Chapter 218 - Are You Really Not Him?

Novel:Avoid the Protagonist!|Author:Shēng Yī ;笙欹|Genre:Drama
Chapter 218: Are You Really Not Him?
Despite knowing that it was just someone who looked a lot like Chen Sinan… No matter how many times she told herself he wasn’t Chen Sinan, her stubborn heart refused to listen. Was he really not him…? She needed to confirm. Only then, could she give up.
She couldn’t think of any other way to see him again than waiting at the place she first saw him.
She had to wait for three days before he appeared.
Xin Siyue stood in front of the short white house and waited tirelessly until the street lights turned on at night. It was then that she saw him.
He wore a full black outfit and carried a laptop bag in his hand as he approached. Other than the obvious fatigue on his face, he did resemble Chen Sinan a lot.
Xin Siyue took two steps forward, her eyes fixed firmly on his figure.
The man had already noticed her. He casually tossed a look at her before walking forward as though he didn’t see her.
There was no hesitation in his steps.
Xin Siyue stared at him intently. When she saw him walk past her with no intention of stopping, she couldn’t help but cry out, “Wait!”
“Did you call me?” When the man turned his head, a trace of displeasure could be seen on his face.
“If you want to ask if I’m that man again, my answer is the same as last time. Miss, you have the wrong person.”
Xin Siyue stared at him and hesitated for a moment before asking insistently, “Do you really not recognize me?”
The man curved his lips into a slight smile. “Do you know me?”
“I… are you really not him?”
“No.” The man answered with a sigh. “Miss, that pickup line is so old. You might have picked my interest if you had tried something more original.”
Xin Siyue smiled helplessly. “Sorry. I guess I do have the wrong person.” After that, she added, “You just really look like him.”
“I might look like him, but I’m not him.” He retracted his smile. “Miss, the person you love isn’t me. Please stop waiting here and go back.”
Xin Siyue squeezed out a smile. “Thank you.” When she turned and left, she shook her head helplessly.
She was overthinking. How could he be Chen Sinan?
Chen Sinan was in the other world, his life and death were unknown.
Xin Siyue, even if he doesn’t exist in this world, you should still try to live on for your own sake.
As her figure grew smaller and smaller in the distance, she didn’t know that the man stood in one spot and stared at her for a long moment. When his phone rang, he picked up the call and listened to the other end for a few seconds before suddenly saying, “Have you ever had a strange woman look at you like she was looking at a close lover?”
“Screw off! I really don’t know! I met her only a few days ago!”
“Speaking of, it was pretty weird. When she saw me for the first time, she burst out crying. I felt a little distressed by her tears.”
“Yeah, it is weird.”
“Geez, you’re thinking too much. I was moved by her? Please, I’ve only seen her a few times at most and spoken maybe five words total to her!”
“Hey, hey, what are you thinking? Why would I want to pursue her?”
Plus, she was obviously deeply in love with another man. Why would he go and try to join that party?