Chapter 1276

After Liang Yunsheng and Yin Qianchen came out of the building, they directly got into the car.

Liang Yunsheng thought for a moment and said… …

“Let’s go to tomorrow first. She should work there! Let’s not talk about the people who can meet her, at least we can go and find out about her situation first, ” Liang Yunsheng said, muttering in her heart.

It’s really strange How could it be her? ! !

That… … The girl they met in the bar earlier, who looked like her ! !

Could this girl be related to the explosion?

Could it be… … She was the one who deliberately went to look for you siyue ? !

When these things were put together, it was really… … terrifying ! ! !

Liang Yunsheng could not help but sigh. What role did such a small girl play in this matter?

While Liang Yunsheng’s thoughts were running wild, Yin Qianchen had unknowingly arrived in his car. Liang Yunsheng and Yin Qianchen walked out together.

Yin Qianchen was parking the car, so Liang Yunsheng was anxious to get in.

“Wait! Don’t rush in just like that! ” Yin Qianchen caught up with him in a hurry. Without saying anything, he pulled Liang Yunsheng to his side.

Liang Yunsheng could not help but find it a little funny. “What? Do you have to go in just like that… why don’t you just stay by my side? Besides… Ming Zhou is clear, right? It shouldn’t be a big problem. ”

Yin Qianchen did not say anything, but he still held her firmly.

Forget it, this was a very safe thing to do. Liang Yunsheng did not say anything and just let him hold her shoulders and walk in.

However, after entering the bar, Liang Yunsheng realized that the person who wanted to claim ownership should not be Yin Qianchen, but herself! ! !

From the moment Yin Qianchen walked into the bar, there were all kinds of women, flirtatious, cute, big breasts, buttocks, and all kinds of gazes

Even if Yin Qianchen held her, it was useless!

Those women simply ignored her existence… …

What Did she still feel that she was not a threatening opponent at all?

She still could not hold back her hand and pinched Yin Qianchen’s wrist, causing him to lower his head and look at her. “What are you doing? ”

“AHEM… Nothing. ” Liang Yunsheng coughed lightly, but in her heart, she was underestimating him …

Why was he so eye-catching… …

It turned out that it was not only femme fatale, it was also the same for Lan Yan.

Fortunately, the purpose of their visit today was not to go to a bar or anything. Yin Qianchen was full of vigor. He walked to the bar counter and directly gestured to the bartender. “I’m looking for your manager. ”

Although the bartender was grumbling in his heart, due to the pressure that Yin Qianchen gave off, he still obediently followed his instructions and directly found the manager on duty.

The manager on duty today was not the capable woman who spoke to Liang Yunsheng and the others the other day. Instead, it was another well-dressed and burly man.

However, he looked equally difficult to deal with.

“Hello, we are here to… … Ask about your place .. Is there a little girl like this? Yes, she’s a waiter, that is… “She’s very small and she looks very similar to me. Oh, there’s a slight difference. There’s a tear mole at the corner of her eye! ” Liang Yunsheng smiled at him She asked respectfully.

That person did not show any disrespect. He just put on a straight face and answered seriously, “Sir and miss, we have no right to tell you who you want to ask about. ”