Chapter 931 - Grudges and Enmity

Novel:Invincible Kungfu Healer|Author:Azuresky|Genre:Action
Mi Heli began to move, and the other four warriors from the Heavenly Sea Sect followed suit as well. They all knew that Mo Wen was very powerful. As such, they would not count on their numbers as an advantage over him. Even though it was a little unfair, given a choice between one’s dignity and the sect’s honor, the latter was, naturally, more important.

“They’re bullying us. They have more people than we do,” Gu Jingman said, smiling charmingly. She was about to make a move when Mo Wen stepped in front of her.

“Elder sister, leave it to me.” Mo Wen had been worried that he was not under enough pressure to figure out his abilities. Naturally, he would not allow Gu Jingman to interfere right then.

The five members of the Heavenly Sea Sect were all infinite warriors. The weakest of them had already grasped the path of profundity. There were two among them who had reached the fledging stage of profound meaning. Mu Heli understood two fledging stages of profound meaning. This was very rare, even among infinite warriors.

The power of heaven and earth would be ignited the moment the infinite warriors struck. Various powers of heaven and earth turned into an attack and hurtled towards Mo Wen.

In a battle between ordinary warriors, participants would mostly fight using their skills. However, at their level, the realm of their profundity was the utmost key.

What was supposed to be a complicated battle became simple at that stage.

Mo Wen took a step forward and floated into the air. A ray of black-and-white colored light shone from within him. The moment the black and white light appeared, the power of heaven and earth hurtled towards him. After swallowing the power of heaven and earth, the black and white light instantly grew bigger and enveloped the entire square.

“It’s an inner Qi that can swallow the power of heaven and earth. How is that possible?” Mu Heli said, stunned. He almost could not believe what he saw. As an infinite warrior, even he had to use profound meaning to move the power of heaven and earth. It was impossible for his inner Qi to do that.

Only warriors in the Primordial Soul realm could turn their inner Qi into spiritual power. They then had the ability to swallow the vital Qi of heaven and earth. Mo Wen was just a third realm martial arts grandmaster. How could he do something only a warrior in the Primordial Soul realm was capable of?

Mu Heli was not the only one who was shocked. All the other warriors from the Peng Lai Immortal realm were stunned. They have all seen incredible things, and naturally understood that what Mo Wen had done was inconceivable.

“That is not inner Qi, it is Yin Yang Qi. I once read about it in a book of classics!”

The leader of the Sinister Wind Realm, Hu Shuo, said in shock. He had never imagined that Mo Wen could have Yin Yang Qi. That was a legendary power in the Peng Lai Immortal Realm. Warriors who cultivated Yin Yang Qi were rare geniuses and were very scary.

A few hundred years ago, there was someone from Peng Lai Immortal Realm who cultivated Yin Yang Qi. Almost everyone in the Peng Lai Immortal Realm knew how frightening that person was. Back then, he stirred up terrifying maelstrom of blood in the Peng Lai Immortal Realm, and, even now, no one had forgotten it.

“Yin Yang Qi! Isn’t this a power that only warriors who are at least at the Primordial Soul Realm can master? He has not become an immortal yet. How did he manage to cultivate Yin Yang Qi? It is a power even more terrifying than spiritual power.”

An elderly monk from the Golden Buddha Sect said these words incredulously. The Golden Buddha Sect had once been connected to that person who cultivated in Yin Yang Qi for various reasons. They knew how terrifying Yin Yang Qi was. After warriors become immortal, they could cultivate spiritual power. This type of spiritual power was cultivated by a warrior becoming an immortal and was slightly different from the spiritual power that ordinary immortal cultivators dealt in. It was also called Warrior Spiritual Power.

In terms of raw strength, Warrior Spiritual Power was much more powerful than ordinary spiritual power. Yin Yang Qi, on the other hand, was much more terrifying than Warrior Spiritual Power. It was more powerful by far than the ordinary kind.

