Chapter 699 - How Old Is The Child?

Novel:My Dangerous Billionaire Husband|Author:Qian Nishang|Genre:Romance
Xia Xiaofu felt as if a needle was pricking her heart, and she was in numb pain.

She tried to think back to the time when they’d reunited. He was badly injured then. His leg was injured, and he was limping. She never dared to imagine that he would recover so well, and there was a woman as pretty as a flower by his side…

Xia Xiaofu turned around feeling all lonely, and she walked away.

Inside the relaxation room, Gong Ling asked, “Older Brother Gong Ming, what’s wrong? Who are you looking at?”

Gong Ling followed Ou Luoxi’s gaze outside.

Ou Luoxi retracted his gaze. He’d known for some time that Xia Xiaofu was there.

He stretched his hands out to move Gong Ling’s small hands that were placed on his neck and said, “Go and play on your own first. I have to discuss some matters with Ah Li.”


“Ah Li.”

“Yes, Young Master.” Ah Li walked inside.

Gong Ling pouted her small pink lips. She was angry as she pulled faces at Ou Luoxi’s back profile. Fine! If he wanted her to play on her own, she’d walk out on her own. She was curious as she went to take a look at this Ou Corporation.

Xia Xiaofu was not concentrating as she took a few steps away, and at that moment, the main doors of the office suddenly opened, and Ou Ze walked out.

“Why are you here?” Ou Ze asked Xia Xiaofu.

Xia Xiaofu did not want to bother with him, so she turned around and left.

But she was unable to leave. Her slim wrist was stuck in Ou Ze’s hand, and Ou Ze dragged her into the office forcefully.

“Ou Ze, let go!”

Ou Ze shook roughly Xia Xiaofu’s small hand. Xia Xiaofu did not have a stable footing, and she stumbled and crashed onto the desk.

“Sii.” She teared up immediately due to the pain.

At this moment, Ou Ze stepped forward, and he pointed towards her nose as he chided her, “Xia Xiaofu, what did you come over to the office for? Hah, we have known each other for so many years, and you have never come over to look for me in my office. Why…are you here to look for Ou Luoxi? You did not see him for a few days, and you missed him already. You were unable to bear with the loneliness anymore, so you want to seduce him?”

“Ou Ze, don’t speak so nastily!”

“I am speaking nastily? You came to my office to look for him so brazenly. Could you not want to cheat on me right before my own eyes? Xia Xiaofu, do you dare to say that you do not want to patch things up with him?”

Xia Xiaofu looked at Ou Ze’s constricted face, and her emotions erupted as she said, “Ou Ze, it is all because of you! If you did not set up a trap for us, Luoxi and I would not be in such a state today. I want to patch it up with him. I just want…”

Slap! Ou Ze gave Xia Xiaofu a tight slap.

Xia Xiaofu was thrown to the floor. Slight blood stains were on the corners of her lips, and at this moment, her long hair was tightly grabbed by Ou Ze before Ou Ze laughed coldly and said, “Xia Xiaofu, you should have met Miss Gong Ling already, right? Not only does this Miss Gong Ling look beautiful, the most important thing is that her father is powerful. What do you have now? I will not agree to a divorce. You will be my Mrs. Ou forever. If you are alive, then you belong to me, and you will be my ghost when you are dead!”

Ou Ze’s words were like a curse as they rang out in Xia Xiaofu’s ears. It made her hands and feet turn icy. That was right. If Ou Ze did not agree to a divorce, she would forever be Mrs. Ou.

She used both her hands and feet to break away from Ou Ze’s restraint before opening the door of the office to run outside.

She just ran out and crashed into someone. She raised her head up; it was Gong Ling.

Gong Ling looked at Xia Xiaofu’s cheek that was red and swollen and was stumped immediately, then she had a look at Ou Ze who was inside the office as she said, “You…”

She had crashed into Gong Ling, of all people. Xia Xiaofu very much felt at a loss as she said, “I am fine.” She ran away.

