Chapter 424 - The Mysterious Divine Doctor

Novel:Can't Take My Eyes Off You|Author:Qing Feng Mo Wan|Genre:Romance
A brief pause later, the nurse pointed at the empty bed and said, “This Sergeant Lu is another miraculous case. Many said that his chances of surviving were slim, little to none. Look at him now, alive and kicking, discharging from the hospital today!”

“That’s just unbelievable! No wonder the director calls her the Divine Doctor. I don’t know who she is, but if only I can meet her, how wonderful would that be!”

“People like us have no chance at all. Do you know how many people are trying to get to the bottom of the Divine Doctor? Do not tell anyone else what I told you today. Someone asked Lucy about matters concerning the Divine Doctor, she did not even dare to disclose the fact that the doctor is a lady. The director made it clear that anyone who dares to reveal the Divine Doctor’s information will be immediately fired. We may be able to keep our lives, but that’s it. Our future would definitely be destroyed, with no possible comeback whatsoever.”

“What do you mean we may be able to keep our lives? Do you mean to say that anyone that reveals anything about the Divine Doctor will meet their end?” The other nurse was shocked.

“Whatever it is, this Divine Doctor has some serious support behind her. Just pretend that we don’t know anything about her, if anyone asks, just say that we only heard of the rumors. We were not part of the operation anyways.”

The protagonist in question was standing at the doorway, startled to hear the revelation. Jiang Yao spent the past fifteen or so days taking care of Lu Xingzhi. She did not know what was going round the hospital.

Who knew she would be given a new moniker in just half a month?

The Divine Doctor?

The corner of her mouth lifted. That was a pretty cool name though.

By chance, she became the mysterious and powerful character that people could not afford to cross.

She smiled. The director did a good job after all. By making sure that she was feared and adored at the same time, it did remove many unwanted troubles.

She stood at the doorway for a while, entering the room only when the nurses had left.

It took just a little while for her to pack everything up. Finding herself out of things to do, she stood at the window taking in the sights and sceneries.

The hospital was well-designed, one could see a big patch of well-tended meadow just by standing in front of the window. Plenty of people could be seen walking past the meadow, some of them were patients being pushed around by their closed ones, enjoying the sunlight.

Jiang Yao’s gaze darted around the crowd aimlessly, halting suddenly at the sight of a girl in high heels wearing a skirt. She was quite curious who would wear a skirt in this season.

A wind suddenly swept over her, bringing bits and pieces of a conversation into her ears, to her astonishment.

“Mom, are you saying that cousin brother’s leg is incurable?” The girl’s voice sounded a little impatient. “They have been visiting doctors periodically for a few years, but it seems that nothing good came out of it. I saw that little brat from the Du family the other day, she was mocking Cousin Chen’s leg, calling him a cripple. Almost punched her then and there!”

“Outrageous! How dare she! Get as far away from her as possible the next time you see her; you don’t want her to screw you up!” The lady’s voice was filled with disgust. “I suppose that’s it for Cousin Chen’s leg. I pity your uncle and aunt; he is their only child. Your aunt almost lost her life giving birth to your cousin back then. He was unfortunate as well, having gotten himself into a car accident, injuring his leg in the process. It is understandable that your uncle and aunt are often seen in hospitals nowadays, trying to fix Cousin Chen’s leg.”