Chapter 582

Novel:Game of the World Tree|Author:Nom Nom|Genre:Video Games
As he retreated from the exchange mall, he suddenly felt a new pursuit in his life

In the past, he was full of six sets of gold legend, and even the magic pet had gathered together three pieces of Unicorn, dragon and large burrow spider. He also had a house, and felt that he was a mature graduate.

Apart from the fact that he didn't have the patience to lick the NPC, so he couldn't turn to the new online elemental goblin, it can be said that the player in "the kingdom of the elves" has almost everything he can have.

But now it's different.

As soon as the artifact repair system comes out, stir fried tomatoes with tomatoes will know that the era of ordinary golden legend will be over

In the future, I am afraid that the Golden Legend equipment exchanged by the mall will become the civilian graduation dress.

For real big men and local tyrants, a unique artifact is the final configuration!

And the tomato fry tomato oneself, also had the new goal

That's making money!

Hard to make money!

We must earn tens of millions of contribution and cultivate a whole body of God costume!

With such a mood, tomato fried tomato out of the temple.

At this moment, the companions who entered with him also withdrew from the temple.

Everyone's expression seems to be in a trance.

Only his eyes are shining like a wild animal that has found its target and is eager to hunt

Tomato fried tomato and they looked at each other, and one of the players couldn't help asking:

"tomato boss?"

"For what."

"Did you see the artifact repair system?"

"Nonsense, I don't see what I'm doing in the temple."

"Since I have seen it, then Do we want to go to the Shenguo replica organization again tonight? I feel so poor now... "

Broken kingdom is now the best place to brush.

There are many monsters over there. The level of monsters is also high. There is a chance to find broken artifact.

Even if you kill those adventurers who sneak in, you can often make a fortune - those who can sneak in usually have good things on their bodies. If they are lucky, they can also grab the artifact equipment they have collected.

Other players also echoed:

"me, too. I was excited to think that the mysterious equipment I picked up two days ago can finally be repaired. Who knows that identification alone needs more than 20000 contributions, and it's almost 500000 to repair it..."

"As soon as the artifact restoration system comes out I feel like a pauper in an instant, and my contribution is not enough to repair a shoe. "

Ah, me too

"Make money now!"


Players are full of tongue and tongues, and tomato fried tomato also have a deep experience.

He was no different from a pauper when he thought about the five million dollars needed to fix the red axe.

At this time, some players think of the axe in the hands of tomato stir fried tomatoes and ask curiously:

"tomato boss, I see you brought the ax in. Do you see the repair needs of the axe?"

Tomato fried tomato sighed, nodded, compared to a "Five" action.

"Half a million?"

Other players show a pair of really so, it is the expression of Tiankeng.

Tomato fried tomato looks strange, and shook his head, stretched out another hand beside the two fists.

Other players

"Five Five million?! "

Someone took a little breath and asked uncertainly.

Tomato fried tomato nodded.

Other players

"Well, don't talk about it. When is the stronghold of the wolf mercenary group? My sword is hungry and thirsty

"Let's call on everyone and send them to the end together. Then we'll break the copy of the kingdom of God and blow up those demon revival points!"


The impact of artifact repair system online is huge.

It's not just the first Corps.

After checking the contribution requirements of artifact repair system through the exchange mall, as well as the display of some krypton gold magnates, all guilds and players first saw the exaggerated attributes of the repaired artifact equipment and the golden label box with shining star China We all know that times will change again.

With the rise of the level, it is easier to obtain contribution. We thought it was more and more relaxed.

But now

They all found that if they wanted to pursue a higher realm, they would simply return to the pre liberation overnight.

Perhaps for some life players, as well as the salty fish civilian players, the need for a whole artifact looks too difficult.

It's good to save a set of golden legends.

But some of the 360000 players want to pursue the whole body artifact.Artifact is obviously more powerful.

And if you get one, it will probably be used for a long time in the future.

If you get a magic tool of gold and even legend, you can use it all the way!

More than that.

The kingdom of the elves has not completely opened up the silver rank.

If you want to get the silver quota, you should brush the black iron contribution ranking every week, take the fixed quota released every week, and the drop of the magic God maze copy, or the occasional hidden plot

The players who can really promote silver are still a minority among the 360000 people.

The total number of employees is only over 1000.

Most players are now stuck at the full level of level 40. In addition to learning more skills, their strength has fallen into a bottleneck.