Ou Ze’s laughter rang out from behind her, and said, “Miss Gong Ling, why did you come over here? Oh, that woman just now is my wife. We were in the middle of an argument as a couple. Don’t laugh at us.”

Xia Xiaofu returned back to the Ou home hurriedly. When she stood before the main doors, she found herself to be funny and pathetic. The world was so big, but she returned to this place once more.

This was the prison Ou Ze has made for her, and she was unable to break away.

She walked into the living room and went to her room. It was the afternoon, and the sunset streamed through the windows and shone on the bassinet.

Xia Xiaofu took soft steps as she walked over to the side of the bassinet, and she looked at Little Fifth’s small sleeping face. She had a warm smile on her face.

No matter what she experienced outside, in front of Little Fifth, she felt very happy and satisfied.

“Little Fifth, I saw your…Daddy today. Your Daddy is tall and handsome. He is the most exquisite and beautiful man on this earth. Mummy…loves him very much.

“Little Fifth, I am sorry, Daddy still hasn’t come over to visit you. Maybe…he doesn’t know about your existence at all, but Little Fifth, you don’t have to worry. Mummy will guarantee this. Daddy will love you very much.

“Little Fifth, no matter what happens in the future, Mummy will work hard to ensure that you leave this place and these bad people who want to harm you. You are innocent. You should meet…Daddy, and you should enjoy Daddy’s love even more.”

Xia Xiaofu did not know whether she still could be together with Ou Luoxi or if she should have already lost hope, but Little Fifth was still so young. She was Ou Luoxi’s blood, and she should be made known to him.

Ou Ze was already brought to anger today. It was very hard for her to think what Ou Ze would be like when he was forced by Ou Luoxi. When a person is pushed, he will do anything when that time comes. Ou Ze would definitely harm Little Fifth, and when that time comes, Ou Ze might use Little Fifth as a tool to threaten Ou Luoxi.

She wanted Ou Luoxi to bring Little Fifth away.


She did not know whether Ou Luoxi knew that she’d given birth to a daughter already. Logically speaking, he was back, and he must have done enough research about the situation here. He should know that she has given birth to a daughter.

Since he knew about it, why did he not say anything?

Why didn’t he bring it up at all or ask about…his daughter’s condition?

Was it because she’d betrayed him, and even the Little Fifth that she’d given birth to was not enough to atone with?

Xia Xiaofu’s eyes were red. She placed Little Fifth’s small, soft hand into her own palm before bringing it to the side of her lips to kiss it. “I am sorry Little Fifth. It is all Mummy’s fault…”

At this moment, Xia Xiaofu froze, and she noticed that Little Fifth’s small hand was very very hot.

She stood up quickly, before touching Little Fifth’s forehead. Little Fifth was clearly running a fever.

Xia Xiaofu bent over immediately to take Little Fifth into her arms.

At this moment, her mother walked into the room and said, “Xiaofu, what’s wrong? Where are you bringing Little Fifth?”

“Mum, Little Fifth is running a high fever. We have to go over to the hospital.”

“What? A fever?” Xia Xiaofu’s mother was immediately flustered as she said, “Wait a moment. I will get some things. Bring a blanket and bottles…”

Mother and daughter both tidied some stuff and walked out the main doors of the villa. The Ou family had their own private cars, but Ou Ze did not give her the power to use them, so mother and daughter had to stand on the streets to hail a cab.

It was already late at night, and this place was not somewhere that a cab could be flagged, so there were very few taxis.

After waiting a few minutes, Xia Xiaofu’s mother said, “Xiaofu, you stand here. I will run in front to see if there are any taxis there.”

“Mum, don’t go. The place to find a cab is very far away.”

“What are we going to do then? Little Fifth’s fever is burning badly. When I touch her, the heat is almost unbearable for my hand.”

