked someone to put up a show and hurt you, but what about you? Aren’t you the same?”

Ye Yanfeng said nothing, his jaw clenched tight.

“Didn’t you and that young girl, Qing Tian, have sex in the car?”

The man took off his sunglasses and his eyes swept towards Shangguan Wan like sharp blades. “Do you think I could find a woman immediately to vent it out after you angered me like that?”

Shangguan Wan pursed her lips. “The car was moving time. Do you think I’m blind?”

Ye Yanfeng ignored her and put on his sunglasses again.

Lowering her eyes, there was a smile on her lips.

Ah, so he had been putting on an act in front of her too.

At the airport.

Several helicopters had been parked on the apron and special forces in camouflage uniforms were ready to go.

Shangguan Wan and Ye Yanfeng got out of the car one after another.

Ye Yanfeng came up to Mu Sihan and said, “I’ll try my best to help you rescue Xiaojie. But let Shangguan Wan return to Yukou Border.”

Shangguan Wan frowned. “I won’t go back until Xiaojie is rescued! Besides, you’re the son of a wanted criminal. Without me watching you, why should the King believe you?”

This woman!

Ye Yanfeng wanted to strangle her to death.

“Isn’t your son your darling? And nobody can compare to him? If something happens to you, what would he do?”

Shangguan Wan’s expression was firm. “I won’t let anything happen to me!” With her jaw set in determination, she stood behind Mu Sihan.

Mu Sihan’s dark eyes looked at Ye Yanfeng. All he could see was a man’s affection for a woman in Ye Yanfeng’s eyes.

“Your lives may be in danger during this rescue mission. Prepare yourselves!” Without further delay, Mu Sihan gestured and they boarded the helicopter.