But now it's different.

As soon as the artifact repair system came out, many people saw the possibility that even if they didn't raise silver, they could make their own strength further

That is to take a chance to find the damaged high-level artifact and find a way to repair and equip it.

It is possible.

At the first time the artifact repair system came out, xiaoxianmiao, the first local tyrant, conducted an experiment.

She repaired all the damaged artifact she had selected and bought from the players. All of them were put on her body, and her fighting power soared in an instant, which covered the first person's lunch box.

That's enough.

She also asked a black iron player of Mengmeng committee to wear the six sets of artifact costumes and PK another silver player with Golden Legend

It turned out that the black iron player won!

Five hits five wins, each time is rolling

Although this also has the silver player does not have the full level reason, but the black iron player can counter attack, is really very rare!

And this, also let a lot of black iron players see new hope

That is to rely on artifact, become stronger!

Although it is also a way to take a chance, it is really the second way to get the silver transfer quota.

In addition, silver rank must be open to the public sooner or later, that is to say, we have generation differences, but artifact Look at the description, but it can be used for a long time!

Of course, they subconsciously ignore silver players can also find ways to make artifact, and The price of repairing artifacts is astronomical.

Anyway, the liver is over.

There is no dream in life. What's the difference between being a man and salted fish.

For a moment, full server players swarmed, broken God copy completely became the most popular copy of the game, influx of a large number of players.

Winterfell city in a short period of time again the number of players skyrocketed, along with the first legion of city management staff are not enough.

The enthusiasm of players is high.

But the adventurer side is in trouble.

To their horror, they found that the elves in the forest of elves did not know what went crazy and began to pile up and drill into the remains of the gods

What's more, these crazy elves seem to be more aggressive.

Once upon a time, the adventurer would not be in danger as long as he ran fast after seeing the spirit.

But now, as long as you are seen by the elves, they will chase you crazy.

It's hard to get rid of it. If you delay a little longer, it's like poking a hornet's nest

The only way to get away from it is to throw away all the valuable things on her body, and then, while the elves are picking up things, SA Ya Zi runs away with no life

This is the only weakness of these elves.

They seem to have an enigmatic obsession with equipment, especially those that adventurers bring out of the remains of the gods.

It's horrible.

As for the gathering place of adventurers In less than a day, the wolf mercenary group claimed to have built a new and absolutely solid camp after several lessons, which were all covered with alchemy bombs.

However, when they besieged the adventurer's stronghold, the players were surprised to find that the statues they had obtained from other places were no longer usable except for the statue of holder.

In other words, as can not hurt the camp NPC, can not actively blaspheme or even close.

In this regard, many players shout regret.

But also understand.

The God punishment bomb is really too bug. Holdel's is OK. The Eternal Lord's is a small nuclear weapon. It's quite terrifying.

It's too much to break the balance of the game.

The restricted use of God punishment bomb is only a small episode. Now the eyes of all server players are almost focused on artifact repair system.

The heat of repairing artifact even overshadowed the elemental goblin which was on line soon.

Of course, it's also because elemental goblins are too hard to lick.

Online for such a long time, there are not many players who lick the elemental goblin, and even fewer who lick their favorite gender.A lot of collusion with the element goblin, compared with specially licking, it is more likely to cause the element goblin's interest.

Of course, this does not include Li Mu who licks Dacheng

Dark mountains, a magic disorder in the foothills.

A red haired elemental goblin stood on a branch, raised her head slightly, and said haughtily:

"hum, since you have played with me for so long, you have thought of a good name for me, so I will reluctantly accept your request and become your contractual partner. "

Li Mu looked happy and nodded.

At this moment, he was moved and moved to tears.

At last it's done!

In order to gain the trust of the elemental goblin, he has been in the dark mountains for half a month, and finally won the recognition.

If there is any regret

Maybe The element goblin that he gains trust is not a beautiful and lovely little Lori like Xiaoding Dang of xiamu, but a proud Zhengtai

However, the appearance of elemental goblins is extremely high, and men are also relatively neutral. Li Mu thinks that if you wear a small skirt for Nezha, it should be no different from dingdong.

Well, Nezha is his name for elemental goblin.

This little guy is red, good at fire magic, and has a good temper.

Li Mu was quite satisfied with the result.

He also had a good chat with little Nezha.

