Chapter 567 - Be Good, Don’t Look At Me Like That

Novel:My Dangerous Billionaire Husband|Author:Qian Nishang|Genre:Romance
Yin Shuiling found it to be funny. It was merely a candlelight dinner. He could say it upfront if he had something else to attend to. What was the relationship between them? It was at most just a trade off. Did he need to lie to her?

Actually, she really wanted to tell Hu Ya off. You can call other women to look for someone among them…

But when she thought about it, she decided against it. If she said these words out loud, others might misunderstand it and take it as jealousy.

Yin Shuiling washed the steak before taking the knife out to slice it. As she sliced, she felt her face become moist, and two lines of sparkling tears trickled down her face.

The yellow fluorescent lighting in the kitchen was shining down on her. She drooped her small head and used her left hand to wipe her tears away. She worked hard to curl her lips up into a bright smile, and these three years, she bore the days just like that. Every time she was on the brink of tears, she would try her best to smile.

Actually, she did not have much to cry about.

It was herself who was foolish.

One time after another, time and time again, she threw her heart onto him, and she was always bullied so badly by him that she was on the brink of tears.

She stopped her tears from flowing and sniffed through her nostrils as she continued to make the spaghetti.

After half an hour, a plate of spaghetti was done. It looked and smelled heavenly. She placed the plate of noodles onto the coffee table in the living room before opening her notebook as she curled her legs up to sit down on the soft, thick carpet.

She took her phone out to take a picture as she posted it on Rubus Coronarius’s Weibo page and received tens of thousands of likes on her page after a few minutes.

Rubus Coronarius had already dominated the entire world of comics. She had millions of fans on Weibo, and these fans came from all over the world. Everyone would chat with one another passionately in both English and Chinese, and the atmosphere was relaxed and harmonious.

Yin Shuiling would join the when she had any leisure time.

There were many netizens that left comments — Wow, are these noodles ordered from a restaurant? I want to try it so badly.

— I think this is what Rubus Coronarius made by herself.

— Is that true? I don’t believe it!

— Forget it if you do not believe me, our Rubus Coronarius is not only good in drawing, she is extremely talented, even her culinary skills are the best. I am calling out for Rubus Coronarius, do you say so also?

A warm smile appeared on Yin Shuiling’s small, exquisite face. She moved her small, fair fingers as she sent the person a kissy face emoji.

This was to admit that this was indeed what she cooked by herself, and the netizens were all abuzz with this.

Yin Shuiling was in a good mood, and the doors of the villa suddenly opened up. Yin Muchen had returned.

She did not lift her head up. She held onto the meal tray with one hand as she took the small fork to eat her noodles.

The moment Yin Muchen entered the living room, he saw Yin Shuiling. She was still dressed in the green dress that she was wearing in the morning. Because she was cooking, she tucked the strands of hair on the right side of her face behind her ear. She placed a hello kitty clip in her hair. She looked both childish and cute. She curled her legs up as she sat down on the carpet. There were a few notebooks placed on the coffee table. She looked innocent and gentle like that, just like a homey young girl.

He came to the girl’s side, and he was natural as he sat down on the carpet. He stretched his right hand out to hold onto the girl’s soft waist. Her waist was really so soft, just as if it was boneless. Her waist was probably 53cm wide, and he held in his arms tenderly.

All men love women’s waists. Her small, slim waist was in his embrace, and it was enough to make him feel dizzy.

He got close to her face as he kissed her. His voice was gentle as he murmured, “Shuiling, sorry. The company met with some difficulties today. I did not come and accompany you. Don’t be angry, okay?”

Yin Shuiling allowed him to kiss her and did not put up a struggle. There was a noodle in her mouth. She was extremely elegant as she ate it. “Oh, it’s fine… It has been hard on you.” She was calm as she replied to him.

Yin Muchen had a look at her facial expressions. She did not seem to be angered, and she was not cold or enthusiastic like she would normally be.

