Chapter 371 - Familiar Stranger

She heard it again. Li Beinian was sure of it.

It was Li Meng.

Seeing her pause in her footsteps, Bo Chengcheng couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong?”

Li Beinian looked back and said, “Wait for me for a while. Someone seems to be calling me.”

She followed the voice and walked towards it.

Li Beinian walked into the box she passed by just now. There was a mess, but it was empty.

There was no one in the corridor.

Could it be that she was mistaken?

Li Beinian frowned and walked back. “Let’s go.”

After being busy for a day, Li Beinian was exhausted.

After taking a shower, she slept until daybreak.

The next day, she was woken up by a call. It was Chi Hailang.


“Beinian.” Chi Hailang’s voice was anxious. “Are you ok?”

“Why would I not be ok?” Li Beinian yawned and checked the time. “It’s so early. Why did you call me?”

“Do you know that someone was raped in the bar we went to last night?”

Li Beinian was awake now. She suddenly remembered that she heard Li Meng’s voice and immediately asked, “Who?”

“I don’t know. It’s spreading like wildfire on the internet. Someone took photos, but her face was not captured.” There was a lingering fear in Chi Hailang’s voice. “Luckily, I left with Yuxin early last night. It’s too terrifying.”

Li Beinian hung up her phone. As she freshened up, she kept thinking about that incident.

She couldn’t help but feel that it was related to Li Meng.

She opened WeChat and wanted to send her a message. However, she immediately stopped herself. If she was wrong, Li Meng would definitely say something nasty in response.

She might even say that she was cursing her.

As a result, she decided to drop the idea. She opened Weibo and the headlines were about this incident.

After reading a few commentaries, someone exposed that it was a person from an affluent and influential family. The person was not in the entertainment circle but was closely related to the entertainment circle.

The comments were very entertaining.

Brother, leave a pair of underpants: People in the entertainment industry saw Li Beinian last night. However, since they weren’t insiders, it was definitely not her. Besides, she’s Young Master Mu’s future wife and no one would dare to touch her. Also, there were other famous people quite close to Li Beinian such as the daughters of the Lin Family and other rich families. Their circle is very tight and the Lin Family is always involved!

Jin Li Yi Bei Fan: I think so too!

Li Beinian’s bra: It’s too scary to think about it, but that particular daughter from the Lin family is very suspicious. However, the Lin Family is very powerful and the perpetrator isn’t crazy, right?

Li Beinian continued scrolling down. Most of the people were speculating that it was Lin Kerou.

However, the more she read, the clearer Li Meng’s voice rang in her head.

Once a thought appeared in her mind, it was always amplified. In the end, regardless of whether it was the truth, it was really convincing.

Li Beinian was a little perturbed. Although she hated Li Meng, she was not a bad person.

In her past life, she became a renowned lawyer and was really respected.


Someone was at the door.

Li Beinian was still wearing her pajamas. She went out of the room and glanced at the peephole. Instantly, she was startled.

A tall and familiar man stood outside.

She had not seen him for over a month and he seemed to have lost weight.

The more she stared at him, the more handsome he was. He was as calm as the day he decided to leave.

Noticing that she was looking at him, he lowered his head and seemed to meet her gaze.

Li Beinian’s heart skipped a beat and she immediately took a step back.