The characters of these elemental goblins seem to be different. Li Mu once met a female goblin with a dark element before. He was very cute, but he was too dark. He played around and ran away in a burst of clear laughter

Each has its own merits and demerits.

Li Mu thinks that when he is a partner, he or she likes his personality better.

He likes to be straight and straight. It doesn't matter if he has shortcomings, but he should be sincere when communicating.

And the role of the abdominal black, he has always been not too cold, even know that the other side is not bad hearted, but just do not like.

It's a conflict of character.

In short, the elemental goblin colludes successfully, and then he can safely go to the divine land copy to brush the artifact.

Elemental goblin is very sensitive to magic. When Li Mu plans to brush it, he may take the little guy with him, which may have a magic effect.

After signing the partnership contract, he told the little guy to sit on his shoulder, and Li Mu returned to the gray harbor.

When he returned to his home station, he saw demacia who had already heard the news, and the other party's eyes were wide.

Then he burst out laughing:

"lying trough! Brother mu, why is the elemental goblin of your contract a man? Don't women smell good? Let the beautiful girl not turn, how did you turn back a little Zhengtai? How boring men are... "

Li Mu

He was used to demacia's big mouth. He just pulled the corner of his mouth, but Nezha on his shoulder felt offended.


He snorted coldly, raised his hand slightly, and rewarded demacia a ring of burst magic.

Looking at the fireball, demacia's smile solidified on her face.

"Lying trough!"

He was startled and took refuge.

But still did not escape, directly hit the head.

He was already level 50. The magic that the goblin deliberately controlled in one ring could not kill him, but it was enough to make him feel embarrassed.

By surprise, the blaster really became an exploder.

Demacia let out a wail and ran away rubbing the fire on her head.

"You deserve it!"

Li Mu's elemental goblin raised his head high.

Li Mu

He couldn't laugh or cry.

But soon, he felt the little guy on his shoulder tight, and suddenly put out his hand and caught his neck

Li Mu, who has been with Nezha for some time, knows that this is a little guy who is nervous.

When he was curious about what the other party was nervous about, he suddenly heard a familiar and surprised voice:

"Wow! Brother mu, have you found the elemental spirit companion

Li Mu raised his head.

It's summer.

On his shoulder, there was a wind element goblin jingling. He was holding a white nut and happily licking it. From time to time, he looked at Li Mu and Nezha on his shoulder with curious eyes.

"Well, this is Nezha."

Li Mu said.

When he introduced him, he found that his little Nezha had become stiff and honest, and was not as proud as before.

Listen to Li Mu's words, summer eyes slightly a Leng.

He looked at the little guy on Li Mu's shoulder and then said with a smile:

"it's a good match."

< br: > "he also introduced himself

By the way, it refers to Dingdang:

"this is Dingdang."They exchanged greetings again, and Xia Mu left.

But it was not until xiamu was far away that Li Mu heard a voice of surprise from little Nezha:

"so There are other elements of the contract, goblin. Is her name ding dong? That's good! "

Li Mu raised his eyebrows.

He always felt that it sounded a little different.

Turning his head sideways, Li Mu looks at the little guy who flies into the air and looks in the direction of xiamu's departure. Li Mu sees his eyes shining slightly, and his expression is a little shy of a pure boy.

Li Mu


There's something wrong with you.

I haven't eaten pork, I've seen pigs run.

At this moment, it would be strange if he didn't know why the elemental goblin he had just colluded with suddenly became quiet.

It turns out that Do elemental goblins feel the opposite sex?!

He was stunned.

But even if it was true, he had to give little Nezha some wax.

Xia Mu knew that he was raising Ding Dang's daughter. Li Mu estimated that he would not allow a pig to be killed on the way.

And Dingdang that little guy, in addition to eating, um No, it's licking. I turn around summer eyes every day. I don't care about anything else.

Doomed to love alone

Li Mu silently lit a candle in his heart for little Nezha.

At this time, several guilds players who limped back to the Station attracted Li Mu's attention.

With a slight frown, he went up to help with Druid's healing magic and asked:

"what's going on? How did it look like this?"

Several players are black iron.

As they healed, they laughed bitterly:

"brother mu, don't mention it. The devil's copy has a bug."

"The devil's maze is bugging?"

Li Mu was slightly stunned.

"That's right. The big boss, asazle, has gone on a rampage."

The injured player replied. , the fastest update of the webnovel!