Chapter 1345 - Mastermind

Novel:Beauty and the Bodyguard|Author:Fishman The Second|Genre:Action
Chapter 1344 – Mastermind

“Hmph, we’ll go if we want to. What’s it to you?” Yutian hmphed.

“What the hell?” Hei Bro’s man shook his head and left helplessly, mumbling. The couple was already sour and arrogant enough, and now their follower is too?

Mister Yu quickly wrapped his arm in the night before ducking into a tent.

“Elder Yu, you’re back… Hm? Your arm…” The people in the tent were happy to see him back, but the bandages on his arm shocked them.

“That damned man used some dirty tricks, and I underestimated him- he’s actually a Mystic class!” Mister Yu hmphed. “Didn’t you say he didn’t know kungfu?”

“That’s…” The people in the tent looked pale. “Elder Yu, I truly didn’t know he was a practitioner, let alone a Mystic… He never showed his strength in front of us before. We don’t know…”

“Hmph, that young one dared play dirty tricks on me with explosives. If I weren’t an Earth class, I would’ve lost this hand! But he must be injured heavily as well since he was so close when the explosion happened- he probably will die if he doesn’t get healed in time!” Elder Yu hmphed. “I already said that we should kill all of them and go take the stuff in the tomb, and you guys said no!”

“Please, calm down, Elder Yu, we have no choice… You have to understand that even if you’re of the hidden House Yu, if people know you killed them, they wouldn’t do anything, but that’s different for me… At that time, the entire thieving world will blame me, and I can’t handle that…” It was the boss from before.

“So what, when House Yu backs you doing proper business, who would do anything to you?” Elder Yu said.

“That’s true, but we still have to be careful…” The boss said, thinking that while he made it sound easy, what if they abandoned him afterward? What would he do then? Plus, they couldn’t protect him his entire life. He didn’t want to be avoiding assassins his entire life!!

“I don’t care about that- my patience is limited. If we can’t handle these people tomorrow, I’ll do it my way!” He said impatiently.

“Alright, I’ll try my best!” The boss nodded with a sigh.

“Boss, let’s go over first? They’re probably already assembled…” Xiao Lengzi said.

The boss nodded, and they walked out.

Inside Old Hei’s tent, everyone was already there- Old Hei also came in with a trusted follower. He looked at everyone there- only the couple wasn’t here yet.

“Old Hei, what’s with this? Telling us to come but arriving the last? Even Old Hao arrived first?” James said, pissed off. He was having a nice sleep when he was woken up to come to this damn meeting.

“I had to send people to inform everyone- took a bit of time…” Old Hei smiled.

“Alright, Old Hei, it’s so late already- what is it exactly?” Old Hao said with a wave of his hand.

“There was a loud explosion sounded earlier. According to my men, they also heard sounds of fighting. Did anyone else hear it?” Old Hei nodded.

“We did- what was that? Someone used explosives?” Old Hao nodded.

“I was thinking that too. Plus, blood could be seen some distance away from the couple’s tent…” Old Hei’s face darkened. “The couple isn’t here yet, and I suspect that maybe this has something to do with them?”

“That’s true- if everyone’s here except for them, I suggest we go to their tent and see what they’re doing?” Old Hao agreed. “I’ve always thought that there’s something up with them.”

James naturally didn’t mind- there were only three groups in the tent, and the highly Old Hao and the organizer already said yes, so he nodded as well. “I agree!”

“Old man, you’re saying that I have a problem?” A voice suddenly came out from outside. It was the couple, staring at Old Hao and everyone else coldly.

“You- Weren’t you…” Old Hao paused once he saw Lin Yi completely unharmed.

“What’s wrong? Old Hao?” Lin Yi seemed to have a faint smile. “Is it because I’m not dead and not injured? You’re very confused, right?”

“That- How could I know? It’s nothing to do with me.” Old Hao’s face darkened.

“Didn’t that old man whose hand got blasted tell you? That I might have gotten bombed myself, and might be dead soon?” Lin Yi said faintly.

“What… What are you talking about? I don’t understand…” Old Hao’s face was pale!

“You don’t understand? I’ll tell you then- before that old man tried to kill me, he already told me that it’s you who sent him, but he was too arrogant and didn’t manage to kill me- and now I know this information regardless!” Lin Yi said clearly.

“Bull- Bullshit! Old Hei, this kid is the spy here, he’s the one who was behind everything that happened today! Let’s get him!” With that, he was ready to pull out his gun when Old Hei pulled his out first, pointing it at his head. “It’s you, so it’s you! You’re the one who sent someone to kill Mister Qiu, right?”

“Old Hei, don’t misunderstand- don’t listen to that guy, this has nothing to do with mee!” Old Hao jumped, his cold sweat coming out. “Why are you getting so reckless, Old Hei, I’m here to stabilize things, why would I kill?”

“Yesterday, when I insisted on going right, you insisted on left- even after a while later, you continued saying that we should go back and go left. What were your intentions?” Lin Yi said coldly.

“That’s… We don’t know if your road was correct, there was a split, wasn’t there? That’s why I said to go left.” He explained.

“Alright, then why did you want us to go back and go left instead of just going left at the split? Isn’t’ that quite unnecessary?” Lin Yi pressed on. “Or perhaps you knew that it was the same if we went left at that point, so you insisted on backtracking and then going left?”