Chapter 219 - What? Did that man study architecture too?” (1)

Novel:Avoid the Protagonist!|Author:Shēng Yī ;笙欹|Genre:Drama
Chapter 219: “What? Did that man study architecture too?” (1)

Although Chen Junxing was curious about that woman, he knew she only saw him as someone who looked like the man she loved. They were strangers anyway, so there was no reason for him to get involved.

Unknownst to Xin Siyue, Chen Junxing had actually spotted her every day she waited in front of the white house. His deliberate avoidance coupled with her absent-mindedness made her miss him every time.

Even from a distance away, Chen Junxing could clearly see the sadness and loneliness on her face.

He wondered, what kind of story did she have with that man?

Why did the man leave her? Did he find a new lover? Or did he pass away tragically?

Chen Junxing couldn’t think of a reason and he didn’t want to either.

However, he didn’t think that he would bump into her again just after a few days.

He was casually browsing the shelves in a bookstore and found the book he was searching for at the top of a shelf for architectural books. Just as he grabbed the book and was about to look at its spine for the publisher and date of publication, a flash of white caught his attention. It was a woman’s skirt.



Chen Junxing frowned slightly and looked up to meet a pair of hazy eyes.

Her again?

Before he could open his mouth, he heard her ask in a trembling voice, “You… you know architecture too?”

Chen Junxing looked at the book in his hand, then at her expression. She looked like she was about to cry. He paused for a few seconds before answering, “What? That man studied architecture too?”

Why was he so similar to that man? It almost disgusted him. He’d always believed that he was a rather unique person of his own. However, this woman kept on telling him that there was another man in the world who was very similar to him. It was an annoying feeling.

Unfortunately, the woman didn’t notice his annoyance. She even looked at him with shining eyes and nodded. “He’s very talented in the field of architecture.” Then, she couldn’t help but add, “Even your frowning expression looks identical to his.”

“Oh.” Chen Junxing thought that if he kept talking to her, he would be angered to the point of wanting to strangle her.

“Miss, do I need to remind you a third time that I’m not him?”

This time, he could see the lonely expression she was hiding. “I know you’re not him. He wouldn’t treat me like this. He must be waiting for me in the other world,” she answered with a self-mocking smile.

Chen Junxing wanted to ask if she needed him to introduce her to a hospital, but she walked away before he could say anything. He couldn’t help but stare at her back.

Was it because her lover passed away? She became like this because she couldn’t withstand the blow?

While he was pondering, he suddenly remembered what she said about his frown and quickly relaxed his brows.

How annoying!

He couldn’t be bothered with her, when he went to the front to check out, he saw her talking to the cashier. The cashier shook his head in response to whatever she had asked him.

“Are you sure?” she asked again.

“I’m sure, miss. There is no record of it. I’m sorry.”

“Oh. No, it’s alright. Thank you.”

When Chen Junxing saw the lost expression on her face after she said that, he couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow.

What was she looking for?

He waited until she left before going to the checkout.

After paying the bill, Chen Junxing got ready to leave, but turned back around and asked the cashier, “Hello, may I ask what book that lady just now was looking for?”

“Oh, yes. She was looking for some CEO novel, but we really don’t have it here.”

CEO? Romance novel? She liked that kind of novel? He really couldn’t tell.

“Thank you.” Afterwards, he exited the bookstore and walked a full circle around it. Despite that, he didn’t see that woman again.

Her eagerness to find such a boring book puzzled him even though he didn’t really care.

The next day, when he was going out to eat with a few friends, Fa Xiao placed a hand on his shoulder and asked, “So? Did you nail that crying girl?”

“Girl?” Chen Junxing answered in confusion.

“You know! The one you said was crying so hard it made you want to pursue her!”

Chen Junxing brushed off his friend’s hand and reached for a glass of beer. He took a slow sip before asking leisurely, “Are you drunk?”

Their other friends leaned forward, eager to be let in on the gossip.

“All of you can stop speculating. He’s just spouting pure nonsense,” Chen Junxing said, much to their disappointment.

“You know better than anyone else whether it’s nonsense or not!” Fa Xiao retorted. “From the way I see it, you’ve never been moved by any of the girls who liked you before! This time, you felt distressed when you saw a random weeping beauty on the streets. Why don’t you explain that then?”