Chapter 1337 - Magnificent Rainbow Clouds

Novel:I Might Be A Fake Cultivator|Author:Bright Moonlight Frost On The Ground 明月地上霜|Genre:Action
In the western region of the floating continent on which The United University of Cultivation was situated.

The sun had turned the sea of clouds golden, making it appear as if the floating continent was an island hovering over a bed of golden clouds.

The color of the sunset gradually switched between a series of vibrant colors, giving off a collection of magnificent lights.

The golden light was dazzling and vibrant, the red light was like roaring flames, the purple light possessed a dreamy quality…

An Lin and Xu Xiaolan stared at the marvelous spectacle unfolding before their eyes, feeling as if everything was extremely surreal.

However, this was far too realistic to be a dream.

“There are legends of an extremely rare phenomenon in the university known as the hundred thousand feet rainbow clouds. An Lin, I feel like we’re very lucky…” Xu Xiaolan slipped her hand into An Lin’s with an excited expression on her face.

An Lin gradually came to his senses after hearing Xu Xiaolan’s words.

He remembered back to his early days at The United University of Cultivation, where he had been put into detention after his brawl with Liu Dabao. He had only just come out when he was greeted by the magnificent sight of the sun setting into the sea of clouds. Back then, he had imagined to himself just how glorious the legendary hundred thousand feet rainbow clouds would be.

He was also thinking back then about how awesome it would be to see such a magnificent spectacle someday.

He didn’t think that his dream from back then would come true today.

And he certainly didn’t think that someday, Celestial Maiden Xiaolan would voluntarily hold his hand.

A sense of bliss and elation welled up in An Lin’s heart as he held Xu Xiaolan’s soft, warm hand in his.

The light of the setting sun had been refracted by the sea of clouds into seven different colors.

This was an extremely peculiar phenomenon that made it appear as if the entire sky was filled with these vibrant, colorful clouds.

Thus, the brand new school was constructed with this extraordinary phenomenon as its backdrop.

“Hey… An Lin, what are you doing?” Xu Xiaolan let loose a cry of surprise.

“Let’s go over there!” An Lin held onto Xu Xiaolan’s hand and flew toward the sea of clouds with an excited expression.

Cloud Fortification Technique!


The vibrant clouds within a radius of five kilometers suddenly congealed to become soft and bouncy structures.

An Lin and Xu Xiaolan dove into the clouds before being bounced back and flying high into the air.

“Oh! I feel like we’re blasting off into outer space!” An Lin held onto Xu Xiaolan’s hand as they were both hurled into the sky.

“Haha, these clouds are so much fun.” Xu Xiaolan also let loose peals of joyful laughter.

They felt like they were playing on a massive, beautiful trampoline.

The sunset, the rainbow clouds, and the surreal trampolining experience.

These were An Lin and Xu Xiaolan’s memories regarding the hundred thousand feet rainbow clouds.

The next day.

A brand new school stood before tens of thousands of students and teachers.

“Wow… I’ve really missed this place…”

“It has only been a few days, but it feels like it has been much longer.”

“Waah… I thought the school would never be the same again, who would have thought that it could be recovered to its original state…”

“This reconstruction happened far too quickly. I can’t help but wonder if this school is just an illusion.”

Many of the students had tears welling up in their eyes.

An Lin was very impressed with Grandmaster Construction Cultivator and Holy Lord Tian Wo. They really were standing at the pinnacle of the immortal construction industry.

Before they left, Grandmaster Construction Cultivator Li Xinyu had given An Lin a black card and told him that he was now a high-level member. She would arrive on his doorstep to provide her services as soon as he alerted her by injecting his vital energy into the card.

Most high-level members consisted of Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures who were long-term customers, so the fact that An Lin was able to receive this card showed that Li Xinyu rated him quite highly.

An Lin looked at the black card and decided that he would invite Li Xinyu over to the Four Nine Immortal Sect to do a better job once the sect had more money.

The Four Nine Immortal Sect wasn’t that large, so a casual job only cost three million spirit stones. At that time, they were limited by their finances, so they had no choice but to go with the lowest level of service.

An Lin was currently already able to afford an ordinary job.

However, he didn’t want to settle for second best.

He was determined to go straight for an earnest job!

Three hundred million, was it? An Lin firmly believed that he would have that much money in the near future!

An Lin made a promise to himself before continuing his leisurely schoolyard lifestyle.

Xiao Hong was living even more leisurely than he did. All she did was sit on the windowsill all day, sing some songs, photosynthesize for a bit, and that would be the end of the day.

She was apparently already at the Soul Formation Intermediate Stage though.

Xuanyuan Cheng and Su Qianyun almost jumped off a cliff upon hearing this.

They were being left behind by An Lin and Xu Xiaolan before, but now, they were even being left behind by Xiao Hong!

What the hell was wrong with this world?

“Thinking back to when we first met, I was already at the Spirit Nurturing Stage whereas Xiao Hong was still at the Dao Body Stage. What did she do to outstrip me in cultivation base?” Xuanyuan Cheng was feeling extremely crushed.

Su Qianyun was shedding tears of sorrow. “Why is Xiao Hong so exceptional? We clearly work so much harder than her! Is our aptitude that bad…”

After wallowing in self-pity and cursing the unfair nature of this world for a short while, the two top-tier prodigies of The United University of Cultivation had their fighting spirits reignited, and they now had more motivation to cultivate than ever.

An Lin was quite happy for them to receive psychological blows like this from time to time. After all, complacency wasn’t going to give them any catalyst for improvement.

Time passed by slowly.

Before An Lin knew it, two more months had passed.

As usual, An Lin was lying on the roof of his dorm room. He was looking up at the stars in the sky.

There were still two moons in the sky, seemingly competing with one another for dominance.

“Giant An Lin, why can’t there be two moons in existence at the same time in this world?

“And who made the rule that there could only be one sun and one moon? In the Divine Mirror World, I can have as many suns and moons in the sky as I want!” Tina huffed like a haughty God of Creation as she sat on An Lin’s shoulder.

“That’s not the same thing. It’s the difference between the original and the duplicate.” An Lin smiled and asked, “Think about it, where did you first see the moon?”

“Here…” Tina replied.

“Thus, the Tai Chu Continent’s moon is the real and original moon.

“Even if you make more moons in the Divine Mirror World, it will be based on the moon of the Tai Chu Continent, so they will only be replicas and duplicates. No matter how many moons you create, the original moon of the Tai Chu Continent was born from chaos, and as such, it will always be unique!” An Lin explained.

Tina felt as if she had been enlightened, and she nodded her little head. “Giant An Lin, I have a bold thought. What if the moon I create becomes more powerful than the one on the Tai Chu Continent? Would it be able to replace the moon here as the original?”

“Er… with regard to that question…” An Lin hesitated momentarily before looking up into the sky with a smile. “You should ask the person in the sky.”

“The sky?” Tina looked up as well.

Under the light of the pristine, white moon.

An exquisitely beautiful woman was descending elegantly toward them.