Chapter 726 - The Old Monk and the Little Monk

Novel:My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!|Author:Zi Yunxi|Genre:Romance
The little monk was a pretty and delicate child about five or six years old, with rosy lips and pearly teeth.

If the little lady still didn’t like this innocent, lively, and adorable look, then she must be a freak!

Earlier, after taking the wrong route, why did she just have to transform into that d*mn little fatty who carried the iron wok on his back?

Yup, she had also forgotten to grab the fatty’s iron wok, and thus was seen through by the little lady with a single glance!

This truly was a technical error. The snake beauty shook her head as she adjusted her clothes.

Due to her extremely small figure at this moment, a pile of clothing was hanging on her body incongruously. Hence, she tore apart the clothes, ripping out several sections to wrap around her body.

An attractive little monk in red was thus born, and upon careful observation, a hint of wicked charm could be seen within his brows.

The snake beauty pulled out a mirror and checked herself out from all angles. She concluded that this look warmed the heart and delighted the eyes no matter how you looked at her.

Oh my, if the little lady still didn’t like this naturally adorkable appearance, then she… didn’t have anything to say.

The snake beauty’s figure moved, and she chased in the direction of the Vastly Distant Woods.

A radiant glint flitted past her charming eyes.

How was such a d*mn little lass so difficult to deal with? She obstinately refused to believe in this curse!

On the other end, Qiao Mu had already arrived at the entrance to the Vastly Distant Woods. She let out the snakelet to lead the way ahead.

Thereupon, her journey through the woods was smooth and unhindered. She simply didn’t encounter any dim-witted beasts blocking the path at all. Yet you say ferocious beasts roam through it freely, bah! She didn’t even see a single bird.

This snake beauty was simply a big, fat liar! It would really be unbelievable if she were to actually believe her.

After exiting the Vastly Distant Woods, she saw an old, stately Buddhist temple encircled by pine trees situated before her eyes. The veranda eaves revolved around the center, giving off a majestic air.

However, the gate to the monastery was shut tight, so Qiao Mu ascended the steps and knocked on the gate.

There was no response after a good while, so she knocked on the gate again.

Just as she grew irritated and intended to flip over the wall, the gate to the old Buddhist temple finally creaked open.

An elderly monk, about 60 years old, walked out first. His figure was extremely slim, and his pair of eyes were brimming with a wise glow.

When he saw that Qiao Mu was the one standing outside the gate, he was very obviously startled, and his gaze momentarily turned blank.

Qiao Mu also glanced at him before lowering her head to peer at a little monk trailing behind the old monk and tugging at a corner of the old monk’s clothes.

This four-year-old little monk’s small face was as delicate as jade, and his pudgy chin made him look extremely adorable.

Since the little monk was very shy around strangers, he shrunk behind the old monk’s waist, only peeking out his small, bald head to gaze curiously at Qiao Mu.

By this time, the old monk had recovered his wits, and he harped, “Benefactress, this small temple has been abandoned for many years. We haven’t welcomed Buddhist pilgrims in a long time.”

Qiao Mu flipped her small hand, taking out that jade voice transmission talisman and handing it to the old monk.

When the old monk saw this jade voice transmission talisman, his entire body froze. He distractedly glanced up at Qiao Mu again before stepping aside and opening up a path.

“Would Benefactress please come in first?”

Judging from its scale, this old Buddhist temple looked to be medium-sized. Although the old monk said that the monastery had been abandoned for many years, the interior was orderly and tidy, clean and refreshing.

“This old monk is Kongyin[1], the abbot of this small temple,” the old monk spoke as he invited Qiao Mu inside a meditation abode.

“Could Benefactress enlighten me as to where you obtained this jade talisman?”

“I incidentally came across it in a deserted town. Why does Venerable Master ask?” Qiao Mu asked evenly.

The old monk sighed ruefully while holding the jade voice transmission talisman.

[1] means ’empty sound’