Chapter 509 - Still You Deny, With Solid Evidence

Father Lin found himself choking in fury as he looked at Mu Che and Wu Meiya.

He was heaving in anger, yet heartbroken.

He turned angrily and threw the tablet onto Lin Kerou, raising his voice. “Unfilial daughter, good-for-nothing, why did we bring you into this world!”

Lin Kerou cried even harder.

She leaned heavily on Mu Donglin, beads of her tears dropping onto his hands.

The man held the delicate girl in his arms, his heart aching a little.

They grew up together, he was just a few years her senior.

Since they were little, Lin Kerou would follow him around, calling out Brother Donglin this, Brother Donglin hat.

Through the years, he had grown used to having her trotting after him.

Before Li Beinian came along, he had even thought of being together with Lin Kerou.

Ultimately, however, he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

And now…

“Beast!” Mother Lin wailed. “My daughter has had her whole heart set on you ever since she was a little girl, and you…”

“It’s useless saying these things now.” Lin Ya’s gaze turned steely. “Donglin, we’ve known each other forever. I’ve never said a harsh word to you. And now I’m only going to ask you this one question. What are you going to do about this?”

Not only did Lin Ya’s words carry weight in the City Council, but his place in the Lin Family was also equally of great importance.

Having asked this question, everyone’s attention turned to Mu Donglin.

Lin Kerou continued leaning on him, as though she had forgotten to pick herself up.

Mu Donglin extended his arms to push her aside. With a heavy sigh, he said, “Lin Ya, you know me.”

“I used to know you,” Lin Ya seemed to smile once more as he eyed the other man. Only, while his smile was usually gentle and refined, it was now hostile and full of mockery. He continued, “But now, I don’t.”

From the time he’d had to deal with Li Beinian’s matter, Lin Ya gradually lost sight of what Mu Donglin wanted.

He had thought, given such a situation, the man would brutally destroy Li Beinian immediately.

But he could never have imagined that he would soften his stance against the girl.

Initially, he had thought that Lin Kerou would never have to worry about her own safety when she was with him.

After all, it wasn’t a secret that she liked Mu Donglin. And given that for so many years nothing had happened, no one expected things to change.

Alas, in the end, this entanglement had happened.

What irony!

Mu Donglin closed his eyes upon hearing Lin Ya’s words and firmly insisted, “It wasn’t me. I did not touch her.”

It wasn’t him, he couldn’t be more certain.

He had great clarity on what he had and had not done.

He would never waver on that.

He did not do it!

He didn’t do anything!

“You beast!” Father Lin was furious beyond words. He raised his hand and wanted to strike the man. “Still you deny, with solid evidence!”

Mu Donglin did not dodge and took the slap from Father Lin squarely.

He shut his eyes. After receiving a few blows, he said again, “It wasn’t me.”

“Say that again, I dare you to say that again!” The livid man picked up the tablet again and swung it at him.

This scene horrified the others.

Mu Che and Wu Meiya quickly pulled Father Lin away and shouted angrily, “Donglin, shut up!”

Father Lin was shaking with anger now and said with no uncertainty, “Good. This is great. It wasn’t you. Mu Che, your son raped my daughter and is shirking off responsibility. And your stand, as a father, what do you say!”