Chapter 1412 - Deja Vu

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The Divine Inspection Technique could identify all things within this world.

It was an extremely versatile technique for all types of scenarios.

Sure enough, nothing was immune to the effects of the Divine Inspection Technique.

A string of information appeared in An Lin’s mind after using his Divine Inspection Technique on the red-robed skeleton.

[The skeleton of the Blood Patriarch: This is the body of the Blood Patriarch left behind in the Blood Rakshasa Ancient Battleground which has come to life. In order to attract it, you will need to use extremely delicious blood as bait.]

An Lin’s expression darkened upon seeing this.

The Blood Patriarch sure deserved his title; even his skeleton could rise from the dead!

Did he actually know that his skeleton was prancing around here?!

Also, what was this about using blood as bait? This thing drank blood?

An Lin was a little skeptical, but he still slit his wrist and let out some blood.

The pungent odor of blood wafted through the air.

The red-robed skeleton was still lying on its log and tinkling its bell when its body shuddered violently and light erupted from its eyeholes.


The skeleton monster let loose a peculiar cry, and its body hurtled toward An Lin at an insane speed, leaving afterimages in its wake as it tried to lick An Lin’s wrist!

How could a skeleton monster lick when it had no tongue?

An Lin was horrified to discover that the skeleton was able to materialize a small, pink tongue within its mouth, which was used to lick his wrist.


“My God! This is the perfect blood that I’ve been dreaming of! It’s so delicious!”

The skeleton monster yelled with delight in a very familiar voice. It seemed like this was the same voice he had heard when he first made contact with the spatial gate leading into the holy land.

An Lin faltered slightly before coming to his senses and quickly grabbing onto the skeleton monster’s neck and unleashing a spatial seal at the same time.


An Lin’s hand locked tightly around the skeleton monster’s neck before ramming it into the ground.

“Ah! Let go of me!” The skeleton monster struggled violently.

An Lin chuckled coldly as he pressed the skeleton monster firmly into the ground. “Why don’t you keep ringing your bell? You seemed pretty happy tinkling that thing just a moment ago!”

The skeleton monster: “…”

An Lin had figured this thing out. The skeleton monster before it was extremely proficient in creating illusions, but in its true form, it had no other merit aside from its speed.

The red-robed skeleton monster flared up with rage. “Foolish ant, unhand me at once! Do you know who I am? Don’t make me kill you!”

An Lin completely ignored it and stripped off the skeleton monster’s red robe.

He was then greeted by the sight of a skeleton that was so perfect, it was like a work of art.

Even under the dark, murky sky, it still released a translucent, pristine white sheen.

There was a pulsing ball of red light where its heart once was, and it was pulsing just as a heart would.

“Oho, this thing looks pretty interesting. You’re already dead, but you still have a heart?” An Lin chuckled as he reached a hand toward the heart.

“No… Don’t!” the skeleton monster screamed and thrashed frantically on the ground.

“Hehehe… Scream and shout all you want! No one is going to come and save you!” An Lin’s eyes lit up with excitement. “Furthermore, the more you struggle, the more excited I get…”

The skeleton monster was on the verge of tears, and it could only look on as An Lin reached for its heart.

Just as his hand was approaching the ball of red light, it began to glow much more brightly, and at the same time, a terrifying backlash force surged toward An Lin’s hand.

An Lin’s heart jolted in shock, and he was just about to unleash his power to resist the backlash force when the power of the backlash suddenly faltered as it approached his hand. It then seemed to have discovered something extremely astonishing, and it pounced toward An Lin’s wrist before giving it another hearty lick.

“Ohhh… Ahhh!”

The skeleton monster’s skull became flushed with bliss as it moaned with pleasure.

An Lin was astonished to find that the blood from the incision on his wrist had been transported to the heart by the backlash power.

The red-robed skeleton monster was now completely nude and had relinquished all resistance, as if licking the blood with its tongue and licking the blood with its heart had the exact same effect. In fact, it appeared to be even more blissful and intoxicated than it was before.

“That feels so good! I feel so high! I feel like I’ve reached the climax of my life, and the world looks so beautiful from up here!”

An Lin: “…”

He felt like his blood was like an aphrodisiac to some Blood Tribe mighty figures.

But never would he have thought that his blood would also act as an aphrodisiac to a dead Blood Tribe skeleton…

The skeleton monster grabbed An Lin’s hand before speaking in an animated voice, “O’ mighty being, you are the truth that I have been searching for countless years. Please let me follow you. I’m very easy to keep as you’ll only need to give me one drop of blood a day to sustain me! Just one drop of blood! Please?”

An Lin was astonished. What was this sense of deja vu he was feeling?

“Can’t you have a bit more dignity and honor? How could you just offer to follow a stranger like this?” An Lin was enraged.

“I’m not making this decision lightly. Did you know? I’ve been waiting for countless millennia and seen eight Holy Disciples, none of which I liked. Only you, you were able to subdue me with your blood!” The skeleton monster seemed to be extremely excited.

An Lin’s lips twitched. “You’re the mighty Blood Patriarch, yet you want to follow me?”

The skeleton monster immediately nodded. “I initially wanted to make you follow me, but I can’t beat you in a fight. Furthermore, you have such perfect blood, so there’s no way you would willingly follow me. As such, let me follow you instead!”

An Lin nodded slightly.

This skeleton had some self-awareness at least.

Now that that was out of the way, the rest of the conversation would be a lot easier.

He was definitely tempted to take this undead skeleton of the Blood Patriarch. Even though it looked like it wasn’t very useful for the moment, he could see that there was some value to be derived from it in the future.

“Then how do you plan to follow me? By establishing a slave contract?” An Lin asked.

“I can’t sign a slave contract as I’m not a complete life form and have no soul. However, you can refine me like a weapon with no sentient will and become my master that way,” the skeleton monster replied.

An Lin nodded upon hearing this. He released a drop of blood essence, which floated toward the skeleton’s head.

The skeleton monster immediately tried to swallow the blood essence.

Thankfully, An Lin was prepared and immediately unleashed a crushing restrictive technique!

“Ahhh…!” the skeleton monster howled.

An Lin chuckled coldly. “Do you think I wouldn’t be prepared for blood addicts like you? Hurry up and accept my blood essence!”

An Lin was already extremely familiar with this procedure, so the skeleton monster was not going to get the better of him.

Soon, a connection was formed between An Lin and the skeleton monster.

Thus, the skeleton monster became one of An Lin’s special weapons!