Chapter 353 - Lv You’s Doubts

Novel:Lady Su's Revenge|Author:Xian Xian|Genre:Romance
Chapter 353 Lv You’s Doubts
“The cost…”

The one who made the childish voice hesitated and seemed to be thinking about what to say and what not to say. However, with Su Li’s face getting colder, he didn’t dare to delay. For fear that Su Li would go mad again, he quickly said,

“Of course, there is the cost. It would be much more difficult to choose the ancient way of cultivating than ordinary methods. Each realm had its own unique test. After passing the test, you can get the gift from somewhere…”

He said smoothly and wanted to say more, while Su Li still looked serious, interrupting in a cold voice, “You know that I’m not talking about this. Why do you want me to remind you… Just speak it out. If I go on the ancient way of cultivating, I surely need your guidance all the way. What are your requirements?”


He felt an embarrassment of humanization, and became increasingly depressed that he was fond of Su Li’s character in Reincarnation Mirror, but how could she change so much after getting out of Reincarnation Mirror and she couldn’t understand his meaning at all. Could it be that she become more extremely abnormal after being stimulated by Reincarnation Mirror?

“Damn it, you little reincarnation thing, I won’t let you go after I recover. Even if you are broken, I will put you together and torture you severely!”

The mirror ring hidden in Su Li’s sleeve quivered and hided its pneuma more thoroughly, as if it had sensed the emotion of the one who made the childish voice.

The one thought so hatefully, and finally felt better, saying cautiously, “Little Su Li, since you asked, I can tell you. I’m not as selfish as that mirror. I’ll tell you the truth, but you can’t abandon me!”

“Say it!”

Su Li was expressionless, and spoke out the two words coldly. The one sighed helplessly, but could only be forced to say, “For some reason, I am one of the damaged and missing treasures of many ancient races.”

“After Ghost Circle was broken, the strength I could make was largely weakened, and finally I was so weak that I fell asleep. I even didn’t know how weak I was. When I woke up, I was in the illusion.”

“When I saw you, I found that the strength you dispersed was helpful for my recovery, so, I persuaded that ghost boy to give you the ring, and then forced it to merge with you. Because your body was defective in the illusion, I had no difficulty in doing it.”

As he said this, the lotus on Black Lotus Ring turned slightly, as if it was watching Su Li’s reaction quietly. Seeing that Su Li was still calm, it continued with worry,

“You know what happened later. I recovered a lot of strength by absorbing the foundation from you. When you dissipated in Reincarnation Mirror, I forcedly gathered your residual soul and opened a gap in Reincarnation Mirror to make your reincarnation.”

“I should had been escorting you until you were born, so, the time from falling to rebirth would not be more than one year. However, I ran out of strength and fell into a deep sleep on the way. Fortunately, although it wasted thousands of years, you finally succeeded in reincarnation.”

There was a trace of cold sweat in his back. He was still afraid when recalling what he suffered that year. It was hard for him to meet a life that could coexist with him. If Su Li didn’t succeed in reincarnation, he would fall into endless sleep again.

Su Li was silent, but she looked soft. At least compared with Reincarnation Mirror, Black Lotus Ring was honest enough.

“As for your body of evil ghost…”

With a little surprise, he said, “It’s not caused by me at all! If such a taboo could be made by me, how could Ghost Clan be exterminated? At that time when I realized that you had a body of evil ghost, I was scared to death! For many years, even in ancient times, the body of evil ghost was rare. If you can make good use of your taboo talent, you will definitely be a power who can despise the whole universe when you grow up!”

Su Li fell into a long silence.

The information said by him was too much, so, she needed a lot of time to think of it.

A long time later, Su Li’s silent eyes brightened, and she said softly, “What’s… your name?”

He took a long sigh, being a little tired, “I don’t know. I’ve forgotten a lot because of my long sleep, even my name. I’m really ashamed. It’s lucky for me to meet you who has a body of evil ghost. Maybe I can rely on you to return to my peak period. For my name… you can give me another one.”

Su Li was pondering. She didn’t know whether she didn’t believe his words or she didn’t want to recall her past.

But it didn’t matter.

What was important was that it sincerely followed her.

As long as she had this, it would be enough.

“There is a black lotus on your real body, so, you will be called Black Lotus.”

“… How casual! I protest!”


So, the new name of the treasure of Ghost Clan was determined casually. Although Black Lotus was not happy, it had to rely on Su Li to live, so, it could only accept it unreluctantly.

“Ah… I’m so sleepy. I’m still too weak. Your body of evil ghost is not complete. Maybe it’s because I’ve been in the reincarnation path for a long time, so, I’ll talk to you when I wake up.”Read More chapter on our vi pnovel. com

As Black Lotus yawned, its voice retreated from Su Li’s awareness sea. At the same time, the ring on her finger also penetrated into the skin and disappeared.

