Chapter 431 - Aren’t You Gutsy, You Don’t Care Who You’re Fooling Around With?


They finally arrived at the ground floor.

Li Beinian sighed in great relief as she signed her final autograph and shoved the piece of paper back to the people. She hurriedly said, “I’m off now!”

Then, she hurriedly squeezed past the crowd and strode out of the elevator.

Once she exited the elevator, she took off without looking back and headed for the exit.

However, her hopes were dashed when, from where she was, she came into a clear view of her car waiting outside the Light Tower!

She was done for. She had returned her car keys and placed them on the tabletop earlier on. There was no doubt as to who should be in that car right now.

Li Beinian lowered her head nervously and walked in the direction of the small lane to the side.

The subway station was normally a 10-minute walk away, but she got there in six.

Trying to catch her breath as she walked, she suddenly heard quick footsteps coming from behind her.

She turned around. Would it be Bai Yuan or someone else?


Will you never leave me alone!

It was exceptionally crowded given this was a subway station in the bustling city center. Li Beinian made her way down the stairs through the crowd. She reached for her cell phone in her handbag, scanned her WeChat QR code, and bought a ticket. Then, keeping her head down, she squeezed into the train.

To avoid being recognized, she let out her hair.

It was only after three stations had gone by that she finally exhaled.

She was drenched in a cold sweat by now.

Not after, the train was cruising through a part of the city that Li Beinian had never been to.

The PA system announced: “Passengers heading for the Zoo, you have reached your destination. This train stops at Airport North Station.”

Zoo, Airport North.

Li Beinian looked up at the subway map. Her gaze fell on the Airport Station.

There were about ten stops from here to the Airport.

The passengers thinned out as more of them got off the train. Very soon, seats became available.

Li Beinian slipped herself onto one of them and sat back, feeling relaxed now.

She felt alarmingly sore all over and completely exhausted as she leaned against the icy back of the seat.

She shut her eyes and slowly drifted into oblivion. Until she suddenly heard a shrill whistle. She woke up with a jump.

Startled, she looked around the empty carriage, feeling somewhat rattled.

Outside the carriage, the crowd was thinning fast as they got onto the escalator.

It was quiet all around. Li Beinian suddenly felt a sense of loss.

The cleaning lady walked into the carriage carrying a pail of water. When she saw Li Beinian, she said, “You’ve reached your destination. You’d better get off the train quickly, the flight is taking off.”

As though she only just realized she had to get out, she patted her bag, making sure that her wallet and ID were still on her.

Only her passport was still in the suitcase that she had packed this morning. She had left it at Chi Hailang’s house.

It would be impossible to leave the country now. The only thing she could do was to take refuge at a remote location for the time being.

Perhaps, by the time she returned, Mu Xichen would have simmered down and forgotten about dealing with her?

With this optimistic thought, she swiped her ticket and exited the station.

However, all of a sudden, she found herself surrounded by people.

She was stunned as she looked left and right. She knew every single one of those faces!

Li Beinian turned pale as she retreated a few steps.

Gu Mingye had an unintelligible expression as he observed her. Then, looking deeply into her eyes, he said, “My, aren’t you gutsy. You don’t care who you’re fooling around with?”

Before he could finish speaking, she was already surrounded by a few men.

She stumbled backward, her heart pounding madly.

Finally, she looked towards the subway attendant and pleaded. “Help, they’re trying to kill me…”

The subway attendant threw a glance at her and replied with a serious expression, “They were my comrades in battle. There’s no way they will kill you.”

Li Beinian’s expression changed at once, as she saw them coming towards the counter.

Her heart almost jumped out of her chest.

Gu Mingye couldn’t help himself from laughing when he noticed how jumpy she was. “Now are you afraid? What did you think you were doing?”

Mu Xichen rarely got angry, but when he did, it wasn’t something that Li Beinian would be able to handle.

Her breath was shallow and quick now. In a sudden movement, she spun around. Using her hand to leverage her weight against the gate through which she had come out, she jumped back in.