Chapter 732 - Mother…

The woman then smiled without saying anything more.

Qiao Mu led the little baldy off the carriage and observed their surroundings, yet all she saw was a vast crowd congested on a single road.

Luckily, there was an underbrush area the height of a person’s waist nearby. It was the perfect place for the little monk to relieve himself.

The little monk was just four years old anyways, so even if other people saw, there was nothing shameful about it.

“Benefactress, you won’t stealthily slink away right?” After pushing aside a clump of underbrush, the little monk turned around again to gaze at her with large and dark eyes.

Qiao Mu: “…”


Qiao Mu gritted her teeth. “Stop prattling, hurry up! I’ll be waiting for you here.”

“Okay!” Only then did the little monk feel reassured, and he happily ran into the underbrush.

Qiao Mu shook her head speechlessly.

Even though she wasn’t a good person, she wouldn’t go as far as to deceive a little imp.

She had promised to look after him, so how would she abandon him midway?

There were a lot of people coming and going past her, and every one of them couldn’t resist momentarily pausing to gaze at this remarkable little lady dressed in white clothes.

The little lady truly was too good-looking.

Qiao Mu wasn’t used to being gawked at by a crowd, so she turned around. With a slight motion of her mystic conscious, she took out the jade messenger talisman from her inner world.

Uh, Mo Lian had actually left a message on the jade talisman: ‘Qiaoqiao, where are you right now?’

Oh, shoot. She had left him a message and then threw the jade messenger talisman into her inner world afterwards without checking it at all.

Mo Lian must be worried to death!

The little fellow lightly slapped her little head and hastily pulled out her talisman pen. She hurriedly left a message on the jade messenger talisman: ‘I’m right outside Beilan City, just about to enter. Don’t worry.’

However, just as she set down her talisman pen and put away the jade messenger talisman, she heard a shrill voice entering her ears.

“Mother, wuwuwuwu…” A ball of fiery red pounced over at her feet and latched onto her leg before starting to bawl out loud.

The surrounding crowd was immediately petrified. They felt a gust of wind blowing over their heads as they stared at that red-clothed little baldy that had suddenly pounced over and hugged the little lady’s leg.

The adorable little baldy had rosy lips, pearly teeth, and fair skin, looking quite adorkable.

But Qiao Mu was thunderstruck by this child!

Where did this little brat come from? How could he randomly latch onto someone and call her ‘Mother?’

“Mother.” The little baldy slightly lifted his small head and stared at the little lady while repeatedly wailing, “Mother, Mother, Mother…”

Yet Qiao Mu tore him away from her leg and tossed him aside.

The underbrushed stirred as Kongkong ran out upon hearing a commotion, and the two little baldies goggled at each other!

The red-clothed little baldy suddenly shouted while pointing at Kongkong. “Who are you? You’re actually impersonating me to badger my mother! Is it that you want to replace me and become Mother’s son!”

The passersby were all shocked! At this moment, all their eyes were gaping at Qiao Mu in utter disbelief.

F*ck, this little lady herself only looked to be half-grown, yet her son was actually this old already?

And now, two bald little sons were competing for favor in public?

Kongkong was baffled, and he put his palms together devoutly, giving the red-clothed little baldy a bow. “This benefactor, this poor monk has left his family for the monastic life. Please do not speak unfounded words!”

Afterwards, he turned to look at the speechless Qiao Mu. “Benefactress, is this young benefactor your son?”

“I don’t know him!” Qiao Mu irritably pulled on the little monk’s touching palms. “We’re leaving.”

She didn’t have time to squabble here. After all, she was in a hurry to enter the city.