Chapter 1336 - Meeting the Construction Cultivator Again

An Lin flew back to The United University of Cultivation atop his brick.

The reconstruction of the schoolyard was well and truly underway.

Immortal constructions not only had to be pleasing to the eye from the outside, but there were also some important traits that had to be taken into consideration.

Things like how to construct the buildings to flow with the environment around it and to make it be able to gather as much Spiritual Energy of Heaven and Earth as possible were aspects that immortal construction cultivators were much more focused on.

An Lin slowly approached the floating continent that was once a beautiful place to behold.

Unfortunately, following that battle against the Heavenly Wind God, it had been reduced to something a lot more unsightly.

“Huh? The snow mountains are gone?”

An Lin discovered that the divine mountain protruding from the floating continent had disappeared, as had all of the smaller snow mountains. What remained was a series of craters and massive rifts in the earth.

All of a sudden, he caught sight of a golden, shiny object on the ground in the distance.

It was a massive shell glowing with an incandescent golden light!

Beneath the shell was a creature with skin as translucent and flawless as white jade.

A pair of feelers were raised to the sky, at the ends of which were a pair of apathetic eyes that seemed to be looking down on all living creatures.

This was a creature exuding a peerlessly domineering aura, as if it was wordlessly announcing to the world that it was the master of this earth!

What a bad*ss snail!

An Lin immediately flew over and extended an excited greeting.

“Holy Lord Tian Wo, Grandmaster Construction Cultivator!”

That’s right, this was the best construction cultivator duo across the entire Tai Chu Continent, Holy Lord Tian Wo and the Grandmaster Construction Cultivator!

Holy Lord Tian Wo was just chomping on some construction materials, and it raised its head to look up at An Lin before delivering a nonchalant greeting, “Hey, peasant cultivator.”

An Lin almost threw up a mouthful of blood. “What kind of greeting is that?”

“That’s the only thing I remember you by,” Holy Lord Tian Wo said with a justified expression.

An Lin decided to ignore this materialistic snail.

“An Lin, I finally figured out why you’re so stingy.” A woman in a revealing red robe made her way toward him, and her luscious, long legs peeked out from the slits on the sides of her robe as she walked.

Underneath her collar was the mighty Mount Breastverest that had once made Da Bai perish from excessive blood loss.

The F-cup powerful being, Grandmaster Construction Cultivator, was here.

An Lin was curious. “Why do you say that?”

The Grandmaster Construction Cultivator pointed at the whale nearby with an enraged expression. “That f*cking whale is the most stingy customer I’ve ever had! I proposed fifty million for a casual job, and he ended cut bartering all the way down to thirty-five million! With a stingy principal like this, how could the students of this school not be stingy? He deserves to be transformed into a whale!”

The Grandmaster Construction Cultivator was very angry. Her beautiful features were flushed, and her mountainous melons wobbled as she huffed.

An Lin was momentarily stunned before coming to his senses and asking with an intriguing expression, “You can compromise on price? I thought your prices were set in stone.”

The Grandmaster Construction Cultivator explained in an angry voice, “It’s all because that stinky fish is a Dao Integration Stage super mighty figure, and he has employed our services in the past, so he’s a high-level member and can barter to a certain extent.”

“A certain extent? This is a pretty big discount…” An Lin put on a fawning smile. “Ms. Li Xinyu, we’re good friends, right? How much discount can you give for an ordinary job on the Four Nine Immortal Sect?”

“Tch…” The Grandmaster Construction Cultivator rolled her eyes. “Thirty million spirit stones, non-negotiable.

“Don’t think that I’m that easy to barter with! I only gave Wang Xianyu a discount for the sake of the Heavenly Court. After all, the Heavenly Court has suffered such a massive calamity and cannot collect that much money in a short time. Tens of thousands of students and teachers are now left without classrooms, and all five emperors have gone into seclusion to recover from their severe injuries… From a humanitarian perspective, I can do some discounts…”

The Grandmaster Construction Cultivator’s expression darkened as she spoke.

“These were the same lines the principal used to barter with you, right?” An Lin asked.

Grandmaster Construction Cultivator: “…”

She pouted and nodded with an aggrieved expression intermingled with a hint of humiliation.

An Lin was quite impressed by Wang Xianyu’s bartering skills.

It was quite clear that Li Xinyu had fallen victim to his expertise.

He turned toward the little whale to find that he was blowing bubbles with a nonchalant expression while looking up at the sky. He had gotten what he wanted, so Li Xinyu could call him whatever she wanted!

“I’ve swallowed all of the construction materials, so we can start on the reconstruction process now. Please get away from here in the meantime,” Holy Lord Tian Wo instructed.

Wang Xianyu immediately dispersed everyone away.

All of the teachers and students were currently situated at a Heavenly Court sanctuary, so the evacuation process was quite a quick one as he only needed to evacuate a few spectating students.


Holy Lord Tian Wo’s shell tremored violently and became as bright as the sun.

A golden divine dao light erupted in a frenzy from its shell, spreading outward with no end in sight.

An Lin stood in the air and was astonished after doing some investigation with his divine sense.

He discovered that Holy Lord Tian Wo’s divine dao light had encompassed the entire floating continent, which was tens of thousands of square kilometers in area! Was this what Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures were capable of?

Li Xinyu’s eyes seemed to encompass the entire world as she stomped down with a long leg. “Creation from imagination!”

The massive snail’s shell tremored even more violently, as if it was mixing something. “Transference between two worlds! Ahhhhohhhhwaaaaah…”

The broken earth was knitted together by a certain power as lush flora, mountains, rivers, and lakes began to reappear over the bleak and desolate landscape.

The beautiful Full Moon Mountain, the peculiar Forest of One-Thousand Peaks…

Everything was recovered. Not only that, but a new snow mountain over a hundred thousand feet tall had also appeared in the schoolyard.

An Lin clicked his tongue in wonder. “So the snow mountain hasn’t been taken away after all.”

Pfff pfff pfff pfff…

Rumble rumble rumble rumble…

Holy Lord Tian Wo continued to twist its body, and a series of beautiful, new classrooms appeared, alongside blocks of intricate, antiquated dorm rooms.

“I was feeling a little worried, but it looks like everything is back to normal now,” a gentle, pleasant voice sounded from beside him.

An Lin turned to discover Xu Xiaolan flying over from nearby. She was wearing an enchanting smile on her face as she looked into his eyes.

“Xiaolan, are you here to watch the reconstruction too?” An Lin was elated to see her.

“No, I came to see you.”

Xu Xiaolan turned toward him with an enticing smile.

An Lin’s heart jolted with bliss.

The sun slowly set into the clouds, creating a golden sea of clouds in the sky.

A few snowy-white cranes flew and danced in the air, letting loose a few ethereal, distant cries from time to time.

This was a glorious sunset.

“Hey, An Lin, look over there!”

Xu Xiaolan patted An Lin’s shoulder and pointed in a certain direction.

An Lin turned and was momentarily stunned by a scene that would remain in his memory for the rest of his life.