Chapter 503 - Second Qin

Novel:My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!|Author:Zi Yunxi|Genre:Romance
Just as she put down the brush and straightened her body, she heard someone in the back of the crowd squealing in pleasant surprise, “Aiyah, Second Young Master has returned.”

Thereupon, all the females immediately got hyped up and ran up to surround a carriage.

The servants hastily ran over to disperse the crowd, even rudely shoving the young ladies to the sides of the road, but they could only clear out a narrow path.

The senior manager strode forth and bowed in greeting, personally lifting up the carriage curtain for the second young master.

As the Qin Estate’s Second Young Master, Qin Xin, descended slowly from the carriage, the surroundings were instantly silenced as the swarm of love-struck fools gazed at Second Young Master Qin, practically about to drool.

The second young master was dressed in a pale silk cheongsam and wore a greenish-black jade belt with a black bamboo pattern around his waist. He paired this on the exterior with an ink-colored long robe with wide sleeves. His long, flowing hair was slightly disheveled from the chilly wind, but it didn’t mar his gorgeous beauty that was as flawless as silk and jade.

He really was elegant and graceful, with an outstanding disposition. With each turn of his gaze, a forest-green fluorescence would flicker in the depths of his eyes.

Upon casting a glance over in his direction, Qiao Mu was immediately stunned.

It was as if her entire being was possessed; her eyes bulged slightly, and she inadvertently clenched her fists silently, her entire body quivering inexplicably.

Him, it’s him?

How was it him?

Qiao Mu resolutely suppressed her urge to immediately turn around and run away. Her entire body was stiff as she stood with her stoic face next to the black-clothed female. She stared blankly at Second Young Master Qin, who was walking closer and closer to her.

When he walked over, he was like how he had been in the past. His jadeite-green eyes were tinged with a faint luminous smile, and it felt as if his deep eyes were brimming with a fantastical magical power that could suck your soul in bit by bit into its abyss.

Qiao Mu turned a deaf ear to the love-struck fools’ screams of “Second Young Master” behind him. Her brain was buzzing as she watched that slender figure approach.

He suddenly stopped before her.

To say more precisely, he stopped to her left side, right in front of that black-clothed young lady.

Even though the black-clothed young lady looked just like a valiant tomboy when she lifted the rock earlier, her entire body was weak in the knees at this moment, being stared at by Second Young Master Qin. She immediately hung her head bashfully.

“Cheng Yuezhu greets Second Young Master.” After the black-clothed young lady recovered from her spell of shyness, she greeted Second Qin naturally and at ease.

After Second Qin glanced at her for an instant, he then turned to meticulously size Qiao Mu up.

When Qiao Mu felt his gaze on her, all the hairs on her body immediately stood on end. Her little hedgehog state was fully exposed, and although she was hanging her head slightly, all the pores on her body were on full alert against this man before her.

When Second Qin suddenly took a step closer to her, our dear Qiao Mu immediately shrunk backwards on reflex. Practically instantaneously, she hid her entire body behind the wide and chubby sister.

The chubby girl bashfully bowed in greeting towards Second Qin. “Second Young Master.”

“Step aside.” Second Qin swept the chubby girl a displeased glance. Although his eyes were smiling, it pressured people into feeling a chill for no reason.

The chubby sister hastily retreated to the side, but how could she have imagined that our dear Qiao Mu would be like a small tail. Qiao Mu followed her in retreating to the side and still blocked herself by borrowing the chubby girl’s huge figure!

The second young master was involuntarily angered into laughter. He pointed at Qiao Mu, hiding behind the chubby girl. “Who is she?”

The senior manager hurriedly brought over the roster on the side and flipped to the last page, saying, “She is a maidservant that we hired in Eldest Young Master’s open recruitment for maidservants that know a bit of martial arts. Her name is Mu Xiao Bao.”