Xia Xiaofu lowered her gaze to have a look at Little Fifth in her embrace. Little Fifth’s small, milk-white face was already red now due to the heat. Little Fifth was uncomfortable as she fumbled about Xia Xiaofu’s embrace. Xia Xiaofu was about to tear up again. Why was she so useless?

Ding! Suddenly, a silver Spyker stopped in front of them.

The windows slid down, and Gong Ling’s small, attractive face appeared in the front passenger seat.

Xia Xiaofu raised her gaze to have a look. Ou Luoxi lowered his head down to look at her. He glanced over at Little Fifth in her embrace as he said, “Where are you going? I will drop you guys off.”

Xia Xiaofu did not have any other choice. “Thank you.” She carried Little Fifth as she sat in the back, and her mother went inside also.

“We are going to the hospital.”

Ou Luoxi started the car, and the Spyker left for the hospital.

Xia Xiaofu did not expect Little Fifth and Ou Luoxi to meet so suddenly. She lowered her gaze to look at Little Fifth. Her two small hands were firmly grabbing onto the mustard yellow blanket.

At this moment, Gong Ling turned her head around. She was cheeky and winked before she said, “Wow! Mrs. Ou, is this your baby? She is so beautiful, just like a cute little bundle!”

Her parents’ genes had come together, so Little Fifth, who was three months old, had already turned into a powdery and cute thing, and no matter who looked at her, their hearts would soften and be drawn to her.

Gong Li lifted one corner of the blanket up and had a close look at Little Fifth’s small face. She seemed to be unable to tear her gaze away, and she said, “Older Brother Gong Ming, have a look at this tiny baby. Doesn’t she look very pretty?”

Xia Xiaofu’s heart tightened. She raised her head up to look in the rear view mirror. She noticed that Ou Luoxi seemed to lower his gaze to have a glance at Little Fifth before nodding his head warmly. “Yeah, she is very beautiful.”

“Older Brother Gong Ming, this is your older brother’s baby, so she should be your niece, right? Older Brother Gong Ming is so pretty, and I am also so beautiful. In the future, we should also give birth to a daughter. She would definitely be very beautiful too.” Gong Ling was as happy as a butterfly. She also did not care that there were others around as she nudged her small head on the crook of Ou Luoxi’s arm with a bright smile on her face.

Xia Xiaofu felt extremely uncomfortable , and she averted her gaze, looking outside the window instead.

“I am driving. Don’t distract me.”

“Oh.” Gong Ling obediently sat in her own seat again. She had a bright and lively character, so she turned her head back to look at Xia Xiaofu as she said, “Mrs. Ou, your right cheek is still a little red and swollen. Did President Ou…hit you in the office today?”

Xia Xiaofu’s mother had been quiet for the entire journey. She had many questions and was shocked inside, but she did not say a single word. Still, when she heard what Gong Ling said, she quickly stretched her hand out to lift Xia Xiaofu’s hair away before being shocked and saying, “Xiaofu, Ou Ze hit you again?”

Given the situation that they were currently in, it was already very embarrassing for Gong Ling to bring up the fact that she was hit by Ou Ze, but right now her mother used the word again. Xia Xiaofu hated that she could not dig a hole in the ground to bury herself inside of. She had her pride. She was unwilling to show herself in a bad state in front of her old flame and rival in love. She curled the corners of her lips up as she said, “No. I was not careful…and fell down.”

After she spoke, Xia Xiaofu raised her head up to have a look.

Ou Luoxi was also looking at her. Their gazes collided in the rear view mirror. His dark eyes were extremely pure. They were so clear that there was no warmth in them, and he looked so lonely as he met her gaze.

Seeing how she was so embarrassed and trying to cover it up badly.

Xia Xiaofu’s small face was immediately fiery hot. Just now, she wanted to find some warmth and care inside his gaze, but there was nothing in his eyes.

She was the one overthinking it.

Xia Xiaofu instinctively hugged Little Fifth tight. She felt that the entire world was making it difficult for her, but when she hugged Little Fifth, she could still feel alive.

