Chapter 1222 - You’ve Never Played This Before?

Novel:Mr Fu, I Really Love You|Author:Thousand Birch Shedding 千桦尽落|Genre:Josei
Plus… when those fans returned this time, Xing Qiaoman hoped to turn them into highly loyal fans who stuck around!

From Xing Qiaoman’s perspective, it wasn’t the number of fans that counted… What counted was the number of highly loyal fans who stuck around. This was the thing that made up a celebrity’s foundation for success, and foundation was the most important thing when building a skyscraper.

Xing Qiaoman wanted to make Fu Tianci and Yun Liuli the new standards in the entertainment industry in the future.

After Yun Liuli boarded the plane, she sent Gu Qingcheng a message to inform him. After the plane landed, she also sent him a text, even including an emoji of a face throwing a kiss.

Little Meng also received a call from Xing Qiaoman right before turning her phone off on the plane. It was only when an air stewardess came over and reminded her gently to switch her phone to airplane mode that Little Meng hung up.

“Miss Liuli, Sister Man said for you not to speak a word to the fans and the media after getting off the plane later! Also, don’t randomly post anything on Weibo using the plane’s wifi. She has her plans!” Little Meng said.

Yun Liuli nodded and replied obediently, “Okay!”

Fu Tianci and Yun Liuli belonged to the same agency and set off at the same time. They were both arranged to fly in the first-class cabin, and their seats were adjacent, separated by just an aisle…

Fu Tianci had been busy promoting his new album and was exhausted from working non-stop. The instant he got onto the plane and put on his eye mask, he fell soundly asleep, completely unaware that Yun Liuli was just seated one aisle away.

Yun Liuli turned around and discovered that Fu Tianci’s Sasaeng fans had followed him onto the plane. Those two fans were also in the first-class cabin, speaking in hushed tones together. They appeared displeased that Yun Liuli and Fu Tianci were taking the same flight and, furthermore, only separated by an aisle.

Fu Tianci’s assistant, Little Knife, heard the sound of cameras, so he turned around and glared at the back. Only then did the Sasaeng fans put their cameras away, avoiding Little Knife’s stare!

If Fu Tianci hadn’t been so tired and it wasn’t so rare for him to be able to rest for a little while, Little Knife would have woken up Fu Tianci to switch positions with him.

After the plane stabilized, Yun Liuli took out the script for “Red Rivers” and started studying it.

After recording “Forest Adventures”, Yun Liuli would be entering the set of “Red Rivers” to film that most important scene. Although she had prepared sufficiently, she felt there was still a lot of room for improvement. Therefore, so long as she had the time, Yun Liuli would study the script over and over again.

Fu Tianci, who woke up after a nap, removed his eye mask. In a sleepy state, before he even managed to open his eyes, he asked his assistant, “Little Knife, how long until we land?”

“In two hours…” Little Knife replied.

Fu Tianci turned his head sideways sleepily and saw Yun Liuli, who was reading her script. He paused in surprise… and became much soberer in an instant.

“What are you doing here?” Fu Tianci asked.

Yun Liuli looked up and gazed towards Fu Tianci. She took the lollipop a fan gave her earlier out of her mouth and replied, “Going for the filming of ‘Forest Adventures’! Weren’t you informed? I’m a guest of this episode as well.”

Fu Tianci shifted his body uneasily, nodding.

Fu Tianci didn’t quite know how to interact with Yun Liuli!

This girl looked weak and easy to bully, both pretty and fragile, giving one an urge to protect her!

But Fu Tianci was truly worried the girl would fall for his dashing good looks. After all, Yun Liuli was a girl that Lin Nuan particularly liked. Fu Tianci worried that he wouldn’t be able to face Lin Nuan if the girl fell for him and pursued him, and he made the girl cry with his rejection!

Moreover, before coming, Lin Nuan had called Fu Tianci. Since Fu Tianci was going to record “Forest Adventures” with Yun Liuli, she asked Fu Tianci to take good care of Yun Liuli, for she was, after all, a girl. There were more snakes, worms, rats, and insects in a forest, and girls tended to fear things like that.

Hence, Fu Tianci both wanted to take care of the girl and, at the same time, was concerned about keeping an appropriate distance from her. He couldn’t think of a solution that gave the best of both worlds, and he also couldn’t gauge what was “appropriate”, so he felt very vexed.

Yes, Fu Tianci was that confident in his dashing good looks!

Seeing that Fu Tianci had woken, Little Knife said to him, “Let’s switch positions!”

Fu Tianci thought of Yun Liuli and turned to see her gazing at him with her watery and clear eyes. Afraid the girl would think he was switching positions because he was unwilling to sit too close to her, he coughed twice and said, “No need… I’m fine sitting here!”

Fu Tianci then whipped out his phone and connected to the plane’s wifi, planning to play two games of “Honor of Kings” before the plane landed.

Fu Tianci liked to game, but he never let it interfere with proper work. He would only play a game or two while he was waiting to board the plane in the resting lounge, on the plane when there was wifi, or in between recordings of a show.

“Ya! Lead me in the game!” Seeing that Fu Tianci had tapped open the game, Little Knife immediately whipped out his own phone and waited for Fu Tianci to lead him.

“Okay!” Fu Tianci agreed readily.

From her peripheral vision, Yun Liuli saw Fu Tianci’s game interface and was attracted to it…

Up until now, the games Yun Liuli played were limited to… Snake, Tetris, Minesweeper, and games like that.

Previously, Yun Liuli had seen this game interface when she was filming. It seemed like everyone was playing this game.

She had a rather keen interest in this type of new game.

With his headphones on, Fu Tianci’s hand movements were a pretty sight to look at as he played the game. Yun Liuli couldn’t resist edging closer.

Seeing Yun Liuli come closer to him from his peripheral vision, Fu Tianci turned sideways and glanced at her, his hands halting. “What’s the matter?”

“Ya! Don’t be distracted! The player Li Bai is quite flamboyant, you have to be careful!” Little Knife nudged Fu Tianci with his elbow.

“What game is this? Everyone seems to be playing it…” Yun Liuli asked.

“Honor of Kings! You’ve never played this before?” Fu Tianci asked.

“Mm, I’ve never played it before. How do I play?” The curious Yun Liuli had set down her script and was edging closer to Fu Tianci.

Little Knife, who was being ignored, was speechless.

Fu Tianci also moved closer to Yun Liuli, saying as he demonstrated to Yun Liuli, “Wait a bit, I’ll teach you after I finish this game!”

Yun Liuli watched very seriously as Fu Tianci finished playing the game, then asked with a frown, “Why are you playing as a female character…”

Fu Tianci, who was Xiao Qiao in the game, patiently explained to Yun Liuli, then played without Little Knife. He started teaching Yun Liuli how to play in great detail.

Little Knife very much wanted to remind Fu Tianci about the Sasaeng fans sitting behind them. What would they do if those fans posted Yun Liuli and Fu Tianci’s photos online?