Su Li took back her right hand at a glance. Her eyes were bright with fewer confusion.

With such an old guy around her, she didn’t have to fumble about her practice.

In these two days, Su Li had a very regular life. After meeting Fan Zisang, she practiced alone. Since the last breakthrough, there had been a lot of space in her pubic region. Even if she practiced with the spiritual stones of Lv You, it would take several days to fill it.

“According to Black Lotus, there are eighteen hurdles of Lianqi Realm… and I am in the seventh hurdle, just in the second stage. No wonder my cultivation speed has declined.”

Suddenly, Su Li’s psychic awareness shrouding in the yard saw Fan Zisang coming back with a dignified face, so, her attention turned away from practice and she began to think about other affairs.

“Fan Zisang obviously met with troubles. In Jincheng Country, apart from Lv You, could there have other powerful practitioners…”

When thinking this, Su Li took out a carrier rune to introduce her psychic awareness. Then, within ten breaths, with a sound of “Shua”, Lv You showed up.


Lv You bowed to salute, being a little surprised. The little master’s pneuma was different from that in the previous days, as if her mood had changed a lot.

However, for these secrets, he naturally would not unknowingly ask.

“Go to find out what difficulties Fan Zisang has encountered, and we’ve stayed here for too long.” Su Li said quietly, and Lv You nodded at once to leave. This was the first task his master gave him, so, he must finish it well.

“Wait a minute.”

Seeing that Lv You was about to leave, Su Li pushed forward the complete All Spirits Tactics on the table and smiled, “The All Spirits Tactics you practiced is not complete. I have made it up. Take it and have a look. It’s up to you to practice it or not.”

Black Lotus Ring was her biggest secret, so, it would be better not to tell Lv You who just followed her a few days ago. She could only get herself involved,

Lv You was stunned and his face suddenly became strange. However, he took away the manuscript on the table and said thanks. The little master seemed to have a lot of impatience after avoiding nature’s punishment. He would practice this method to wake up his master with failure.

“The master is still too young. I need to guide her well…”

At the thought of being able to guide an evildoer to grow, Lv You suddenly felt his responsibility, being more ambitious.

For such exciting feelings, he did not feel for many years since he had no progress in Jindan Realm.

With a dumb smile, Lv You went back to his hiding room and took out the manuscript to watch it carefully.

After a few breaths, the idea that Lv You wanted to laugh at Su Li had totally disappeared, and he turned into serious, being addicted to it.

Within five minutes, regardless of his sour eyes, Lv You was gesturing something and his forehead was already in a cold sweat.

An hour later, Lv You finally took a sigh of relief, and could not help laughing. If he wasn’t set a simple sound protection boundary for the room, he was afraid that Fan Zisang would immediately sense it.

“Hahahaha, I see. I understand finally!”

The joy of fully comprehending the secret method lingered in his heart. Lv You was about to find Su Li. Suddenly, his breath smothered and his face was full of horror.Read More chapter on our vi pnovel. com

At this time, he just remembered his original intention. When he thought that he wanted to laugh at Su Li, his face was on fire.

“How, how, how… how could it be…”

“How old is the master? She is teens. This mental method has been completed… and the effect of hiding pneuma has been increased by more than ten times!!”

But this All Spirits Tactics was given to Su Li by him. All the clues on the surface pointed to the only explanation.


Lv You sighed, as if his conceptions, which had been established after 1500 years of wandering in cultivation circle, suddenly collapsed and replaced by an insurmountable beautiful image.

“However, since I have such a master, why I have to worry about my cultivation?!”

“Wait. What the master ordered must be done perfectly this time!!”

Lv You immediately got excited, and he no longer stayed, flying away.

Shortly after Lv You leaving, a group of people suddenly appeared not far away from the yard. Their pneuma were clear and they came straight to the yard.

The alert tactical matrix was touched. Fan Zisang, frowning in the room, immediately felt something. His face changed a little. He pointed to his universe ring, and then the green steel sword flew to the yard gate.

Seeing this, Concubine Ling was full of worries and could not help following him.

“Where are you going, Mother…”

Looking at the back of Concubine Ling leaving in a hurry, Jin Ying immediately followed. Commander Wang and Mammy Hui looked at each other worriedly and followed up.

At the same time, Su Li, who were quietly cultivating in the room, suddenly opened her eyes with cold light.

The pneuma was somehow familiar…

TaTaTa —

After a mess of footsteps, Concubine Ling and others rushed to the door and saw that scene. Their faces were pale.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice!”

With tears in her eyes, Jin Ying looked at Fan Zisang, who was not far away with a sword and was covered with blood. Then she turned to the monster in front of Fan Zisang. Her scalp was numb and her eyes were creepy.

“Well, what’s that…”