Chapter 192 - Still Acting

Novel:Five Frozen Centuries|Author:Dr. Dreamer|Genre:Action

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

The three Epic-ranked Ants did not plan to wait any longer. If they continued trying to kill Wei Huo, they would be left alone.

Three Epic-ranked Ants charged toward Wei Huo. Each of them used their strongest moves, but Wei Huo dodged them easily.

The three Epic-ranked Ants kept attacking, but Wei Huo was as relaxed as ever. He moved with ease as the electric ball flew over and hit his back. However, it seemed like Wei Huo had eyes on his back. He dodged it easily and threw a punch to send the Epic-ranked Ant Dragon flying hundreds of meters away. A stream of sulfuric acid shot over. Wei Huo leaped up and dodged the sulfuric acid. At the same time, he threw another punch and sent the Epic-ranked Ant Dragon flying.

The Epic-ranked Ant Dragon was confused. Why are you staring at me? I’m clearly a human.

The people on the armored city wall were amazed. The 1v3 team battle was as beautiful as a painting. The enemy could not even land one move, while Wei Huo’s attacks hit the enemy every time. This was despite it being a 1v3 battle.

The Eldest Senior Brother observed carefully. He was already old, and his lifespan was about to end. If he could not improve further, he might die and be buried in another village. That was why he was very serious. He hoped to gain some insight and improve himself.

He looked for a long time before he said, “This human Epic-ranked creature seems to be very good at fighting these large creatures. It seems like he has been living in this land for a long time.”

The Junior Brother asked curiously, “Are you saying that he’s not from our world and he’s actually a native?”

The Eldest Senior Brother made a bold conjecture. “Perhaps he came to this world earlier than us.”

Many people watched the battle silently. The humans and Ants on the battlefield had stopped fighting. They all watched Wei Huo fight three Epic-ranked creatures by himself. However, unlike the amazed humans, the Ants were worried.

After all, they had seen Wei Huo defeat three Epic-ranked creatures by himself. Besides, the difference in their sizes was huge. He looked like an ant beating three elephants. That made them feel very different.

Wei Huo was still acting. He had not used his full strength, but even so, the three Epic-ranked creatures could not touch a single strand of his hair. Instead, they were beaten up by him.

Wei Huo kept acting. His goal was to lure the Legendary member of the Ant Race out and eliminate them in one fell swoop. This was a race war, and he could not be lenient.

Wei Huo wanted to solve the problem of the Soaring Cloud City. He wanted to exterminate the Ant Race before continuing his journey west. He wanted to follow the Dragon Vein under his feet and search for the Ancestor of the Dragon Kunlun Mountain.

Perhaps it was a coincidence, or maybe the Soaring Cloud City was not fated to die yet. That incident had happened as soon as Wei Huo had entered the city. It would be troublesome if the Ant Race attacked after Wei Huo traded and left.

Wei Huo fought with the three Epic-ranked creatures, but the Legendary Ant did not appear. Wei Huo was confused. Was his performance not realistic enough?

After some thought, Wei Huo took out the Ruyi Pagoda and slapped the Epic-ranked Ant Dragon to the ground before using the Ruyi Pagoda to suppress it.

Then, he shouted and destroyed his trump card himself. “This is the Ruyi Pagoda passed down from ancient times by humans. Demons of this level can try to suppress it in any way they want. Unless a Legendary-level expert appears, you will not be a match for this pagoda!”

Wei Huo destroyed his trump card himself and exposed his weakness without saying anything. Do you guys understand now? Hurry up and call out your Legendary-level expert!

The remaining two Epic-ranked creatures were terrified upon seeing their companions get suppressed. They thus fled without a word!

However, Wei Huo had taken out the Ruyi Pagoda. It descended from the sky and suppressed the two Epic-ranked creatures in one second.

When the Ruyi Pagoda flew back, Wei Huo took a look. He was still five Epic-ranked creatures away from upgrading.

However, to Wei Huo’s surprise, the Legendary creature hiding at the back still did not appear.

It was unbelievable that a Legendary-level expert, who was comparable to an Immortal, would be so timid.

The Ant Armies were terrified. Their three Epic-ranked creatures had been subdued in an instant. This human Epic-ranked creature was too terrifying.

The Ant Armies started fleeing frantically, but Wei Huo did not let them go. He chased after them and unleashed his imposing aura. The aura of nirvanic extermination started killing wildly.

From afar, it really looked like an eraser. Everything would be wiped away by it.

This scene was too terrifying. The Ant Soldiers could not resist it at all. They could not even escape. Wei Huo, who wanted to get rid of a calamity on the Soaring Cloud City’s behalf, killed the Ant Soldiers crazily just to lure the Legendary creature of the Ant Race out.

However, the Legendary Ant was too tolerant. Wei Huo had almost wiped out the Ant Armies, but it still did not appear.

He had no choice but to return to the top of the armored city wall. As soon as he returned, the people in the city burst into enthusiastic cheers. The cheers even made the ground shake.

A few people knelt down with tears in their eyes and mumbled to themselves. They almost worshiped Wei Huo as a God.

However, at that moment, a piece of news was received from the armored wall. City Lord Ma Tengyun, who had left the city, was being chased by an expert of the Ant Race!

Everyone was shocked. Although they had never seen Ma Tengyun attack, they were sure that he had not reached the Epic stage. If an Epic-ranked creature was chasing him, he would not be able to last long.

Suddenly, someone knelt in Wei Huo’s direction. “Please rescue the City Lord!”

When this person knelt, countless people also knelt on the ground. They shouted sincerely, “Epic-ranked human, please rescue the City Lord!”

Countless people knelt on the ground and kowtowed. They really treated Wei Huo as an omnipotent God. Wei Huo was too powerful. He had slaughtered the Ant Race’s army by himself and suppressed four Epic-ranked Ants.

However, Ma Tengyun was being hunted down now. Only Wei Huo could save him.

Ma Tengyun had saved countless people and become the Savior in their hearts. Now that he was in trouble, they could only beg Wei Huo to rescue him.

The commander walked up to Wei Huo and begged him sincerely. “Epic-ranked human, please rescue the City Lord. The City Lord cannot be absent from the Soaring Cloud City!”

Wei Huo turned around and asked, “Do all the higher-ups in the Soaring Cloud City want me to save him?”

As soon as Wei Huo said that, the commander’s expression changed. He sincerely hoped that Wei Huo would rescue Ma Tengyun, but not every higher-up of the Soaring Cloud City harbored the same hope. After all, they would only get the chance to control the Soaring Cloud City if Ma Tengyun died.

However, after three short seconds, a telegram came from Area A. “Research Minister Zhao Pingfan is rushing over!”

Soon, news started coming one after another. The head of the Overseeing Department rushed over, and so did the head of the Medical Department. A large group of department heads rushed over.

Before long, Wei Huo saw levitating cars rushing to the top of the armored wall. The leader was a young man in a white coat and glasses. Behind him were the higher-ups of the Soaring Cloud City and a group of special soldiers.

The young man in the white coat walked forward and stopped not far away from Wei Huo. He shouted, “Please rescue the City Lord, Epic-ranked human! The Soaring Cloud City can pay any price!”

Upon seeing that Wei Huo was silent, the young man in the white coat hesitated for a long time. In the end, he knelt on one knee and lowered his head. “Please rescue the City Lord!”

No one dared to stand up when this person knelt. They all knelt on one knee and shouted, “Please rescue the City Lord!”

In the blink of an eye, Wei Huo was the only one standing in the entire Soaring Cloud City.