Chapter 433 - Do You Really Think All Men Hanker After a Virgin

As Bai Yuan looked at her disappearing back view, he suddenly felt a mix of emotions.

He didn’t give chase but sighed heavily as though he both sympathized with and took pity on her. He drew out his cell phone and dialed a number.

The line was picked up almost at once. Bai Yuan simply said, “Exit B, now.”


Li Beinian didn’t dare to look back as she ran up the escalator frantically, two steps at a time.

Seeing her in such a situation, the people on the escalator automatically got out of the way, keeping a clear path for her to get to the top quickly.

It was noontime, and the sun was scorching hot.

She was already drenched in her own perspiration and gasping for breath. Turning around, she saw that Bai Yuan had caught up. He called out, “Sister Nian!”

This set all her internal alarms off. In a panic, she fled towards the main road.

Suddenly, a tiny white BMW utility car pulled up by the side.

The car looked familiar. Li Beinian creased her brow.

Indeed, as the driver seat window was wound down, Bo Chengcheng’s face appeared from behind it.

She seemed surprised to see Li Beinian and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Li Beinian could hardly speak from trying to catch her breath.

She ran over to the front passenger seat and opened the door.

She slipped into the car and quickly buckled up, saying, “Hurry, let’s go. Someone’s coming after me!”

Bo Chengcheng raised her brow and started the car engine unhurriedly, remarking, “Were you chased by a ghost or something, running so fast.”

Having buckled up, Li Beinian slumped back into the seat and took off her sunglasses and mask. Sighing in relief, she said, “Almost the case. Only, it was worse than a ghost.”

“It was a success yesterday?” Bo Chengcheng asked, raising her brow. She drove on steadily.

Li Beinian was silent for a moment before she nodded.

“Then, you ought to be happy. Why are you running away?” Bo Chengcheng was completely stumped as she handed the other woman some paper towels.

Li Beinian took the paper towels from her and wiped herself down. Wheezing slightly, she said, “You won’t understand.”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Bo Chengcheng laughed. “Since you’re willing to sleep with him, doesn’t it mean that you like him? If you like him, then stay with him. Aren’t you tired, running around like that?”

Indeed, upon hearing this, Li Beinian suddenly felt exhausted.

She leaned back like a rag doll and stared at the roof with mixed emotions. “It’s not that easy, Sister Bo.”

“How complex is it, exactly?” Bo Chengcheng looked puzzled. “I really can’t figure out what’s going on in your head. Chief Mu is crazy over you. And I thought you’ve got it sorted, that you’ve decided to be with him. That was why I medicated myself and sent myself out. And what are you thinking now?”

Li Beinian felt a little grieved, and then waves of melancholy washed over her, causing her to twitch her mouth as her eyes dampened.

She turned away and looked out of the window.

The Airport expressway was rather clear of traffic. It was surrounded by wind-brushed greenery, mountains, and wilderness.

“He has saved me many times and has almost laid his life down for me,” Li Beinian said very softly. “I owe him too much and will never be able to repay him.”

“So, you gave your body in exchange?”

Bo Chengcheng laughed in disbelief, looking at the other girl in astonishment.

Li Beinian turned red when she saw her expression and replied angrily, “That was my first time!”

“For goodness’ sake.” Bo Chengcheng sneered disdainfully. “Do you really think all men hanker after a virgin?”

She looked into the distant traffic ahead. With a softened tone and restrained smile, she added, “A person who really loves you will not be only after your body.”

Li Beinian also smiled as she looked at the passing scenery outside. It was a bitter smile. “And a person who doesn’t love you wouldn’t even want your body.”