Just when he just came into the room, he had a look at her expression. She seemed as if she was even smiling and seemed to be in a good mood.

Yin Muchen lowered his gaze to look the spaghetti in front of her. The soft noodles were marinated in pesto, and it made the dish look extremely fresh and appetizing. There were pieces of minced beef on top, prawns, together with some corn and peas. Anyone who looked at it would feel their stomach rumble.

“You ordered take out?” he asked softly.

“I didn’t; I made this myself.”

She made it herself?

Yin Muchen broke out in laughter. He held her in his embrace even tighter. He was extremely loving and tender as he bit down on her snowy white small earlobe. “You are joking with me? When did you learn how to cook? This plate of spaghetti looks to be the work of at least a five star restaurant chef. Can you do this?”

He really did not believe her.

Yin Shuiling picked a piece of corn and placed it in her mouth. “Thank you for your compliments.”

She thanked him for comparing her to a five star chef.

Yin Muchen froze for a moment. He looked at the calm expression on the girl’s face. She did not seem to be boasting and also did not seem to be joking around, as if she was just merely narrating a fact.

Yin Muchen’s eyes lit up. He brought one large hand to her small face and turned her over to face him directly. He placed his nose on hers. He was delighted as he nudged her. “Shuiling, you really know how to cook? In the future, would you cook for me? When I return home from work, would you prepare a table of dishes for me and wait for me to return, huh?”

He was really very delighted. She was a girl who was so spoiled and coy, and he had never hoped for her to cook.

But inside his heart, he hoped that there would be a woman who knew how to cook at home. When he came back from work, she would wait for him. In the past, his mother was just like that as she waited for his father, and this was truly the feeling of what a family would be.

He was very surprised.

Yin Shuiling lightly pushed his large hand away and continued to droop her head to eat her noodles. “We have Aunty for that.”

She rejected him diplomatically.

Yin Muchen was also not angered. He gently asked her, “When did you learn how to cook?”

“Oh, I had a few boyfriends back in England. When I lived together with them, I realized that meals were a big problem. Men don’t know how to cook, so I could only learn how to cook, and after some time, my culinary skills were developed.”

The gentle expression on Yin Muchen’s face froze instantly. She’d learned how to cook for all her honeys.

The expression on his face was not too good. His grip tightened on her waist. “You are making me angry again? Let me have a taste!” He looked at the noodles as his tone was cold and harsh.

“I don’t want to,.. this portion is for me alone. If I give you a taste, I would be hungry then.”

“Yin Shuiling, I am merely having one single noodle. Could you actually go hungry if you eat one less noodle?”

Hearing the anger in the man’s voice, Yin Shuiling slowly turned her head to look at him. This was the first time she was looking at him in the eye after he came back home. The man’s handsome features were all tight, and his dark eyes were evil as he stared at her as if he was forced to his extreme because of her.

Her eyes were sharp, and she realized that there was a strand of long hair on his shirt.

Who did this long strand of hair belong to?

Yin Shuiling laughed for a moment. “Being hungry is just an excuse. I just do not want to let you have a taste. Actually, my culinary skills are really good, but you are unable to have a taste.”

A chill descended from the bottom of Yin Muchen’s eyes. His left hand at his side was kneaded into a tight fist. He clenched his teeth as he said, “You!”

Yin Shuiling’s expression was calm as she turned her small head around and continued to eat her noodles.

The atmosphere was extremely tense. Her attitude was very nonchalant, but every word that she said was just like a knife in his body. She would say whatever he would be provoked with, and she was purposely making him feel pain.

Yin Muchen stared at her, and an extremely huge bout of anger emerged from his chest. This small woman was cold and stubborn, and also careless and nonchalant. He really wanted to give her a proper lesson.

The way that men taught women was very simple; press her down and release all of that energy into her body, and ask her to beg to be spared.

But he could not do so and also did not dare to do so.

He had a glance at the few notebooks placed on the table. He quickly scanned the emoji that Rubus Coronarius had sent out — that kissy emoji. His facial expression got even worse. “What is this?”

