Chapter 653 - What Use Do You Have?

Most of the criticism was directed at Lin Yan for landing the role of Yeva. Riding on this wave, a new wave of protest began.

She was unable to beat a member of an unknown team. How was she qualified to portray a legendary figure like Yeva in that case?

It was an insult to Yeva and the movie Legend.

Eat My Shit typed, “I thought Lin Yan had beaten WW before? Widen your eyes, ignorant people. This is the real skill that Lin Yan has. Even a lousy team like Storm can defeat her!’

Flat-Chested Lady replied, ‘It was a joke when she beat WW previously. It had to be staged. It was purely scripted. Putting Lin Yan in a real competition like this would only prove how horrible and dreadful she is! She should eat dung!’

Shuya’s Darling also left a comment. ‘Lin Yan, get lost now! I want to see my Shuya and her team!’

Lin Yan returned, acting as though nothing had happened.

“Lin Yan, what use do you have?”

Li Tao glanced coldly at her. “I didn’t hope that you would beat Wu Yong, but at least you shouldn’t have allowed him to leave you sprawling in the dust. You couldn’t even last 15 seconds to allow the second team member of Storm to replace him? How did you manage to beat WW previously?”

“Why are you yelling?” He Lefeng glared at Li Tao. “How many seconds did you last? You couldn’t even do it, so why are you pushing the blame on someone else?”

“Ha!” Li Tao sneered coldly. “I couldn’t, but I didn’t claim to have beaten WW. Miss Lin Yan supposedly crushed WW, but she lost horribly to a junior team. Isn’t that interesting?”

“Stop arguing! My ears are damaged because of you two!” Mo Shuyun chided them sternly.

“Captain! This was the best chance we had! Storm has already lost twice so if we won, we would have two victories! Storm would then be eliminated!” one of the team members replied. “Li Tao can’t be blamed. Any one of us could at least have held up Wu Yong for ten seconds so that their second member could have replaced Wu Yong. Wu Yong is the only capable racer in the entire team!”

“Yeah, I second that! Who could have known that Miss Lin Yan wouldn’t even last a few seconds…”

“I’m a blunt person and I don’t sugarcoat my words. Pardon me, Miss Lin, but I think that you shouldn’t even be a part of our team. Without you, we wouldn’t have lost to Storm!”

Mo Shuyun wanted to defend Lin Yan, but the members were right. Their defeat was Lin Yan’s fault.

Lin Yan didn’t try to explain. Other than Mo Shuyun, no one else in the team would be able to beat Wu Yong.

“Captain, replace Miss Lin with another member.” One of them frowned at Mo Shuyun.

“Yeah! Captain, we are not being biased against Miss Lin Yan, but she is… lacking. If she gets picked once more, all hope will be lost!”

“Shut up!” Mo Shuyun was feeling impatient and agitated. “I will hit anyone who tries to utter a word!”

Everyone clamped their mouths shut when Mo Shuyun lost his temper.