Chapter 657 - Fleeting Opportunity

Novel:My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!|Author:Zi Yunxi|Genre:Romance
Suddenly, a figure erupted and punched the copper cauldron with a boom.

The elderly man didn’t even twitch an eyelid, and the cauldron stood there unmoving while Master Hong continuously retreated several steps backwards from the rebound.

His pair of eyes were staring in hesitation at the cauldron.

“Old Hong!” The other middle-aged man from the Pill Union creased his brows slightly as he called Master Hong.

However, right then, a pale-colored figure suddenly floated down from Morning Cloud Restaurant’s third floor. Her small hand touched the cauldron as she spoke indifferently, “Is it that you need one level-11 mystic breakthrough pill and one blood stasis dispersing pill to exchange for this cauldron? Here! Go ahead and inspect them.”

She cut to the chase and handed the elderly man a small box.

The elderly man’s eyelids lifted slightly as he took over the box with glowing eyes. He raised his head to glance at this little lady that came floating over, and he couldn’t help but be shocked on the inside.

She was such a young little lady. It couldn’t be that she had already become a pill alchemist at this tender age?

“?” The uncompromising young lady studied Qiao Mu more closely before asking hesitantly, “It’s you?”

Although she had only met her briefly that night, she had remembered that little lady that “could perhaps produce pills with purple pill veins.”

Even though the little lady’s appearance seemed totally transformed from that night, those pair of eyes left an especially deep impression on her.

Qiao Mu nodded at that young lady very afflably.

On the contrary, that Master Hong bellowed at the top of his lungs, “Miss! Aren’t you being a bit too inconsiderate by butting in!”

Yet Qiao Mu merely cast him a glance, not saying anything, turning to the elderly man instead. “How is it?”

The elderly man had already rapidly examined that box of pills. It contained one level-11 mystic breakthrough pill and one blood stasis dispersing pill, which were both purple-veined high-grade pills. Furthermore, the refining quality was of a never before seen superior grade.

The elderly man’s gaze was slightly agitated as he responded, “M-Miss, may my senile self be so bold as to ask, who refined these purple-veined high-grade pills? Just by examining the exterior, my senile self can tell that their fragrance, color, and luster are all superior. There aren’t even a handful of people who are able to refine such exceptionally fine pills within this capital…”

Nevertheless, Qiao Mu interrupted the elderly man’s frenzied words without answering his inquiry and merely looked at him impassively. “Then it’s a done deal? I’ll be taking away the cauldron now.”

The elderly man naturally shut his mouth tactfully, nodding in a slightly agitated mood.

“Wait a moment!” Master Hong, on the other hand, was livid, and he stretched his hand forward, intending to press down on the medicinal cauldron.

However, Qiao Mu’s eyes turned frigid, and she instantly flew up, smacking away Master Hong’s palm. She then grabbed the medicinal cauldron with a single small hand and suddenly lifted it up.

The surrounding peanut gallery were all dumbstruck and stupefied!

They only saw a graceful little lady staring icily at the Pill Union’s Master Hong as she stood beneath a humongous, two-meter-tall medicinal cauldron that merely required her two fingers to lift up.

“I, have never liked other people touching my stuff!” Qiao Mu stated coldly, yet she saw Master Hong rushing towards her with a drastically changed expression, regardless of her words.

“Wait up! I had also wanted to buy this medicinal cauldron!”

“Pish.” Qiao Mu snorted coldly, and her figure directly jumped into mid-air with a lithe leap. She smacked the medicinal cauldron without too much force and suddenly injected a wisp of mystic energy into it.

The medicinal cauldron discharged a garish light show up into the sky before disappearing in a jiffy.

Master Hong was so infuriated that he wanted to vomit blood on the spot. “You!”

“Opportunity disappears in the twinkling of an eye. You just didn’t have good foresight and know to seize the moment.” Qiao Mu told him coldly, leaving him incomparably frustrated.

After that, she didn’t even spare Master Hong a glance and directly returned to the restaurant with several leaps.