She followed the direction that his fingers were pointing to. “Kisses.”


“I am asking you why did you send this to someone so casually? What do you mean by this?”

Yin Shuiling used an expression reserved for idiots to look at this man by her side. “I think you are really too old now! It is very normal to send a kissy emoji when you are chatting online nowadays. What kind of intention can I actually have, old uncle!”

She emphasized those last two words.

Yin Muchen’s handsome face turned extremely black, but at this moment, the notebook had a notification. It turned out that that there was someone who gave her entire farm to Rubus Coronarius.

“What is this again?” he asked her.

“Others spent money to gift me an entire large farm. What is wrong with that?”

“Why would someone else spend money to give you something for no reason?”

“They like me, duh.”

Yin Muchen’s eyes were about to spew fire out of them. He stretched his leg out to kick the coffee table and said with a cold laugh, “What is the use of this farm? If he is really capable, ask him to give you a real farm then.”

“He doesn’t have the capabilities. If you have it, then why don’t you give it to me? Don’t you have money? This is the Heavenly Ranch in Scotland. There was a time when I was travelling when I passed by. I felt it was pretty good, so why don’t you buy it to give it to me?”

Yin Muchen looked at her red lips that could not stop moving, there was some sauce that on her red lips. He could not control himself, and he came close to her and opened his mouth to hold her lips inside.

Her lips were fragrant and soft. When he sucked on them, he stretched his tongue out to lick that bit of sauce left on her lips and took it into his own mouth. Yes, this pesto really tasted good.

He did not know where she’d learned her culinary skills from, and this pesto was enough to make him salivate.

Actually, he really wanted to have a taste of the noodles inside her bowl.

At the pure river bend villa, he had a bit of rice. His mind and heart were all full of her. He was afraid that she would get angry. He was afraid that she would be bored by herself at home, and he was even more afraid that she would not eat her meals, so he decided to rush back home.

He did rush back home, and in return, she was stabbing him with knives non stop.

He harshly bit down on her soft lips for a few moments to release the anger that was inside his heart. He opened his eyes. The girl did not close her eyes, and she was so cold and pure as she looked at him, without a single trace of happiness or anger in her eyes.

Yin Muchen stretched his hand out to cover her eyes. He was pampering as he coaxed her. “Be good; don’t look at me like that.. Shuiling, what is wrong with you exactly? In the morning, we were all fine. I was very happy… Was it because I did not accompany you at night? I am sorry. I will apologize to you… In the future, I will accompany you, okay?”

The girl did not answer him, he curled the corners of his lips up as he mocked himself with a lonely laugh. He sucked on her small lips as he turned himself gently. It was as if he was tasting the most precious flower in the world. “If you asking for a farm, must you have this attitude when you do so? You are not even giving me a smile. Who says that a farm could be bought so easily? Shuiling, I am pampering you too much.”

The girl still did not react. Yin Muchen kissed her twice before standing up. “I will go and take a shower. You should head upstairs to sleep early.”

He headed upstairs.

Yin Shuiling quietly sat down on the carpet. She took two more bites of noodles before she realized that she could not taste anything right now. She placed the meal tray on the coffee table, and she put on an entertainment show and curled her legs together to watch the programme.

Yin Muchen took a shower and came out. The bedroom was empty, and the girl had yet to come upstairs. He slowly walked to the side of the window as he smoked a cigarette. When he stubbed out the last cigarette. He turned around and opened the door to go downstairs.

The girl still maintained her position as she curled her legs up. The sound of laughter rang out from the notebook. It was a variety programme, and she was very focused as she watched on.

He went forward, and he used two long fingers to press onto the notebook, closing the notebook with a slam!

He bent over and carried the girl in his arms up towards the bedroom upstairs. “It is very late now; watch it tomorrow.”

Yin Shuiling did not protest. When she was pressed onto the soft bed sheets, the man’s kisses came all over her.