Chapter 594 - Water Spirit Epiphany

Novel:My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!|Author:Zi Yunxi|Genre:Romance
“That’s right! I was bored with nothing to do in the afternoon, so I roasted two fish for you. But they’ve gotten cold now, so let Shaoyao reheat them first.” Since he liked carrying her, she also didn’t feel like walking by herself.

The two people sat down on the embroidered couch, and Mo Lian turned the little lady’s face to him as he gazed at her with a grin. “Qiaoqiao is so capable.”

“Not capable.” Qiao Mu creased her brows. “They taste meh, and they even got a bit burnt. You should roast them next time.”

She had originally wanted to throw them away, but she felt that it was a pity to waste the dense mystic energy that these fishies had accumulated, being locally grown and bred inside Paradise Planet’s lake.

“Everything that Qiaoqiao makes tastes good.” As he spoke, Shaoyao was already leading people in to set down the dishes with a smile.

There were two slightly burnt fish among the dishes, but Mo Lian was slightly surprised upon taking a bite.

The mystic energy wrapped around around them was extremely dense, as if these fishies had been nurtured for a long time inside some mystic realm.

He cast her a glance but didn’t say anything. Recalling the peaches that the little lady had taken out before, he speculated that the little fellow must have had a fortuitous encounter.

After the two people finished their meal, Shaoyao once again helped Qiao Mu arrange her clothes and hairdo before they set out in a carriage for the Central Palace.

By this time, the snowflakes had already grown quite large.

Qiao Mu extended her hand past the curtain and watched as a glistening snowflake landed on her palm, her brow stirring slightly.

She had suddenly recalled that the Spirit Division Record had recorded a strange cultivation technique: Freezing water into ice, then transforming ice into snow. When ice took the form of ice needles as arrows, and snow the form of fine powder granules, it was possible to hurt people imperceptibly.

Since she couldn’t use the water spirit’s power on a large scale with her current cultivation, if she could stealthily use it on a small scale, then she might be able to obtain a miraculous victory.

Seeing Qiao Mu sitting silently inside the carriage, just staring at the six-cornered snowflake in her palm, the crown prince involuntarily raised an eyebrow, and he gave the carriage driver an instruction in a low voice.

The snowflake in her palm abruptly melted into a drop of water. Immediately afterwards, a stream of water surfaced from her palm, yet it didn’t turn into ice even after a long time. Rather, a thin layer of sweat had beaded on Qiao Mu’s forehead instead.

In the meantime, the carriage was advancing forward noiselessly and gradually on the palace roads. Without Qiao Mu’s knowledge, it was currently taking a long detour towards the Central Palace.

Freezing water into ice—this was easier said than done. It was impossible for her to be like the holy water, with its innate ability to change between the physical states of water at will, and easily freeze water into ice.

Even though she had Qiuqiu and Dottie to assist her, they were only support in the end. Only if she personally mastered the ability to control water would it count as part of her own strength.

This, then, required her to continuously strive and experiment by trial and error.

Because she had assimilated essence water, perhaps she was a dozen times more likely than others to succeed. However, she still needed to continuously attempt freezing the water. After all, nothing was ever obtained easily.

The crown prince observed her the entire time with a smile on his lips.

His Qiaoqiao truly was extraordinarily gifted, as even a snowstorm could spark an epiphany. This astuteness was already one of a kind in the present age.

After an hour, Qiao Mu had mastered the gist of it, and a water trickle froze into lustrous ice crystal fragments under her manipulation.

In the blink of an eye, these ice crystals then transformed into six-cornered snowflakes, flickering as they hovered above her palm.

With an abrupt flick of her hand, they suddenly flew outside.

Swish swish swish. The snowflakes had cut into several trees on the left side.

After the carriage travelled into the distance, these trees split open from the middle of their trunks, and the top portions abruptly toppled over with a boom, splitting into two sections.

Qiao Mu exhaled a breath, and she met the crown prince’s smiling eyes upon turning her head.