Chapter 499 - 40/60

“Damn it, you violent woman!”

The head thug, sent crashing through the air, doubled down in pain.

Jiang Yao’s kick confounded the thugs, for they stopped dead in their tracks and looked at their boss lying on the ground, none wanted to help him up.

“B… boss! What should we do? Are we still seizing them?” Somebody asked in a trembling voice, his frightened eyes looking at the duo in front of him.

“Well, of course! Where do I get my cash if we don’t!” The man on the ground blurted out angrily.

Yet, as his mates went up and surrounded their targets, he was crawling backward, hauling himself away from the danger.

Who would have thought a seemingly thin and frail woman would have such prowess?

And the other person! Was he not an abandoned son of the Zhou family who knew nothing other than to drink and waste his life away?

He was nothing like they were told, his physical dexterity and martial arts skills were frightening to see.

“Get behind me, Jiang Yao!” Zhou Weiqi wedged himself in between Jiang Yao and the thugs after setting himself free. “What a bunch of toothless tigers!”

The panic and dread disappeared.

Zhou Weiqi almost laughed when he heard the head thug callJiang Yao a violent woman.

Were these thugs not the same too? Or more precisely, kidnappers.

“I’m fine, I’m stronger than you think.” Jiang Yao shook her head, a faint smile on her face.

More than the exclamation by the head thug, who tasted Jiang Yao’s prowess first-hand, she wanted to take this opportunity to find out how good she actually was.

Zhou Weiqi was suddenly reminded of the time back at the hospital, where Jiang Yao could leap through a wall easily and run off after a snatch thief.

“Sounds good! What say you take four of them, and I’ll take six of them! Be careful, they may have knives and weapons on them.” Zhou Weiqi did not want to waste anymore time.

Jiang Yao nodded and moved the moment Zhou Weiqi moved.

Even though she had never taken any martial arts lessons, the techniques came naturally to her as she moved. It was as if she knew them all along.

In less than a minute, Jiang Yao had all the thugs on her side lying on the ground in pain. She looked at Zhou Weiqi, who was dealing with more people, and wanted to join in on the fight.

“Don’t come here!” Zhou Weiqi noticed Jiang Yao’s intention and stopped her, for he knew that one of the thugs carried a knife with him.