Chapter 996 - Identity (1)

Nan Zhi’s mind was in a complete mess.

She knew that she couldn’t be like this, if not, she wouldn’t be able to think at all. Standing up again, she went to the washroom to splash her face with cold water. After she calmed down a little, she brushed her fingers through her hair as she hugged her head, closing her eyes to think.

Since Mom went to the paternity testing center, who did she want to test?

It was clear that Mom would only care about her identity.

Nan Zhi’s mind suddenly thought of the private kitchen being caught on fire the night before they returned to the Capital…

The result of the police’s investigation was that the cables were old. However, Mom and her had stayed there for more than four years, why did it never get catch on fire before? And that day, it was when Helian Xiao and Helian Zhu came…

It was definitely suspicious.

Mom had probably thought of this as well. With how well she knew her Mom, if she did a paternity test, she might have done two sets of testing.

Nan Zhi’s eyes suddenly lit up.

She grabbed Mu Sihan’s hand, a rather impossible thought appearing in her heart.

Mu Sihan stared into Nan Zhi’s well-defined almond-shaped eyes, nodding at her to give her encouragement and strength. “What did you think of? You can tell me.”

Mu Sihan’s voice was low and magnetic, laced with a gentleness he had only towards her. Nan Zhi’s frazzled heart was suddenly calmed by him. “I suspect that the paternity test Mom requested was for Mr Helian and me.”

Nan Zhi looked down again. With Mu Sihan with her, she didn’t feel so helpless and panicked anymore as she did her best to calm down to think properly. “If Mom suspected that the fire back at the town was deliberately lit, then with her personality, she might have made two separate testings.

“For that person who started the fire to be able to hide away from the police, they must be rather powerful. Mom might have felt that it was not dependable to do the testing in the Capital, so she would definitely ask someone she could trust to help her request another testing.

“As for why she never told me or you, it’s probably because Mom doesn’t want people around her to know how she conceived me. There’s also a probability she would tell us after she got the results… Now that Mom got into trouble, I suspect the results might be…” Nan Zhi didn’t continue, but Mu Sihan already knew what she wanted to say.

He pulled her into his arms, patting her back lightly. “I’ll get Yi Fan to go check where Ah Hua went in the last few days.”

Nan Zhi nodded.

Half an hour later, Yi Fan called Mu Sihan.

“Young Master, Ah Hua took three days of leave recently. He didn’t go to school and didn’t work at the café either. I can’t find any traces of him leaving the Capital via trains, planes or by car.”

After the call, Mu Sihan glanced at Nan Zhi. “It’s very strange. Ah Hua didn’t leave the Capital and didn’t go to school or the café either. Did he stay for three days in his rental flat?”

Nan Zhi replied, “Isn’t Ah Hua a good student? Why would he miss class for three days?”

A cold glint flashed in Mu Sihan’s dark eyes. “It’s clear that someone had erased all of his movements in the last three days.”

Only someone from the Royal family would be able to do such things under his eye.

Mu Sihan narrowed his dark and depthless eyes. “Zhizhi, if Mom took Helian Xiao and your samples for the testing, I’ve got a suspect who would do this to Mom.”

“Who is it?”

Mu Sihan caressed Nan Zhi’s hair. “Let’s lure that person out?”

Nan Zhi nodded. “Okay.”

After Mu Sihan discussed for a while with the hospital, the head of the hospital agreed to Mu Sihan’s request to make An Feng’s fingers move slightly, to give the impression that she was about to wake up.

Mu Sihan then told the rest of the Royal family about the news that An Feng was about to wake up.

After finding out that it was really Mu Sihan’s future mother-in-law who was hospitalized, although there were several people in the Royal family who were talking behind his back, all of the people who were standing on Mu Sihan’s side all came to visit An Feng.

Mu Sihan didn’t let them enter the ward, until Ye Fengjun and Madam Ye arrived.

Ye Fengjun had already treated An Feng as his in-law, but he never expected Madam Ye to come with him. However, if she could change, he was naturally happy and wouldn’t say too much about it.

In the ward, An Feng was still connected to the oxygen tubes, her eyes shut tightly as Ye Fengjun and Madam Ye entered the room. After standing there for a while, Madam Ye suddenly noticed An Feng’s fingers moving, and her heart skipped a beat.

Was An Feng really waking up?

Ye Fengjun also saw An Feng’s fingers curling slightly. He said happily, “It’s good that she’s fine. It’s good that she’s fine.”

In the middle of the night.

In the surveillance room, Yi Fan and Bo Yan stared at the computer screens unblinkingly.

It was already close to midnight, but still no one suspicious entered An Feng’s room.

Yi Fan adjusted his earphones, whispering softly to the person on the other end. “Young Master, there’s no suspicious personnel.”



The nurse on duty started to check the rooms one by one. Yi Fan glanced at the head of the hospital. “Do you know this nurse?”

“The hospital is so huge, I can’t possibly know every nurse.”

Yi Fan hurriedly reported to Mu Sihan that a nurse had come to check the room.

After the nurse entered the room, she checked the patient before she left, not staying for too long.

There was nothing suspicious at all. They waited for the entire night, but no one else appeared.

At seven in the morning, the people that had waited for the entire night was slightly exhausted already.

A cleaner was holding her cleaning tools as she went to every room to clean.

Once she arrived at An Feng’s room, the cleaner glanced at the bed.

Seeing that An Feng had not woken up, the cleaner put down her broom and sped towards the bed. She hurriedly stretched out and took off An Feng’s oxygen mask, before she took out a needle.

Just as she was about to press the needle’s liquid into An Feng, the balcony door was pushed open.

Mu Sihan was holding onto a silenced gun, and a bullet was shot through the woman’s wrist accurately, the needle falling immediately to the ground.

Mu Sihan walked towards the bed, suppressing the woman dressed in the cleaning uniform.

In the questioning room.

After the woman was tortured relentlessly for a period of time, she confessed, “I’m Madam Ye’s secret guard. She’s the one who gave me the order!”

Nan Zhi was standing outside of the questioning room. After hearing the woman confess that it was Madam Ye, she held a hand to her forehead.

“She’s really not human!”

What did her Mom do to her for her to threaten her Mom’s life time after time? The fire at the private kitchen was probably started by her too!

Mu Sihan hugged Nan Zhi’s slightly shivering shoulders, saying hoarsely, “It was for Helian Xiao.”

Nan Zhi looked up at Mu Sihan.

“The person she likes had always been Helian Xiao. If the paternity test results your Mom requested proved that you’re Helian Xiao’s daughter, with how possessive she is, she would kill to silence the person.”

Hearing what he said, Nan Zhi’s eyes turned red. “Sihan, although she’s your Mom, I cannot let this matter go to rest! If my Mom can’t wake up, I’ll fight with her with all I have!”

Mu Sihan pulled Nan Zhi into his arms. “Don’t worry, I have no feelings for her. I definitely won’t let her off with what she did!”