Chapter 382 - I Will Protect You with My Life

Novel:Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully Novel!|Author:Coconut Fiber|Genre:Romance
The rain became increasingly heavier as the evening progressed.

As the thunder roared loudly outside, Jian Qi lay still in the tent. However, she could not sleep no matter how hard she tried. As such, she ended up staring at the roof of the tent with her eyes wide open.

Since Jian Qi was lying next to Leng Yu in the small tent, she tried not to move, scared that she might affect Leng Yu’s sleep.

Besides, she did not expect to meet Norman so soon.

The only issue was that she did not trust anyone in the anti-terrorism team right now.

Therefore, she must absolutely keep her identity a secret. Otherwise, if there truly were an issue with her supposed death, her enemies would still hunt her down if they found out that she had not died.

Jian Qi did not want to put anyone in the Special Fire Team at risk of danger or injury for her personal reasons.

Although Norman was in the same department as her in the past, she was aware that everyone in that department was the most merciless kind of all.

In that department, everyone’s objective was to protect themselves and to stay alive.

Moreover, Jian Qi still had no clue who had planned for her assassination.

Was it a colleague who did not like her? Or was it a superior?

The one thing Jian Qi was sure of was that her death was not a coincidence. Instead, it had been the result of a deadly plot.

Jian Qi’s only consideration right now was how she would approach Norman. She would then make use of Norman to locate the colleague whom she worked with in her earlier mission.

As Jian Qi pondered, she pursed her lips in annoyance.

Now that Tang Jinyu was keeping an eye on her, it was difficult for her to make any move. The man’s cunning and intelligent mind had shocked her. If she did not pay attention even for a moment, she would blow her own cover.

Jian Qi had to be very cautious.

If what happened today were to repeat a few more times consecutively, Tang Jinyu would notice that something was amiss.

For tomorrow’s mission, Jian Qi approximated that they would only take a single day to get rid of those mercenaries.

If that were the case, they would be leaving in less than two days.

This meant that Jian Qi had to find time to approach Norman the next day. Otherwise, Tang Jinyu would yet again make it difficult for her to make any move.

However, she would still be with Tang Jinyu tomorrow.

Jian Qi sighed heavily.

“Can’t sleep?” Leng Yu looked over at Jian Qi and asked softly.

Jian Qi returned her gaze and shook her head with a smile.

Since everyone was resting outside, Leng Yu did not press on. Instead, she closed her eyes once again.

Just as Jian Qi was about to close her eyes to sleep, she heard a whistling sound. Closely thereafter, hurried footsteps could be heard getting closer to their tent.

Everyone had instantly woken up and tidied up their blankets as soon as they heard the whistle.

“Mr. Tang!” The anti-terrorism team’s senior officer called out by the entrance.

Tang Jinyu quickly made his way outside.

Meanwhile, Jian Qi and Leng Yu hurriedly exited from the smaller tent. Everyone had finished tidying up and were waiting by the side.

“Did something happen?” Zhao Yu asked confusedly.

“Stop discussing. Let’s wait!” Lightning said seriously.

Very soon, Tang Jinyu returned. “There’s been a change in the situation. The anti-terrorism team received news that the mercenaries will be carrying out the terrorist attack tomorrow morning. Therefore, we must act tonight!”

“Get ready, everybody. We will proceed with our initial plan,” Tang Jinyu said.

“Yes!” Everyone answered in unison.

Once Tang Jinyu finished speaking, everyone hurriedly got ready and grabbed their backpacks.

“Follow me!” Tang Jinyu looked at Jian Qi next to him.

Jian Qi blinked and nodded in an unusually obedient manner. “Don’t worry, I will protect you with my life!”

Everyone originally felt nervous, but they relaxed somewhat after hearing what Jian Qi said.

‘Big Sister Qi, you have such a good attitude!’