Novel:CEO's Lucky Pregnant Wife|Author:Luo Li|Genre:Modern Romance
The water was so fierce that no one could see the next picture clearly. When Gu Rou was hugged by Ji Chenxi, her head was already bleeding, and Jian Yingying was kicked away by Ji Chenxi. She threw herself into the fast and fierce sea water, and soon disappeared into the world.

"Gu Rou, hold on, it will be OK. I won't let you have anything! "Ji Chenxi grabs the branch with one hand and hugs Gu Rou tightly with the other. When the bullet hit her head, Gu Rou was immediately hit by a huge shock, which made her viscera seem to be broken and her body strength withdraw.

She is struggling with a little blurred vision, fighting, looking straight at the man in front of her, tears like rain, "Chen Xi, I'm sorry, maybe this is our end, in fact, think about it, it's very good, without me, you can realize your ideals and embrace, to do what you want to do, you're so capable, so courageous, along the way Set to go more and more smoothly, more and more far, and then, to your ultimate goal. "

" don't say, Gu Rou, don't say anything like this. What's most important to me? You know, I told you earlier, it's still like this now, so you should live well. Remember, if you die, I can't live. Do you know how to do it? I don't want you to have anything, Gu rou. For me, you can't have anything, please promise me, promise me! "In the end, he burst into tears when he lost control.

This kind of him makes her really sad.

Chenxi, I'm not worth it.

Jane Yingying is bad, but in fact, some of what she said is reasonable. I'm not as good as her in many aspects. If it wasn't for my appearance, maybe you and her won't change. If she is standing by your side, you may not have to be so tired. Chen Xi, although I love you, I may not be suitable to be with you.

Don't worry about me. As long as you treat them well, I will be satisfied. Well, you will take good care of them.

Chen Xi, farewell forever. I will never be so tired if I have a chance in my next life.

My character

How to say

Well, let's not. It's all over.

Chenxi, no matter which world I am in, I will think of you, pray for you every day, keep healthy and everything goes well!

The tired eyelids close little by little in the process of being extremely reluctant and attached to this man, and finally, sleep forever

Gu Rou!

Pain and shrill cry, resound throughout the world.

Three hours later.

Municipal People's hospital.

In the rescue room, the atmosphere was solemn and tense, a mess, a huge and profound medical team, devoted to fighting with the God of death.

In addition to a group of medical staff, there were two young men in sterile clothes, Ji Chenxi and Cheng Jiayi.

Two hours ago, Cheng Jiayi used advanced high-tech means to find Ji Chenxi's whereabouts and rescued them.

At that time, Gu Rou was on the verge of death, and her breath was sometimes absent and in danger.

As soon as Ji Chenxi stepped into the hospital, he gave an order to die. If you want to do big housework, you must save Gu rou. Otherwise, all the doctors in the surgical department will have to bury Gu Rou!

At ordinary times, Cheng Jiayi would burst out with a rude laugh, but at that moment, he couldn't laugh at all, and his whole heart was filled with deep sadness and despair, because Gu Rou's situation was really serious and basically impossible to save.

The doctor also said that he was not optimistic. If Gu Rou's brain nerve is hit by the bullet, he will become a vegetable even if he is saved.

The reason why they were able to enter the operating room was also because Ji Chenxi insisted on asking. Cheng Jiayi was worried about whether Ji Chenxi would make any impulsive behavior during the operation, so she had to ask for instructions to come in together.

However, it turns out that he was right to come in. Ji Chenxi has been impulsive for several times. He urged him to stop every time, and reminded her with Gu Rou's life, so that Ji Chenxi could regain her sense.

After a long time of operation, people's heart also fell down inch by inch, from hope to despair. I don't know how many centuries later, the operation finally ended, and the results were mixed.

As the doctor said, although Gu Rou saved her life, she became a vegetable and may never wake up.

This kind of attack almost destroyed Ji Chenxi.

Ji Chenxi watched Gu ruzhong's gun hovering on the edge of death all the way, and he knew that Gu ruzhong was in a dangerous situation, but he still had a glimmer of hope at the last moment. At this time, the doctor's announcement completely shattered that glimmer of hope.

It seems that Ji Chenxi's tall body will fall down at any time, and the attending doctor is also very sad, but he still regrets to report the situation, "Ji mayor, I'm sorry, we have tried our best, but according to the current medical technology, Mrs. Ji can only do this, maybe, wait another three or five years, there is a new breakthrough in scientific research, and Mrs. Ji may wake up. "

three or five years?


