Chapter 343 - Script Discussion

Novel:Hello Mr. King|Author:Bright Phoenix|Genre:Drama
It was Wei Shanwen’s usual style. He dissected a perfect fairy tail to pieces, but it could not make people hate it.

This film was meaningful. It taught a person not to dream easily, and any dream had the cost of their life behind it.

It also taught that if people wanted to change their destiny, they must continuously strive to enrich themselves.

The ending that stated Shen Congxin appeared with a more distinguished person was not to smack someone in the face.

Instead, it was to tell girls who liked to fantasize that they would attract someone even more outstanding if they were outstanding enough.

The film’s protagonist’s target audience was also precise. Girls who were seventeen or eighteen years old who were prone to fantasizing the most.

They had not experienced how hard society was and how cruel reality was in life. Many of them still had the mindset to muddle along in the future.

The early-stage also reflected many social phenomena, such as school bullying and the uncle – a wolf in sheep’s clothing…

The film was excellent, no matter how it was looked at.

“Director Wei, I want to know the overall style of this film.” Yun Xiangxiang asked seriously after she glanced through it.

This was not a complete script, so Yun Xiangxiang could not see the unique selling point in the film.

“What style do you think it should be?” Wei Shanwen asked instead of answering her.

Yun Xiangxiang organized her ideas for a while before expressing her opinion, “The film’s early-stage plot is a cliché. Although most of the audiences will take a stand after they finish watching the film, I think if there are not enough eye-catching scenes in the early stage, then it would still affect the audience’s perception and evaluation no matter how interesting the plot reversal is in the latter part of the film.”

In addition to the actor’s and directors’ appeal, the opinions of the audiences were critical.

It didn’t matter if the film’s early-stage plot was cliché. It was essential to have something eye-catching in the cliché plot. The audience didn’t bother how cliché it was.

“So?” Wei Shanwen had some smile in his eyes.

“I think it can be a hilarious comedy.” Yun Xiangxiang gave her advice, “For example, the personality of Shen Congxin. She is a beautiful person, and her uncle is obviously a beast. How did she live safely until she is eighteen?”

Beasts did not care about morals. Why would they not do anything just because of the age limit?

A plot on how Shen Congxin protected herself could be crafted, like how her beast uncle did not dare to touch her easily after she made him get the short end of the stick, and he did not dare to publicize it.

The plot could be crafted to be hilarious and pleasurable, which could teach little girls who were harassed to protect themselves and could add a comedic undertone to the early part of the film.

“We have the same view.” Wei Shanwen was heading in that direction too.

The film business was in full swing now, but the audience did not have a slow pace like the past. Most of them liked intuitive visual enjoyment.

It would be difficult to win them over without any wow factors. The film started as a literary film, and it would suffer losses, so he planned to arrange the rhythm faster.

To attract audiences at a fast pace, the main actress must be ruthless and smart!

“The scale must be grasped properly.” Yun Xiangxiang said after rereading the script, “If Shen Congxin is too smart, it would be a bit contradictory for her to be chosen as the shield.”

Other people were not fools. Why would they choose someone clever and mischievous and difficult to control?

“What about a high-ranked coquette?” Wei Shanwen asked.

Someone was like a weak and deceptive little white rabbit all day but was more vicious than anyone else behind their backs.

No matter how much a considerable family wanted to control a person, that person must be someone with an average IQ and a little creative.

It would not be easy to fool someone too stupid. It was not like there was something wrong with the brain. If the person were not smart enough, it would be hard to explain it.

“I believe Director Wei will be able to arrange it wonderfully.” Yun Xiangxiang was optimistic and liked this film, “When would Director Wei start shooting?”

“My current film will only finish filming after October. We would only start our preparations after that, so the earliest would be next year.” The exact time was not confirmed yet.

There was too much preparation for a film. Once many human resources were allocated, many incidents might occur. Some films had been prepared for several years, but they might not be able to prepare well enough.

“If it is a financial problem, Huan Yu Century Entertainment can fund the movie,” said He Wei with confidence.

“Haha, Brother Wei is getting greater. You can call the shots for Huan Yu Century Entertainment.” Wei Shanwen joked.

He Wei’s gaze swept across Yun Xiangxiang. “It can’t be helped. I have two cash cows on hand.”

Xue Yu had been the top gun and the most valuable celebrity in Huan Yu Century Entertainment for many years. Yun Xiangxiang had a high starting point. She had a trip to Paris and three brand ambassadors. This performance was close to Li Man.

With these two actors, He Wei naturally had more rights to speak in Huan Yu Century Entertainment.

If he did not have the surname ‘He’ and wasn’t He Zhen’s nephew, it might cause fear.

“A mogul has confidence.” Wei Shanwen suddenly had some bad intentions, “In terms of funds, if Huan Yu Century Entertainment wants to invest, I would be willing to accept it, but I do need your help on something. The shooting location…”

Wei Shanwen referred to Shen Congxin’s grandfather’s house in the film. The venue must not be sloppy if the film were to be exquisite.

It was hard to find a luxury villa that screams ‘Wow’ when a person sees it.

Ordinary villas couldn’t create such a visual impact. Such super luxurious villas were usually privatized.

People who owned such villas were usually not short of money, and they rarely rented out their private homes for shooting.

Of course, the studio city provided villas specially for filming, but it was inevitable that it might clash with other films. It would be boring if it were so.

There were many rich people in the industry, and he could borrow a few luxurious villas based on his connections.

However, Wei Shanwen was not satisfied, “I need the kind of villa that requires the use of a helicopter for viewing.”

Yun Xiangxiang was astonished, and Song Meng was stunned.

However, Wei Shanwen didn’t feel that he was asking too much, “This kind of shock is needed to please the audience. Imagine the audience having a ‘Wow, this is eye-opening’ expression. They would feel that buying the movie ticket is worth it.”

Yun Xiangxiang nodded her head with approval. People would usually have a deep impression when they see something beyond their imagination.

“To have this kind of shooting location, you are overestimating me.” He Wei was powerless.

He had villas, but not such a villa. He Wei had never experienced such a villa personally, let alone owning it.

He knew that the top wealthy family would enjoy such luxury, but he could not get in touch with those kinds of people.

“Ask your father.” Wei Shanwen instigated, “If you manage to borrow it, I will invest in the shares.”

Wei Shanwen wanted this film to be developed internationally, so he couldn’t be too petty and aimed to shock the foreigners.

What he wanted was a real top luxury, not some ridiculous pomp.

He Wei suddenly glanced at Yun Xiangxiang, “I’ll try my best. If it’s impossible, let’s do a green screen.”