Chapter 1338 - Chang'e's Present

The woman wore a white dress, which danced under the moonlight, blossoming like a divine lotus in the night. Her features were intricate and flawless, and her skin was as fair and translucent as white jade. She truly was a goddess under the moonlight, and her beauty was unmatched.

She was the number one beauty of the Heavenly Court, Celestial Maiden Chang’e.

The goddess slowly descended beside An Lin, and a light breeze blew by, sending the faint aroma of osmanthus flowers coming his way.

“An Lin, can you stop sniffing?” Chang’e spoke in a cold voice as she turned with a disdainful expression to the man beside her, who was still inhaling her scent with an intoxicated expression on his face.

“Haha… Welcome, Palace Leader Chang’e. Forgive me for my rudeness,” An Lin said with a completely unapologetic smile.

Celestial Maiden pursed her lips with an exasperated expression at the sight of An Lin’s nonchalant smile. “I can’t accept an apology from the high and mighty Heavenly Court War God. I’m just an ordinary Celestial Maiden working hard every day to fill my stomach…”

“Alright, alright, let’s stop with the pleasantries. Why are you here?” An Lin inquired with a hint of curiosity.

This was the first time he could recall that Chang’e had come to find him.

A smile appeared on Chang’e’s flawless features. “Why don’t you take a guess?”

An Lin blinked. “Are you here to deliver my divine pill?”

Chang’e: “… That is correct…”

She was feeling a little disappointed. Things were not going as she had expected. Wasn’t An Lin supposed to make a few incorrect guesses before begging her to give him the answer?

Why did he get it right the first time?!

“Haha, Chang’e, you’re the best! I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time!” An Lin jumped up with excitement and whooped for joy.

“Congratulations, Giant An Lin. You finally have a chance to progress to the Return to Void Stage now.” Tina was also very elated as she fluttered around An Lin.

Chang’e pulled out a divine pill from her storage ring.

When the divine pill emerged, a rainbow divine light instantly soared into the sky as a potent divine power swept forth, making An Lin’s heart jolt with a hint of shock.

“This is the Rainbow Divine Dao Pill?” An expression of delight appeared on An Lin’s face.

All of a sudden, the divine pill tremored violently, as if it was trying to escape from Chang’e’s hand.

“Hurry up and refine it with your blood essence! You can only swallow it after you’ve become its master!” Chang’e instructed in an urgent voice.

An Lin accepted the divine pill before dripping a drop of blood essence on it.

The divine pill tremored violently for a short while before obediently lying on An Lin’s palm.

A semi-transparent rainbow dress appeared from the divine pill before hovering around the pill. The pill itself was smooth and had a pristine, white color, and it looked like a Celestial Maiden clothed in a rainbow dress.

The divine pill lowered its head in a display of shyness upon seeing its master looking down at it.

Oh, it didn’t actually have a head, but its round body ducked into his palm a little.

“Oh, right, take this immortal pill first before you take the Rainbow Divine Dao Pill. Otherwise, you’re going to become Celestial Maiden An Lin.” Celestial Maiden Chang’e passed an immortal pill to him.

An Lin accepted it with a grateful expression.

The Rainbow Divine Dao Pill had an extremely terrifying side-effect that would make a rainbow dress adhere to An Lin’s body for ten years.

“I really don’t understand why you need a divine pill to progress to the Return to Void Stage. Are you really some Alchemy Patriarch like what Yi Xi is telling me?” Chang’e was perplexed.

An Lin almost threw up a mouthful of blood upon hearing this.

Alchemy Patriarch my f*cking a*s!

That was just a title forced onto him by Yi Xi!

“Don’t listen to that fatso spout nonsense. I’m just taking this divine pill to celebrate my breakthrough to the Return to Void Stage,” An Lin explained.

Chang’e: “… Why do I feel like you’re the one spouting nonsense instead?”

Chang’e couldn’t help but roll her eyes at An Lin’s blatant lie.

An Lin had no choice but to invent a fib. He couldn’t tell her that in order to progress to the Return to Void Stage, he had to hold a divine tool and take a divine pill, could he? No one would believe him anyway!

“By the way, when are you making a breakthrough? I’ll come to watch as well,” Chang’e asked with a smile.

An Lin was a little surprised. This was the first time he had seen Chang’e be so interested in anyone else aside from Su Qianyun.

Was this still the same aloof hipster that he knew?

“I’ll transcend my tribulation tomorrow at noon,” An Lin replied.

“Alright, see you tomorrow then.” A gentle smile appeared on Chang’e’s face.

Her smile was extremely beautiful under the moonlight, and even after witnessing so many gorgeous Celestial Maidens, An Lin was still momentarily entranced by her exquisite beauty.

“You have to make sure you turn up tomorrow. With Big Sister Chang’e cheering me on, my probability of successful tribulation transcendence will improve by at least ten percent!” An Lin was full of vigor.

“Alright, quit yapping! I’m going now.” Chang’e stepped forward before rising into the air toward the bright moon in the sky with her white dress dancing like a white lotus in the night.

Her glorious figure slowly shrank before disappearing from view.

An Lin looked up at the moon with an expression of entrancement long after Chang’e had disappeared.

He then turned toward the divine pill in his hand and was feeling quite touched. The fact that Chang’e had personally delivered the divine pill to him was a clear indication of what she thought of him.

“Chang’e, I won’t disappoint you!

“And you, Rainbow Divine Dao Pill, you were refined personally by Chang’e, so you better not disappoint me.”

An Lin looked down at his divine pill with a smile.

The divine pill seemed to be able to understand what An Lin was saying, and its body shuddered delicately, as if it was a little shy and embarrassed.

“Giant An Lin, do you really have to eat this adorable divine pill?” Tina was also looking at the divine pill with a pair of forlorn eyes.

“Only edible divine pills are adorable. No one likes a divine pill that can’t be eaten.” An Lin was unfazed.

This was very true. Divine pills that one could look at but not swallow would only make one go mad. It took a lot of effort to refine this thing, so it would be nothing short of a tragedy if it could not serve its intended purpose.

The next morning.

News spread like wildfire throughout the entire school.

Less than two hours later, countless students and teachers were gathered around the tallest mountain in The United University of Cultivation—Pan Long Mountain.

Almost the entire school was gathered here.

All of them were here to see An Lin transcend his tribulation and progress to the Return to Void Stage!