Chapter 1276

“You’re still laughing? ” Lin Yuxin glared at ru Yu. After a while, she said dejectedly, “Cai Shaofen probably won’t agree. She told me that she has always dreamed of being a mother, and she… ”

That’s right. Cai Shaofen had always dreamed of being a mother. If she didn’t divorce Lei Zhensheng, then she probably wouldn’t be a mother in this life. That was why Cai Shaofen was so determined to get a divorce. She even thought of going to a divorce court.

“Yu Xin, things have already happened. It’s useless for you to think so much now. ” Ru Yu consoled her. “I’ll think of a way to talk to Cai Shaofen on the phone and persuade her. Of course, if she’s really determined to get a divorce, we probably won’t be able to persuade her. We only hope that Lei Zhensheng’s mistress or whatever qianru loves Lei Zhensheng so much that she doesn’t want children and only wants to be with him. ”

“PFFT… ” when Yu Xin heard ru Yu’s words, her tears turned into laughter She could not help but push her and said, “fine, forget it. Even if there really is a woman who is willing to marry him, it’s probably not someone who loves him, but rather his money. Which woman would be willing to marry a man who can’t have children? ”

Ru Yu was stunned when she heard this. It was true. If she did not know the situation, it would have been fine if she got married. But now that she knew the situation, it was likely that she was not such a great woman.

She stayed with Lin Yuxin for a day to enlighten her to be more open-minded. After all, things had not come to that stage yet. She should not be scared out of her wits. In addition, she had to apologize to her because she was the one who brought Lin Yuxin to Lei Zhensheng’s threats and threats And this was a responsibility that she could not shirk.

She had lunch with Lin Yuxin in the afternoon. To be more precise, she went to the supermarket to buy ingredients and came back to help Lin Yuxin Cook. This could be considered as an apology. In the afternoon, she accompanied Lin Yuxin to watch the soap opera for the whole afternoon. Finally, her mood was not so bad.

At night, she had originally planned to go out for hotpot with Lin Yuxin. However, at five o’clock in the afternoon, she received a call from Mu Yao, asking her to pick her up at Disneyland. She said that she was late enough and that she was tired of playing. She could not play anymore and wanted to go home.

Ru Yu really had to give in to Mu Yao Hence, she could not help but lecture her over the phone. “Mu Yao, aren’t you with Lei Zhenyu Of course, he’s the one who brought you home. Why must I pick you up You little witch, don’t be so torturous. Let him bring you out for dinner. What do you want to eat Do you want to eat another pig tonight?”

“I’m not with your Lei Zhenyu. Why would he bring me out to eat a pig? ” Mu Yao’s crisp voice rang out. “today, the spare tire brought me out to play. ”

“spare tire? WHAT SPARE TIRE? ” Ru Yu did not react in time.

“It’s the spare tire that I saw at the barbecue shop the other day. The one who treated us to barbecue. Didn’t you tell me to call him uncle Zheng? ” Mu Yao quickly reminded ru Yu over the phone. Seriously, wasn’t he too forgetful How much barbecue did he eat that day? How much did it cost him?

“Oh, you’re talking about Zheng Junji? ” Ru Yu finally remembered this incident and this person She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as she asked, “what’s going on with you? Lei Zhenyu was clearly the one who brought you to Disneyland to play. Why are you together with Zheng Junji? What about Lei Zhenyu? Didn’t he accompany you? ”