The moment the Yin Yang Qi appeared, it sucked up more than half of the power of heaven and earth around it.

At the same time, the five warriors of the Heavenly Sea Sect attacked. Massive illusions of trees, large flaming giant hands, and fierce water arrows appeared…

Their five different profound meanings released five different types of power.

The most frightening was the profound meaning of gold which Mu Heli cultivated. The profound meaning of gold was one of the five profound meanings of elements. Of the five, this one had the highest kill rate. It was not easy to understand the profound meaning of gold. The moment this meaning appeared, the incessant sound of gold clattering could be heard throughout heaven and earth. Various sharp implements flew at Mo Wen.

However, Mo Wen merely drew a circle with his hands, and all the attacks that were heading towards him scattered. An invisible power appeared between heaven and earth, and an image that bore an uncanny resemblance to an eight trigram appeared in the air. In the center were two fishes, one black and one white. The Yin and Yang fishes started to swim, and they exuded great intelligence.

It was the Yin Yang Heaven and Earth Great Shift!

Mo Wen had used this move before. However, that time he had done it only on the surface, without any power beneath. However, at this moment, he used the Yin Yang Qi to release this power. The Yin Yang Heaven and Earth Great Shift was, finally, truly revealed.

The terrifying attacks that could move the power of heaven and earth all seemed to be drawn by an invisible force. Then, a shocking scene transpired. The attacks against Mo Wen collided together and destroyed each other completely, disappearing without a trace.

The sounds of amazed gasps could be heard from the viewing platform. Everyone knew how powerful the attacks that the infinite warriors released were. Even so, they had been easily destroyed.

The Water Deity felt speechless. Was Mo Wen that powerful? She would not have been able to fend off those attacks by the older generation. Any of those attacks could kill her.

“The Yin Yang Heaven and Earth Great Shift!”

Monk Zhitong from the Golden Buddha Sect exclaimed aloud. He could not help but shout. It was the Yin Yang Heaven and Earth Great Shift!

“Ah! It’s the Yin Yang Heaven and Earth Great Shift. Isn’t that the legendary path of martial arts?”

The Huaxuan Fairy of the Goddess Cult stared at what was happening with wide eyes. She had never seen the Yin Yang Heaven and Earth Great Shift, but had heard of it before. In the Peng Lai Immortal Realm, this technique was very famous. It was known to one and all, and was claimed to be one of the ten greatest paths of the martial arts of Peng Lai.

However, this technique did not belong to any of the sects in the Peng Lai Immortal Realm. Several hundred years ago, a warrior who cultivated Yin Yang Qi was the lone possessor of the skill. The Yin Yang Heaven and Earth Great Shift had already vanished from the Peng Lai Immortal Realm several hundred years prior.

No one expected to see this martial art form outside of it.

“Yin Yang Qi! Yin Yang Heaven and Earth Great Shift!”

The leader of the Sinister Wind Sect seemed extremely gloomy. His thoughts went to a person, a person who made him feel afraid and uneasy. What did Mo Wen have to do with him?

A sinister, murderous intent flashed in Hu Shuo’s eyes. His expression grew more and more grave. Was Mo Wen that person’s descendant? If so, then the young man must not be left alive. They had to get rid of him as soon as possible, or there would be endless trouble.

Even though he had not himself gone through what happened several hundred years ago, he knew how terrifying that disaster was.

The seven sects of the Peng Lai Immortal Realm were all extremely shocked. They all thought of that legend from several hundred years before.

“Mo Wen cultivates Yin Yang Qi. That is incredible. Even though he is at the lowest threshold of Yin Yang Qi, it is said that, when one cultivates this power to the very end, one can cultivate a little power of Chaos. Even though that is just a legend, it might not be entirely impossible,” Mo Qingge said, somewhat surprised.

