Chapter 352 - The Childish Sound Reappeared

Novel:Lady Su's Revenge|Author:Xian Xian|Genre:Romance
Mammy Hui went up hurriedly and said, “Just now, the princess and Commander Wang fainted suddenly, both Her Lady and I are worried.”

Su Li saw the two lying on the carpet, with a flash in her eyes. She quickly walked over to them and lay down beside them, with her eyes tightly closed just like Jin Ying and Commander Wang.

Consort Ling and Mammy Hui were dumbfounded. Why did the little immortal pass out as soon as she returned?

At that moment came the footsteps outside the door.

Since Consort Ling could hold a place in the imperial palace, she was smart enough. So, she reacted quickly, pulling Mammy Hui, who had not yet understood the situation, to the side, while she went to the door, with a natural look of anxiety and worry.

Shortly after, Fan Zisang appeared in front of the door, and Consort Ling anxiously told him what Mammy Hui had said before.

He rushed to check the three of them, and he was instantly relieved, saying, “They were knocked unconscious because their cultivations were not strong enough, and they will wake up after a while.”

“That’s great.”

Consort Ling was relieved and glanced at Su Li, whose disguising was flawless. She had thought that her daughter gave too many credits to her, but the reality embarrassed her now.

Not to mention who was the real savior before, her deep and meticulous mind alone was not comparable to that of the common people.

“How could a child of fourteen years old be so shrewd…”

Consort Ling couldn’t figure it out, and no one could answer her doubts.

After Fan Zisang had passed through the spiritual power one by one, the three woke up after a short while. When Su Li opened her eyes, Fan Zisang said seriously,

“As you have seen, nature’s punishment has appeared, and it is perilous in the palace! Even I can’t handle it. Delay always brings danger. We should leave the palace first and then find a way.”

He wasn’t sure if the dissipation of the thunder was due to the means of the unknown senior or to the failure of the unknown senior to surmount the nature’s punishment. But for the safety of all, he couldn’t bet on a staying.

Consort Ling’s face turned slightly pale when she heard this, “Then… His Majesty…”

“We couldn’t care that now.” Fan Zisang shook his head, “Unless we can find him and take him with us now, we would certainly die if we continue staying here.”

What he had cared about since the beginning were merely his two junior sister apprentices, and the others weren’t worth his time.

Consort Ling did not expect the situation to be so serious and dared not say anything. Her affection for the emperor was less important than that for her daughter.

After getting everyone’s consensus, they quickly left the palace with Fan Zisang’s protection. Although there were some obstacles along the way, they still managed to leave the palace without a hitch.

At the same time, Lord Ning and the Empress, who were in a yard outside the palace, received the news.

“Thunder for testing appeared over the palace and dissipated on its own? Which scout sent the news back? It’s ridiculous.”

On the bed, Lord Ning, who was topless, crushed the carrier rune, with his eyes narrowed and a cold smile on his face. He would never believe it if he did not see the thunder. There had been neither a thunder for testing in Jiuzhou Region nor a practitioner to surmount the nature’s punishment.

“Jincheng He is already a spent bullet, but I just haven’t expected him to have such a defensive way. And I can’t find him by now. My dear, what should we do now?”

He flirted, and the Empress lying on his chest wriggled her soft waist, full of coquetry in her eyes. And her voice was limp and sweet, “Brother Ning, you are so powerful, so, such a trivial matter is no difficulty for you. In these last years, Jincheng He has always practiced in a secret place, and he is quite knowledgeable in the tactical matrixes. We have to get a matrix master to find him.”

She stood up, grasping an intact carrier rune in her hand. Her tone was slightly surprised, “But before that, we should visit Consort Ling. She was injured by evil spirit and supposed to die soon, but how could she wake up again?”

Hearing the word “evil spirit”, Lord Ning stopped smiling, and said slowly, “It is weird according to your words. How is that evil spirit?”

The Empress lightly turned around and let her hair brush over her chest. Then came her delicate, soft voice, “My Beast Control Tactic is not a decoration…”

Lord Ning laughed, and he grabbed the Empress’ soft breasts and pulled the quilt away, “I would like to experience that!”

With a sugary groan, the room was instantly filled with the pleasure of the flesh…

Led by Commander Wang, Su Li and the others hurriedly left the city and came directly to a courtyard on the waterfront. He introduced this place as he was showing them the way.

“This yard which was ordered by His Majesty to be built several years ago has been completed not long ago. The news hasn’t been spread, and no one should know about it.”

Fan Zisang agreed with Commander Wang, for he did not sense the pneuma from others.

“Find a room to settle down at first. I’m afraid Junior Sister Apprentice Jin and Su have suffered quite a lot of shock today. I’ll go out to set up some perimeters.”

After saying that, Fan Zisang didn’t stay and quickly left. Mammy Hui immediately began to clean up the room.

As Commander Wang said, the yard was brand-new and large, and there was not much to be cleaned up. Jin Ying requested to share a room with her mother, while the others had picked a single room for themselves.

Su Li chose the room in the southeast corner, three rooms apart from the others’. The others got used to her mystery and didn’t stop her.


As Su Li just closed the door and turned around, she saw a green flash in the room. It was Lv You who had changed a clean robe and stood by respectfully.