Can we just wait three or five years? Can jichenxi survive?

Cheng Jiayi tightly hugs Ji Chenxi for fear that he might do something unexpected again on impulse.However, Ji Chenxi was surprisingly quiet at this time. He looked at Gu Rou directly. After a long time, he told the doctor to arrange a ward for Gu rou. No matter how many years, he would wait.

In the following days, it can be imagined that Ji Chenxi was never a man waiting to die. He began to look for and contact medical personnel from all aspects. All doctors who were helpful to Gu Rou's illness were invited to the hospital by him and invested huge human and material resources. Unfortunately, there was no good result!

His heart, along with once again fell to the bottom, just a month, he lost ten jin!

He didn't go to the Party School of the Central Committee. In fact, he has been ready to leave this road since he dealt with the writers as quickly as he did last time. Of course, none of this is a pity for him.

At ordinary times, there are not many friends and relatives. People who know about the situation of Gu Rou only have close relatives and friends.

Han meixuan and Han Liyan come every day, and they walk with tears in their eyes.

Qiu Feng also came almost every other day. She was also sad and crying. She couldn't believe it. She had just met a close friend who had talked with her a few days ago. She lay like a dead man in front of her.

Other relatives and friends also come to visit from time to time. As for the three children, the hospital is almost home.

What about Ji Chenxi?

He officially resigned from the post of mayor of M City, and continued to work hard every day to find skilled doctors. Domestic and foreign doctors have been looking for them, while other times, he has been staying by Gu Rou's side.

As long as he has time, he will personally help Gu Rou to scrub his body. He has specially developed a kind of rose pollen, which melts in the water and wipes Gu Rou's body. Over time, Gu Rou's body begins to emit a kind of rose fragrance.

He would talk to her every day, talking about the time he spent with her, little by little, so beautiful and intoxicating, every time he said it, he was happy once, and he yearned for it very much, and also more eager to wake up as soon as possible.

But every time, he watched her listlessly, as if she were a living dead man, devoured by grief and despair.

Time spent in this time of waiting and expectation, spring and autumn.

This day, Ji Chenxi was an hour later than before before before she had time to sit down and talk with her.

As usual, he held her hand gently and looked at her beautiful face deeply. His voice was gentle and magnetic. "The result of Xi Xi's Olympic math competition came out today. He won the first place in the city. In another year, he will be promoted to junior high school, but we don't need to worry about him. He will surely be admitted to the best junior high school in the city. There will be a school opening ceremony in the military training of junior high school. It is said that it was accompanied by parents. Gu Rou, will you go with us then? Xi Xi would like you to go, too.

Xi Xi, he really grew up, not only physically tall, but also mentally more mature and sensible. Although he didn't say it orally, I know he missed you very much. So many children, he is the closest to you and has the most time with you. Gu Rou, you really want to wake up, wake up and look at him, and see this son that makes us proud and proud. "

after a pause, Ji Chenxi seemed to think about what he was hesitating about. Later, he resolutely said," I was approached by four uncles the other day and told me that they intended to arrange me to be the party secretary of T city. After careful consideration, I decided to accept it, because I think that only with a certain power can we better protect you. In the future, if there is a writer like this in our life People, at least I have enough ability to compete with them, no longer need to let you suffer the same pain and disaster.

T city is only two hours away from the capital city. I can come back every weekend, or you and your children can go there on weekends. There is also a highway to be built. When I take office, I will speed up the process and shorten the road back to Beijing by another half an hour.

Gu Rou, my dear girl, do you hear me? When will you wake up? Do you know how long you slept?

Two years, three months and eight days, I have two birthdays, I am almost 41 years old.

You sleep like this, but I'm not getting old at all, but I'm getting old, Gu Rou and Ji Chenxi. Are you really getting old? Do you have to wait until I'm gray headed to wake up, when you're still so young, and I Would you dislike me as an old man? So wake up, I want to grow old with you. I don't want to be rejected by you. In this life, we agreed that you can't be absent. "

sighs deeply, rowing in the quiet air again and again, leaving a heartbreaking sadness.

Ji Chenxi repeatedly stroked her white and smooth hands, her eyes full of sadness and pain.

Buzzing -

I don't know how long later, his cell phone suddenly called.

He took out a look, connected, first whispered to each other for a while, then looked at Gu Rou and went out to listen.

At the moment when he stepped out of the door, Gu Rou, who was lying on the bed quietly, saw a crystal hot tear slip out silently from the corner of his eyes