She did not expect Mo Wen to have cultivated Yin Yang Qi even prior to becoming an immortal. Even the simplest Yin Yang Qi was difficult to cultivate, and even more so for a warrior who was not yet immortal. Even powerhouses in the Primordial Soul realm or the Tide Turning Realm could find it hard to cultivate, even if they deliberately tried to do so.

“Eldest Sister, even though Yin Yang Qi is difficult to cultivate, it is not difficult for some powerful people in the spiritual realm to deliberately harness this power. Have you seen anyone cultivate the power of Chaos just by cultivating Yin Yang Qi? We have never heard of anything like that in a billion years, much less seen something like this.”

Mo Qingtian shook his head. Did his eldest sister think that Mo Wen might be able to cultivate the power of Chaos? She thought too highly of the young man. There were many powerful beings who had existed over the years- many who were more talented than Mo Wen. Yet, no one had managed to get a grasp on the power of Chaos.

In the many worlds, there were numerous people who cultivated Yin Yang Qi. However, there were not many who could cultivate it to a high realm. As for cultivating the power of Chaos, it was a legend among legends. That was why many immortal cultivators did not focus on Yin Yang Qi even though they knew that it had great potential. After all, they could not cultivate in the power of Chaos, so Yin Yang Qi was not the best choice. The key was to grasp the power of the initial, vital Qi.

The powerful people of the various worlds hence mostly cultivated this vital Qi. The number of people who ruled a world through the cultivation of Yin Yang Qi could be counted on one hand.

“How do you know that Mo Wen can’t do it? Can you predict the future?” Mo Qingge asked, glaring at Mo Qingtian.

“I…” Mo Qingtian was speechless. His elder sister was too… This was something in which none of the elders of the spiritual realm could succeedn. Did she really think that Mo Wen would be able to do it?

“The Yin Yang Heaven and Earth Great Shift is a martial art that was created by that talented person from the Ming Cult. Is Mo Wen related to the Ming Cult?” Mo Qingtian asked curiously.

As a senator of Huatian Palace, she naturally knew about certain things. Among these, she knew what happened in the Peng Lai Immortal Realm back then. Even though she had not yet come to the source world at that time, Huatian Palace’s headquarters were in the Peng Lai Immortal Realm. She was naturally highly familiar with parts of the realm’s history.

“I suppose so. Actually, I have long suspected that Mo Wen has something to do with the Ming Cult. After all, he used to cultivate the Yin and Yang techniques. They compensate for each other and work together. It is rare in the main space.”

“However, there are many grudges between that person and some of the sects in the Peng Lai Immortal Realm. A lot of sects hate that person to the core. The Sinister Wind Sect is one of them. If Mo Wen is cultivating that person’s martial arts teachings, there will be a good show for us to watch.”

Mo Qingtian seemed pleased at the prospect of trouble. He could not wait to watch the world burn.

Given Mo Wen’s current abilities, he would definitely make his way to the Peng Lai Immortal Realm. The Peng Lai Immortal Realm was a small spiritual realm, and was not simple. If Mo Wen wanted to succeed in martial arts, then he had to go to either the spiritual realm or the Peng Lai Immortal Realm.

However, it was difficult to get into the spiritual realm. As such, going to the Peng Lai Immortal Realm would be his only choice.

“What happened back then gave rise to grudges and enmity between that person and certain sects. Are they going to blame Mo Wen for what happened?” Mo Qingge said, frowning. The person in question had offended many in the Peng Lai Immortal Realm. Even with his current abilities, Mo Wen would find it difficult to deal with them.

“One can only become successful after experiencing hardship. Elder sister, do you think that Mo Wen can accomplish great things if he does not have to struggle? For him, it will be good to experience some setbacks.”

Mo Qingtian rolled his eyes. Why was his sister like an entirely different person when it came to Mo Wen? What was there to worry about? Even if those sects did not care about their reputation and bullied Mo Wen, having more people on their team, was Mo Wen so easy to bully?