Chapter 1335 - An Lin's Mending of the Heavens and Slicing of the Heavens

Novel:I Might Be A Fake Cultivator|Author:Bright Moonlight Frost On The Ground 明月地上霜|Genre:Action
An Lin’s “euphemistic” response made all of the five emperors quite depressed.

“All I can tell you is that using that power too many times will spell my death,” An Lin explained.

The five Emperors nodded with solemn expressions, clearly believing what An Lin had told them.

“Mr. An Lin, there is always a position available for you in the Heaven Mending Sect. You can tell me any time if you would like to join,” the Celestial Thearch offered.

The Heaven Mending Sect was no secret to the five emperors, so the Celestial Thearch had no qualms about discussing it here.

An Lin nodded but did not give a reply.

The Heaven Crushing Sect had reserved a spot for him, as had the Heaven Mending Sect.

What the hell did they see in him?

“Let’s talk about the Heavenly Wind God now,” the Celestial Thearch spoke again.

Everyone’s expression became more solemn at the mention of the Heavenly Wind God.

“From Mr. An Lin’s experiences in the West Sea, we were able to learn about the existence of the Heavenly Sea God as well as its plans.

“From the Heavenly Sea God and Heavenly Wind God incidents, we know that the representatives of the conscious will of the Heavenly Dao harbor great enmity toward the human race,” the Celestial Thearch said in a slow voice.

Emperor Tian Huang heaved a heavy sigh. “It’s not just a case of enmity anymore. I feel like they won’t rest until they hunt all humans down into extinction!”

Emperor Ziwei shook his head. “We can’t make a generalization like that. How do we know if there are representatives of the Heavenly Dao that are not hostile toward humans?”

Emperor Chang Sheng shook his head with a wry smile. “Do you think any part of the Heavenly Dao would remain friendly toward us after the Purple Star incident?”

Ziwei had no response to this.

“As such, we must make preparations for the worst-case scenario,” Emperor Qing Hua spoke.

“Worst-case scenario? So we’re going to treat the Heavenly Dao as the enemy?” An Lin asked.

“That’s right. We don’t have any other choice, do we?” A resigned expression appeared on Emperor Qing Hua’s face. “It’s trying to kill us, so we must resist with all our might.”

“There actually is another way.”

The Celestial Thearch offered a different opinion.

“The Heavenly Dao is trying to exterminate the human race as it thinks that the human race is posing a huge threat to the stability of the world. If we right our past wrongs and repair our relationship with the Heavenly Dao, I think it will change its attitude toward us.”

The Celestial Thearch was basically preaching the ideals of the Heaven Mending Sect.

If the hole in the sky was not repaired, not only would the human race be struck by a calamity, perhaps all of the living beings of this world would suffer the same fate, and the history of the Ancient Tai Chu Realm would repeat itself.

“Mending the heavens…” Emperor Tian Huang muttered to himself, “That’s such an abstract concept. It’s much more straightforward to just cut down the representatives of the Heavenly Dao…”

“And how are you going to do that? We can’t even beat one of them after combining all of our powers!” The Celestial Thearch’s expression darkened.

For some reason, all of the emperors suddenly turned to look at An Lin.

An Lin: “… Why are you all looking at me? Please continue!”

“Ahem… Mr. An Lin, what are your thoughts on this?” the Celestial Thearch asked in a gentle voice.

All of the other emperors were also staring at An Lin with rapt attention.

An Lin was feeling a little overwhelmed, and he trembled slightly like a seedling in the wind.

“Emperors, what you’re talking about is mending of the heavens and cutting down the heavens. I don’t know anything about either of those things!” He withdrew slightly with an aggrieved expression.

“Hehe… That’s a good joke, Mr. An Lin.” The Celestial Thearch chuckled. “I gave Ao Meng a thousand-year-old heavenly peach, and he told me about everything that happened in the Ancient Tai Chu Dragon Realm… Mending the heavens with a single sword strike… How bad*ss! You really are fated to be the pioneer of the Heaven Mending Sect!”

The Celestial Thearch gave him a thumbs-up as he spoke.

An Lin’s eyes widened.

Xiaolan’s damn grandpa!