Gong Ling was a little embarrassed. She obviously felt that this topic made the entire atmosphere more serious. She had clearly been careless to infringe upon someone else’s privacy.

Gong Ling sat up straight. She turned her gaze over to the side to look at Ou Luoxi. She was in a good mood as she said, “Older Brother Gong Ming, what have you been busy with in the past few days? Did you go on a date with other girls behind my back? If you dare to like another girl, I will tell my Daddy about it. My Daddy would definitely find someone to cut you up into eight pieces when that time comes, and he’d take revenge on my behalf.”

Ou Luoxi curled the corners of his lips up before laughing and asking, “Would you bear to?”

Instantly, Gong Ling was completely enchanted with him as she said, “I would not bear to do so, so you can only like me alone.”

Xia Xiaofu’s mother had already gotten a rough understanding of the situation. Ou Luoxi has returned with a new identity. He had a very mighty and respectful identity now, and it was enough for people to look up to him. With that, there were other girls by Ou Luoxi’s side.

Xia Xiaofu’s mother could not help but look at Ou Luoxi out front. His exquisite clothes made him seem handsome and charismatic. His features and curves were even deeper now. His leg was fine now, and that young aura on his body back then was all gone. He had the coldness and maturity of a man now.

Xia Xiaofu’s mother was unable to associate that youth — the one who’d only known how to cook to gain her favour while not responding to her harsh treatment — with the man in front of her. Now, he looked so mighty and pure right now.

Xia Xiaofu’s mother was embarrassed, and she did not even dare to look into Ou Luoxi’s clear eyes.

Everything that happened over a year ago was just like a dream.

At this moment, it was only Gong Ling who was talking non stop. “Older Brother Gong Ming, did you live in T City back in the past? Do you have any relatives and friends in T City? Would you bring me over to visit them?”

Xia Xiaofu’s mother was extremely emotional inside her heart, and the moment she heard Gong Ling’s question, she did not think too much and said, “He doesn’t have any relatives…”

He was an orphan, and he was also a wolf child. Because of that, she had been so unsatisfied with him back then.

The moment Xia Xiaofu’s mother spoke, Gong Ling turned her head around quickly and said, “Aunty, do you know my Older Brother Gong Ming?”

Xia Xiaofu’s mother froze entirely, and it was only now that she realized that she’d said something she wasn’t supposed to. “I…”

Xia Xiaofu quickly gave her mother a kick. She took the initiative and said, “My mother does not know. My mother was only speaking with me just now. She was getting emotional over an old friend.”

Xia Xiaofu’s mother noticed her daughter’s warning, nodded her head immediately, and said, “Yeah, I do not know him.”

“Oh.” Gong Ling believed her as she turned her small head around. She raised her small face up to look over at Ou Luoxi as she said, “But my Older Brother Gong Ming seems to be an orphan. Older Brother Gong Ming is so pitiful, but in the future, Older Brother Gong Ming would not be alone anymore. I will be by his side forever. My family is your family.”

Xia Xiaofu’s mother heard what she said and turned her head to side in discomfort. Xia Xiaofu did not feel comfortable either, and she lowered her gaze to look at Little Fifth in her embrace.

Ou Luoxi looked through the rear view mirror to glance over at Xia Xiaofu before his gaze landed on Little Fifth.

They reached the hospital quickly. Xia Xiaofu’s mother got out of the car first. Xia Xiaofu carried Little Fifth and also prepared to get out of the car, and at this moment, Ou Luoxi, who was in the driver’s seat, turned his head around and said, “Do you need me to help out?”

Xia Xiaofu froze, and at this moment, Gong Ling said, “That’s right, Mrs. Ou, do you need any help? We can help out.”

“There is no need.” Xia Xiaofu got out of the car.

“How old is the child now?” After she got out, Xia Xiaofu heard Ou Luoxi ask this question as he stood behind her.