Chapter 1224 - Then Say It As It Is

Novel:Mr Fu, I Really Love You|Author:Thousand Birch Shedding 千桦尽落|Genre:Josei
Ever since sharing GF’s new product photos, Jacob Bellucci hadn’t uploaded any more photos. People who were eager to see more of Jacob Bellucci’s work went to search online…

Regretfully, they only managed to find those award-winning photos belonging to Jacob Bellucci, not finding a single photo like those he uploaded on Weibo. They had no choice but to go to his Weibo and request for more such photos.

It was a pity, though, that Jacob Bellucci, who didn’t seem too skilled at using Weibo, didn’t respond to them.

Xing Qiaoman had asked her team to start writing about the arduous process of how Yun Liuli managed to successfully woo her lover. She also communicated with the production crew about her intention to bring up this topic under the premise of not disrupting the filming, to get Yun Liuli to talk about it herself.

Yun Liuli’s image as a brave girl chasing after her love was an explosive talking point, hence even if Xing Qiaoman hadn’t communicated with the production crew, they would have tried to get Yun Liuli to talk about her process of chasing after her love. Now that Xing Qiaoman had spoken, all the better… The director would naturally oblige.

When the plane landed, Xing Qiaoman was already waiting at the airport for Yun Liuli and Fu Tianci.

Under Xing Qiaoman and the production crew’s arrangements, Yun Liuli and Fu Tianci dodged the fans successfully and came out from the special lane to get into the car.

Xing Qiaoman did things with drive and vigor. After introducing herself in the car, she told Yun Liuli and Fu Tianci about them being hotly searched on Weibo now.

Clenching his teeth, Little Knife was fuming about the Sasaeng fans being abominable by the side. He discussed it with Little Meng. In the future, if Fu Tianci and Yun Liuli were to take the same flight, they should make sure Fu Tianci and Yun Liuli sat far apart from each other, lest the Sasaeng fans make a big fuss of it!

Xing Qiaoman handed Yun Liuli the proposal in which the process of how she chased after her love was written. She asked Yun Liuli to memorize it and answer according to the contents of the proposal should the production crew raise this matter during the recording!

Xing Qiaoman then said to Fu Tianci, “Take care of Yun Liuli during the recording as you would a younger sister. Don’t distance yourself from Yun Liuli because of what’s trending online now, or else others will feel that you’re purposely doing it because the rumors are true!”

Fu Tianci nodded obediently. Even if the manager hadn’t told him to do so… Fu Tianci wasn’t planning on keeping a distance from Yun Liuli.

Because, before coming for the recording, he had promised Lin Nuan he would take care of Yun Liuli.

After reading the proposal, Yun Liuli raised a hand and said, “I feel that this is too exaggerated. I think I’d better tell the truth as it is!”

“Your public image is ‘brave girl chasing after her love’. Now that your relationship has blossomed, you can’t use this public image anymore, but you need to at least let others know that you managed to obtain love not solely due to your looks, that you really worked hard, earnestly pursuing him before you managed to obtain love!” Xing Qiaoman had a more domineering style than Fang Yan, sounding uncompromising.

The relationship had blossomed! It seemed like Yun Liuli really had a lover, and it wasn’t just a public persona. Fu Tianci nodded, as if absorbed in his thoughts.

But sorry, Yun Liuli wasn’t one to allow others to push her around. She set down the proposal. “But Sister Man, in the proposal you gave me, I feel like you’re making my boyfriend sound like a scoundrel, and I disagree with that! I feel that authenticity is what’s most important. The person I liked was hospitalized, and I stayed vigil by his side, taking care of him. Later, after he was discharged, we stayed together, and I worked very hard to make him develop feelings for me in time. I feel that the authentic story is perfect the way it is!”

Xing Qiaoman said, “You cohabited before formally getting together. Is that reasonable? What kind of wrong example are you setting for the youths of our society?”

Yun Liuli stared at Xing Qiaoman without looking away. “Firstly, what I’m saying isn’t targeted at you. But… I’ll either tell the truth or not say a single word at all! I’m not deceiving the audience!”

Xing Qiaoman wondered how she could have met such an uncooperative artist!

What Xing Qiaoman didn’t know was that the seemingly obedient Fu Tianci was also someone difficult to manage.

Alright alright! Her artist was a person with character. Her efforts had come to naught.

Previously, Fang Yan had told Xing Qiaoman that Yun Liuli wouldn’t be easy to manage, for the child had her own insistence and thoughts and generally wouldn’t allow others to influence her.

That said, Xing Qiaoman hadn’t expected Yun Liuli to be so insistent!

Thankfully, Yun Liuli’s process of chasing after love wasn’t a particularly simple one either. She had no choice but to say to Yun Liuli, “Regarding this matter of cohabiting, you’ve got to hide that—and that’s final! You can’t let others say you threw yourself at a man in order to woo him, forsaking even your bottom line!”

“There’s nothing to hide, really. He’s an Italian and has no one to depend on in China… He was injured, so who was going to take care of him if not me?” Yun Liuli sincerely asked Xing Qiaoman, not looking at all provocative. But still, Xing Qiaoman felt as if something was stuck in her chest.

The quick-tempered Xing Qiaoman reminded herself that Fang Yan had said… that this child had slight problems communicating with others, that Xing Qiaoman needed to slowly figure out a way to get along with Yun Liuli. After all… an outstanding child like Yun Liuli couldn’t possibly be outstanding in all areas. She had to have some weaknesses… such as communication skills.

They were about to reach the filming location, and recording was about to start. Yet, the manager, Xing Qiaoman, was still in a deadlock with her artist over this issue!

What should she do when an artist under her wing refused to listen to her? The veins of Xing Qiaoman’s temples were indistinctly popping… She could neither convince her nor hit her! So she could only bear with it!

After calming down, Xing Qiaoman quickly thought of a solution. “Back then, when Jacob Bellucci was hospitalized, it was because he was stabbed when he was taking photos… Since that’s the case, then you must have been worried about Jacob Bellucci’s safety and thus chose to stay with him, right?”

Xing Qiaoman tried to lead Yun Liuli in a certain direction with her words.

Yun Liuli nodded. “That’s right!”

Xing Qiaoman exhaled. “Okay, then say it as it is. It’s okay!”

Yun Liuli obediently replied, “Okay, Sister Man!”

Xing Qiaoman felt that her road ahead might not be as wonderful as she had imagined.

On the way to the filming location, Xing Qiaoman updated Yun Liuli and Fu Tianci on the situation. During this episode, other than the two of them, among the guests were the sixteen-year-old “Nation’s Younger Sister” Liu Yuxi who made her debut as a child star, Olympic badminton champion Zhang Yihan, popular actor Du Wenjie who shot to fame because of a Xianxia drama, as well as Yun Liuli’s fellow actor in “The General”… Best Actor Shi Hanchu.

Of course, there were also the show hosts—everyone’s Prince Charming, Dong Yijie, as well as the winner of the Best TV Actress Award, Yang Feifei!

There were many highlights for this episode of “Forest Adventures”. After all, Su Manman had just appeared in the previous episode, and Shi Hanchu was appearing in this one. With them making appearances in this show on consecutive episodes, one couldn’t help but think there was a deeper implied meaning!

Add to that Lu Tianyu and Yun Liuli, this CP that looked perfectly compatible, appearing on the show together…