He sold An Lin for a heavenly peach!

“As for cutting down the heavens, everyone has witnessed your battle against the Heavenly Wind God, so there’s no need to be so modest. You can mend the heavens and also cut down the heavens. How are you not qualified to offer your opinion?” Emperor Ziwei chuckled.

An Lin had no choice but to draw his Evil-Slaying Sword. “Little Xie, Little Xie, can you mend the heavens of the Tai Chu Continent?”

Little Xie: “No.”

An Lin continued, “Why’s that? You mended the heavens in the Ancient Tai Chu Dragon Realm.”

“The heavens of the Ancient Tai Chu Dragon Realm shattered due to lack of structural integrity and forcefully broken by an external force. However, the heavens of the Tai Chu Continent is blighted by a flaw in the Heavenly Dao. These are two different concepts,” Little Xie’s cold, tender voice sounded, mercilessly dashing everyone’s hope.

“See? I really don’t know how to mend the heavens.” An Lin sheathed his Evil-Slaying Sword and splayed his hands open with a resigned expression.

He had thought that the five emperors would be dejected upon learning of this.

To his surprise, the Celestial Thearch’s eyes instantly lit up. “This is great! As expected of the Heavenly Court War God, you really can mend the heavens!!!”

An Lin: “???”

“Mending the structure is one thing, mending the Heavenly Dao is another thing… But you can already mend the structure, so why can’t you mend the Heavenly Dao? What if you can do it in the future?” the Celestial Thearch spoke with an animated expression.

Emperor Qing Hua stroked his long beard. “Hahaha, fortune lies with our Heavenly Court after all! Mr. An Lin can mend the heavens, but we are completely powerless in this situation. Mending the heavens is like speaking a language. You can speak the Tai Chu Language, so you’ll have a chance to learn the Ancient Man Language in the future! We’re different in that respect as we’re figurative mutes!”



“Future of the Heavenly Court!”

“Mr. An Lin is so bad*ss!”

All of the emperors delivered praise amid a joyful atmosphere.

An Lin was astonished. They were making something out of nothing!

However, An Lin didn’t dash their hopes. Perhaps it was a good thing to have a glimmer of hope in such a dire situation of despair.

“By the way, we’ve finished questioning the two Wind Demons,” Emperor Ziwei said. “We can confirm that they were life forms bred by the Heavenly Wind God outside of the Tai Chu Continent. Even though the Heavenly Wind God gave rise to them, they are located on another planet.”

An Lin nodded. “So they’re basically the Heavenly Wind God’s underlings.”

“That’s right. The Heavenly Wind God is a true god in their eyes. Most importantly, those underlings were not weakened by the power of the Tai Chu Continent at all!” Emperor Ziwei spoke with a solemn expression.

An Lin’s expression stirred slightly.

This was quite an important piece of information. The Heavenly Sea God had once created the Ancient Heavenly Fiendcelestial in order to destroy the human race, only for it to be slain before it even made it out of the West Sea.

The main reason behind this was that the Ancient Heavenly Fiendcelestial’s power had been severely debilitated by the Heavenly Dao after entering the Tai Chu Continent. Did this mean that the representatives of the Heavenly Dao were already creating other powerful beings that could escape this restriction?

“Even though the power of the Heavenly Wind God was restricted by the Heavenly Dao, it wasn’t as great an extent as it had been in the past. That is something we have to be wary of as well,” the Celestial Thearch continued.

Everyone’s mood became quite grave upon hearing this.

It was quite clear that they were going to be struck with a disastrous calamity soon.

After that, the Celestial Thearch talked about what measures they had taken or were going to take in order to prepare for the onslaught that was to come.

An Lin stood up to leave after everything had been discussed.

“By the way, do you need me to do anything?” An Lin suddenly realized that the Celestial Thearch hadn’t arranged any duties for him.

“Just go with the flow, Mr. An Lin. Live as you normally would.” The Celestial Thearch waved farewell to An Lin. “Goodbye.”

An Lin was glad to hear this.

A smile appeared on his face. “Goodbye.”

The brief talk was over, and he strode out of the Celestial Thearch Palace.