Chapter 347 - Dragon Crocodile

Novel:Bank of the Universe|Author:Girl Wears Short Skirt 女孩穿短裙|Genre:Action

When Feng Longque woke up, she was already inside the Gold Family.

There was only one other girl in her room.

Feng Longque’s mother.

“Mother.” Feng Longque shouted and ran into her arms. She suspected that what happened before was a dream and that the dream was too terrifying.

“You are already a girl who is about to be married, so why are you acting cute?” Her mother’s words caused her body to freeze.

What happened before was real and it wasn’t a dream.


This was the worst news for Feng Longque. She looked at her own mother in disbelief.

“My daughter is growing and she is going to get married. I have seen the son-in-law. He is really good and very warm. He called me mother-in-law right after he saw me. Moreover, his background is well respected and he is worthy of our family. Your father and all the elders agreed. They even set a date three months from now to help the two of you complete the marriage.” Mother smiled.

Feng Longque’s heart sunk to the bottom of her stomach.

“Can I go against it?” Feng Longque asked.

“What are you saying? Your father accepted the gift, 1,000 top quality spiritual energy dragon veins. He is also preparing a dowry for you. Just wait peacefully to become a bride.” Mother found what she said quite weird.

At that moment, Feng Longque gave up.

The door was pushed open and Mr. Mule walked in.

“Mother-in-law, I am here to see whether Longque has woken up?” Mr. Mule put on a wide smile and shouted warmly.

“She just woke up. The two of you can talk while I will head out first.” Feng Longque’s mother was really happy. She liked this warm son in law the more she saw him. When she left she closed the door in case people saw things that they shouldn’t see.

Feng Longque’s mother was young once, and of course, she knew what the youth did…

Mr. Mule and Feng Longque didn’t plan on doing such a thing at all.

Feng Longque sat on the bed and her face dimmed.

In this era, parent’s instructions and family decisions couldn’t be disrespected.

Mr. Mule looked calmly at Feng Longque and didn’t know how to console her.

“Can you promise me something?” After Feng Longque kept silent for 10 minutes, she opened her mouth.

“What?” Mr. Mule’s eyes lit up. It was good that she was willing to communicate with him.

“After you marry me, you aren’t allowed to have concubines and raise other women.” Feng Longque stared coldly at Mr. Mule.

She couldn’t object to her parents and family. Since that was the case, Feng Longque started to restrict Mr. Mule.

She wouldn’t nitpick. Since things couldn’t be changed, then she just had to do what she could do to the best of her ability.

“Okay, I will be pure.” Mr. Mule was delighted.

“After marrying, I will decide family matters and you decide outsider matters.” Feng Longque continued.

“No worries, I only serve Master and don’t have anything outside.” Mr. Mule nodded.

Feng Longque saw him agree and heaved a sigh of relief. Although he was a mule and although there were grievances between them, it seemed like he was a good choice for a husband.

After Feng Longque accepted her fate, she noticed Mr. Mule’s strengths for the first time.

Slowly, the resistance in her heart faded away.

“Wife, can I hug you?” Mr. Mule’s face turned red.

Feng Longque felt shy and she looked at his fervent and passionate gaze before scolding him, “We are only getting married in three months, so what is the rush?”

Mr. Mule muttered, “I will just wait three months then.”


Flood Dragon flew out of the Bank of the Universe towards the endless ocean. On Cold Moon Sky, the ocean factions were huge too.

Numerous beasts lived underwater and there were many islands offshore. Some islands were so huge like entire continents. There were many people there and they developed their own cultures and cultivation paths.

On the endless ocean, the Flood Dragon headed towards the bottom of the ocean and transformed into his main body.

In truth, the 100-foot Flood Dragon had totally gotten rid of his impure bloodline and only dragon blood was left. There were also many hidden veins and if they were opened, the Flood Dragon could return to how he should have looked.

He currently had strong scaly armor that was like cold iron. His claws were really sharp and he was really muscular. He roamed the ocean and flew extremely quickly.

The Flood Dragon’s improvement was visible. He was also filled with confidence now. Under Master’s leadership, he would be able to return to what he was supposed to look like.

“My Mother is the Heaven Swallowing Serpent and my father is a true dragon. They are both top bloodlines, so how can I be a mixed bloodline flood dragon?” Flood Dragon was furious. He was furious with himself, with the dragon race, with his father, and his nine brothers.

Just because he had many hidden veins his father chased him out of the dragon race.

The other nine brothers suppressed him together.

The Flood Dragon would definitely take revenge for this in the future.

The ocean was endless and he didn’t know where the dragon gate was. But because it was just a month away, the ocean was not calm anymore.

Just as the Flood Dragon was flying quickly at the bottom of the ocean, he saw many others like him.

They were people with dragon race bloodline but they weren’t pure. They came here to try to jump across the dragon gate.

The Flood Dragon traveled in the ocean, going deep as he headed in a particular direction.

No one knew where the dragon gate was.

But the Flood Dragon heard his mother say that the location of the dragon gate had been deduced by the dragon race 10,000 years ago.

The rough area wouldn’t be wrong.

But it was within a 10,000-mile range.

In the ocean, 10,000 miles was a short distance for the Boundless Realm Flood Dragon.

This was why he headed right for that ocean region and turned into his human form.

This region wasn’t as calm as the flood dragon thought. Instead, there were many dragon race bloodline descendants.

Dragons were lustful!

Out of all the sorts of dragon bloodlines, the worst one was actually a lizard that he had seen.

It was a descendant of a lizard and a dragon!

“It could even do that! Respect, respect!” Flood Dragon respected people in the dragon race with such heavy tastes.

“Brother, which world did you come from?” A voice spread from the ocean surface. Flood Dragon was stunned and lowered his head to see a dragon crocodile.

Its 1,000-foot body looked really huge and his aura was enormous and terrifying.

It was a cross between an ancient crocodile and a dragon.

“I am from Cold Moon Sky. Where are you from?” Flood Dragon asked.

“I am from Great Sky.” The dragon crocodile asked.

“Most of the people here came from the nine skies so as to cross the dragon gate.” The dragon crocodile opened his mouth and said.