Chapter 9524

People from jiaolonggu and Dabei hall are all targeting LAN Yixuan, and there are several others targeting Shitian.

If we want to say that several of the top nine grades fall down, the probability of them falling down is really not high. In this way, there are only these two possibilities.

There is a very high probability that the people of several forces who are going to have a big war will fall.

Han Chenyang heard this, looking at Ji Yue's eyes also dyed a trace of fun.

"The valley master always thinks that our blue girl who has lost her soul is likely to fall into the river of blood. If so, I think there should be Duan Xuan among the fallen people?"

Even if now only heard of these two thoughts, but as long as a little thought can be sure that they are the fight.

Even if there is a grudge between other people, it is only two people fall.

The city Lord definitely meant more than two people. In this way, only they and Shitian could meet the situation.

They don't have a fluke mentality, but to LAN Yixuan yesterday with one enemy three, directly killed three jiupinjing peak deeds, this time may also be the case.

People's eyes have fallen on the body of Ji Yue. It has to be said that Han Chenyang's analysis is still very reasonable.

Yesterday, a person from the fire clan died in the hands of Bai Li red makeup. Even if the strength of Duan Xuan is stronger than that of yesterday's, how much can it be stronger?

Since the guy yesterday can be easily solved, and all three can be solved, what's the big problem?

You don't have to think about it. It's not very difficult.

Ji Yue's attitude before that is so arrogant, if Duan Xuan really died in LAN Yixuan's hand, then this matter will become very interesting.

Feeling everyone's eyes, Ji Yue's expression is stiff in an instant.

Originally, he thought that only one person fell into the river of blood and gas, and recognized that this person was LAN Yixuan, but he didn't know that there were still several people falling.

If he had known this, he would not have said such a thing before. The city Lord who was to blame didn't explain the matter clearly before, so that he made such a joke.

Rao had a premonition in his heart that he would not admit at the moment.

Maybe it was someone else who died. Duan Xuan might have run away with great fortune.

"It's just your fantasy." Ji Yue sneered, "other people died, can this fall into the blood River can not live?"

This words a, Han Chenyang complexion slightly a change, this pour is also unable to refute.

Previously, when LAN girl went in, he knew that the situation around here would be very difficult. However, it was useless to remind her again. What should happen always happened. After all, she was in such a danger.

"It's useless to say these things now. It's better to wait for others to come out."

Han Junxian coldly dropped a word, his sight turned away from Ji Yue's body, too lazy to say more.

They are not the only forces present. In the confrontation between them, other people are completely happy to see jokes, and there is no need to let others see jokes for nothing.

Han Chenyang's facial expression is complex, originally nervous mood at the moment is like pouring a basin of cold water, despair at the same time and holding a glimmer of hope, the whole person appears very uneasy.

"Don't think so much. It's not something we can decide."

From a hundred miles of red makeup step in that moment, it is life and death by heaven, not they can control.