Chapter 279 - Your Wife Is Here as a Guest

There was a large open space in their surroundings. Abandoned machines were situated around and there was a thick layer of dust covering them.

“Haha.” Li Beinian looked at Bei Lun. “Have you got the wrong idea? I only accompanied Leader Mu to buy a car. I feel really wronged that you’re cornering me for no reason at all!”

Li Beinian looked at him with a face full of grievances. “If you’re looking for Jiang Yeqing for revenge and are using his woman as a hostage, this sort of lowly act is frowned upon in the Guo Nation.”

Ying Jieer walked over. When he heard this, he couldn’t help but laugh mercilessly. “Girls from Guo Nation are so funny!”

Bei Lun also laughed and said in a comical way, “I’ve never said that I was a gentleman, so you can call me a lowly person.”

“You can look down on me.” When he spoke, he turned to point at Bo Chengcheng. “But she can’t.”

Bo Chengcheng looked at them calmly. She was tied up tightly on the ground by a rope.

She was in a similar situation as Li Beinian, except that Li Beinian looked wronged.

However, Bo Chengcheng was expressionless.

They were here for her, but she implicated Nian Nian.

Furthermore, the reason was really simple. It was because of Jiang Yeqing.

“Jiang, that son of a b*tch!” Bei Lun shouted. “He’s too despicable. The scum of Guo Nation!”

Not only Bei Lun, even Ying Jieer and his other men were also furious when they heard Jiang Yeqing’s name.

“It’s old news that he’s a scam.” Li Beinian was enraged. “What good are you holding his woman as a hostage?”

“Hey.” Hearing this, Bei Lun seemed to look approvingly at Li Beinian and shrugged. “Don’t you people of the Guo Nation have a saying. It’s called ‘all’s fair in war.’ If catching her can lead to Jiang’s defeat, why not?”

“Brother.” Another blonde-haired and blue-eyed man walked up. He whistled when he saw Bei Lun. “Jiang’s FaceTime.”

“He called you?” Bei Lun was surprised. “Wow, Gale, you’re amazing!”

Gale whistled. “Of course not.”

Does this mean that Gale called him?

Bei Lun raised his eyebrows and immediately saw Jiang Yeqing driving.

“Hey, Jiang.” Bei Lun looked at the phone screen and smiled. “You seem to be in a great mood.”

“Bei Lun, old friend.” Jiang Yeqing held a cigarette in his mouth. Pale smoke floated up, causing him to narrow his eyes slightly. He spoke in fluent English. “Are you looking for me for something?”

Looking at his appearance, Bei Lun smiled brightly. “Not much. I just want to let you know that your wife is a guest here with me.”

As he spoke, the camera was turned to Bo Chengcheng’s body.

Bo Chengcheng looked expressionless. She was leaning against the wall and looked a little numb.

“Wow.” Jiang Yeqing was shocked. He took out his cigarette and looked at the screen strangely. “Why are you doing this?”

That expression seemed to imply that he was ignorant of the situation.

Li Beinian saw it really clearly and really did not know what this crazy guy was thinking.

Seeing his expression, Bei Lun was very pleased. “I heard that you really love this woman.”

“Of course.” Jiang Yeqing shrugged, but he did not appear nervous at all. In fact, there was a leisurely smile on his lips. “She’s my wife.”

A little sparkle seemed to appear in Bo Chengcheng’s dull gray eyes.

“Very good. That’s amazing.” Bei Lun smiled excitedly. “Well then, please come over to sit down. Let’s have a cup of coffee between old friends.”

“No. I’m busy now. My lover is waiting for me.” Jiang Yeqing smiled and exhaled a smoke ring. “How about later?”

Li Beinian clearly saw the dim light in her eyes vanish again.