Chapter 217 - 'Yes, My Surname is Chen, But I’m Not Chen Sinan” (2)

Novel:Avoid the Protagonist!|Author:Shēng Yī ;笙欹|Genre:Drama
Chapter 217: “Yes, My Surname is Chen, But I’m Not Chen Sinan” (2)
So, was blood a vital factor? Why?
How could she and the author transmigrate into the same book?
Because the author created that world?
Because she had the same name as the supporting female character?
Xin Siyue had the vague feeling that she was missing something out.
It wasn’t until a week later when Xin Siyue heard her mom mentioning it did she realize that that scum man also had something happen to his illegitimate daughter some time ago.
Xin Siyue’s hatred for that man had never reduced this whole time. Mother Xin had just said a few words when Xin Siyue cut her off. “Mom, can you not mention him? You know I don’t want to hear anything about him!” Mother Xin’s face turned sour, and she said, “Alright. It’s just…I noticed you’ve been looking up news about some author recently, and from what I heard, her
illegitimate daughter seems to be an author as well…”
“An author? So coincidental?”
“Yeah, isn’t it? I heard from others that after she was cremated, many of the books that were piled up in her house were burned as well. Some people even
said that she must have had all those same books piled up in her house because they wouldn’t sell. It’s a pity to think about it.”
Her? Pitiful? What, were there not many other pitiful people in this world as well?
Xin Siyue was speechless for a moment.
Could it really be that coincidental?
Then, Xin Siyue asked for her address before she passed away and went to look for it during her free time at the weekends. After looking around for a long
time, she finally found the house where she lived. Only, the house was tightly locked.
Xin Siyue knocked on the door for a long time, but nobody opened the door.
“Miss, who are you looking for?” When Xin Siyue heard that voice, she turned around to see a haggard old woman standing hunchbacked.
“Hello granny, do you know if anyone lives here?”
The old granny looked at her and said, “Nobody’s been living there for a long time now. After that strange shut-in girl died, nobody’s been here since.”
Xin Siyue was stunned in place. After a while, she asked, “Granny, can I ask you something?”
“I’m just an old woman, I don’t know much, but what do you want to know?”
“I just wanted to ask…” Xin Siyue turned to look at the short white house and asked, “THe person who lived here…Was her surname Xin? And was she an author?”
“I don’t know if she’s an author, but her surname really is Xin. Also, I know that she died a pretty terrible death. But of course, I heard her life was miserable as well. Her mother got involved with someone else’s father and gave birth to her, and she seemed to have passed away early on, leaving only her daughter alone. Also, her biological father never came to see her at all. I heard their relationship was also terrible. So, she never came out of her house during the day. Sometimes she would come down for a walk after eating, or you’d see her with her head down hurrying to the supermarket to buy instant noodles. She’s a frail young lady with pretty big eyes. Well, they’re quite similar to your eyes but not as bright. She skulks around and rarely makes eye
contact with anyone.” While talking, the granny tried to recall everything. At the end, she added on, “You know, she’s a little strange. One time when my grandson was out for a walk with me after our meal, I saw her brushing by us nervously with her head down. I even called out to her, but then she looked at me in a panic, and
then at my son with those bright eyes. Then she ran. It really looks very strange. But I’m not the only person who feels that way. All the other older folks and
children feel the same.”
Xin Siyue listened to her quietly and immediately affirmed that the author who wrote that book did in fact have some blood relations with her. Only, that was not a relationship Xin Siyue was willing to accept.
So, the reason she hated her was because of that scumbag?
If not for him, then the two of them wouldn’t have such broken families today.
She hated herself, so she wrote her into the book and gave her everything, only to come to a miserable end. So, was this all just her way of venting?
Xin Siyue suddenly understood something. She understood why she was so crazy now.
Because in the real world, her personality and the people she came in contact with, none of them were normal…
Xin Siyue suddenly thought of something and was just about to ask when she heard the deep magnetic voice of a man from behind her. That voice clearly
sounded displeased. “Grandma, what are you saying now?”
Xin Siyue subconsciously turned towards that voice and saw a tall dark figure less than a few steps away from her. That body was slightly thin, and those black clothes were clearly marked with traces of dust and dirt.
Xin Siyue looked up along his clothes until she had a clear look at that face. Then, she couldn’t help but widen her eyes, and her mouth moved. Before she
could speak, her tears poured down.
“Chen…Chen Sinan…”
Those same thick brows, the same deep eyes, and the same tall nose…
It’s him.
It’s really him.
Tears flowed down her cheeks and she had the instinctive need to jump into her arms, but just after taking a few steps forward, she was stopped by a cold
voice. “Please stay where you are, miss! Yes, my surname is Chen, but I’m not Chen Sinan or whatever.” Then, he looked at her again and pointed out cruelly. “You’ve got the wrong person, miss.”
Xin Siyue couldn’t stop her tears and she looked at her through her blurred gaze, shaking her head hard.
No, you are him.
You look just like him.
How could you not be him?
But that man looked at him as if she were disgusting and walked past her to help the old woman. “Grandma, how many times did I tell you? Don’t talk to
strangers. What are we going to do if something happens to you?”
That old woman smiled affectionately. “What’s going to happen to me? She’s just a young lady! What can she do to an old woman like me?”
“Anyway, can’t hurt to be a little more careful!” After saying that, she helped the old woman back home. When he walked past Xin Siyue, he looked at her and his gaze looked like he was calling her a weirdo.
Xin Siyue wanted to stop him and ask him a few things, before she eventually stopped when greeted with that cold and distant attitude.
Only the granny seemed to be in a good mood. Before leaving, she turned around and asked with a smile, “So? Is my grandson handsome? Everyone who’s seen him is filled with praises for him.”
Xin Siyue was speechless.
That man urged her impatiently, “What are you saying, grandma? Let’s hurry home.”
Xin Siyue watched as that figure slowly left, and she still did not look away.
He really looked like him…
Chen Sinan…