The master had left the palace, so the servant should follow naturally.

“Pick a room. Don’t get found.” Su Li instructed in a faint voice and turned towards the bed, “Don’t bother me unnecessarily.”

“Yes, Master!”

Lv You was clear that Su Li would try out the secret method, which was only suitable for ghost practitioners, but he did not persuade her.

Nothing was impossible!

His master was an evildoer who could attract Destroy Thunder. Normal rules didn’t suit her. If he talked too much, his master would not be glad to see that, and this would bring no good for him.

After Lv You left, Su Li took out the jade journal, and spread her psychic awareness quietly, gradually immersing herself in it.

She didn’t know how long she spent until Fan Zisang’s voice rang outside the room. She suddenly woke up, got up, and put the jade journal away. Then she opened the door and left with Fan Zisang.

One in Yunti Realm could not eat the five cereals. To avoid any suspicion from Fan Zisang, Su Li had dinner with Consort Ling. Then she went to Fan Zisang with Jin Ying to consult some dos and don’ts during the period of Yunti Realm. After that, she went back to her room.

After getting washed, she sat on her bed.

Su Li took out the jade journal from the universe ring on her neck with a silent expression.

All Spirits Tactics!

The name of this secret method did not sound sinister, and the method itself seemed rather be appropriate for Human Clan to practice. However, in the general outline of the secret method stood a hint that only ghost being was allowed to practice; otherwise, it would cause unpredictable side-effects.

“Ghost being, not ghost practitioners…”

Su Li narrowed her eyes, thinking where the ghost practitioners came from, which she read in the archive in Yuxu Sect before. She had paid little attention to it so that her memory about it was vague. However, it was undeniable that the ghost practitioners were linked in countless ways with Ghost Clan.

“Since ghost being can practice it, what’s the harm in me, a so-called taboo from Ghost Clan, to practice?”

With this in mind, Su Li recalled the entire practice route of the secret method and took a deep breath. She was about to begin.

Suddenly —

“All Spirits Tactics, how could you possess such a thing?!”

The sudden childish voice instantly stopped Su Li, and her heartbeat even missed a half-beat. Her expression did not reveal any changes. Instead, she sent a thought, “Are you awake?”

The one who made the childish voice immediately laughed worldly and complimented, “What an excellent mood! It seems that the centuries you spent in Reincarnation Mirror have not been in vain.”

A hint of fluctuation flickered in Su Li’s eyes, but she calmed down in an instant and said emotionlessly, “You owe me an explanation.”

“This’s how you treat your savior?”

The one did not fear in the slightest, so, a hint of coldness appeared on Su Li’s face, “Hem… If there were not enough profit, would you do it? So, let’s cut the nonsense.”

The one laughed instead of being angry, “You are worthy of the servant chosen by Reincarnation Mirror, and your temperament is extraordinary. Well then… I planned to show up after you reach Zhuji Realm, but I didn’t expect you can touch off the legendary realm. So, I will tell you about it now. But before that, I would like to know, from whom did you get All Spirits Tactics?”

Su Li slightly closed her lips. After a long while, she said in a low voice, “A ghost practitioner!”

“How is his cultivation?”

“The early stage of Jindan Realm.”

Immediately, the one who made the childish voice fell into silence and sighed after a moment. But the reason for the sigh was not explained to Su Li.

She frowned, but at this moment, the one talked again, “This copy of All Spirits Tactics is not complete, while I have a complete one. You just need to make a few changes here, here and here…”

Su Li made up her mind and immediately took out a piece of paper to write down what the one had said, planning to compare it with the other copy.

She had her last lesson not long ago, so, she couldn’t fully trust the one.

“As for your current state, it relates to an extremely distant legend in the cultivation circle. It is said that Lianqi Realm that Human Clan could reach in the ancient times was divided not into ten hurdles, but eighteen!”

Su Li was shocked to hear the words.

Eighteen hurdles?

There would be eight hurdles more than the current Lianqi Realm.

Seemingly telling Su Li’s thoughts, the childish voice was added with a hint of disdain, “Don’t compare the current Lianqi Realm with the ancient one. The realm you’ve broken through now is equivalent to the seventh hurdle of Lianqi Realm in ancient times.”

“Only the seventh hurdle?”

Su Li knitted her brows fiercely, “Why is there such a big difference in cultivation circle between the present and the ancient era?”

“You don’t need to know this for now. When your cultivation is higher, you will naturally be able to access it.”

The one smacked his lips and continued, “You were crazy before. Was it worthy just because you got cheated by Reincarnation Mirror? If you follow the path of practicing the ancient cultivation method, it won’t take you long to control that little mirror. How about it? Just consider it?”

The expectation in his tone revealed a lot of things.

Although the one making the childish voice was ancient in origin and somehow naive, this didn’t affect Su Li’s thoughts. She was silent shortly and asked, “If I follow the ancient way of practicing… What’s in it for me?”

“Enough benefits for you. First of all, you will be invincible in the same realm, and many more…”

“What will it cost me?”

Before having done with speaking, the one was interrupted by Su Li. He was choked and somehow dumbfounded, for he hadn’t even finished bluffing!

All people were obsessed with power, but why was Su Li so odd?