Chapter 705 - : Why Are You So Bad?

The helper froze on the spot. Her mouth was agape as she watched the scene unfold. Young Master Gong Ming, who was wearing a black coloured robe, pushed Young Mistress against the corner of the balcony as he kissed her. Young Mistress was trembling from head to toe. Young Master Gong Ming forcefully pulled her soft figure into his embrace…

The helper took in a breath of cold air. These two people were in-laws…

And now that Young Master was not at home, these two people…

Ou Luoxi sensed the helper standing outside the room, and his cold sharp eyes looked over immediately, meaning — Get lost!

The helper ran off immediately.

As she ran off, the helper thought to herself, Young Mistress is already married, and Young Master Gong Ming could have any women that he wants, but he actually chose to do those shameless things with Young Mistress.

As a woman herself, the helper was jealous and full of hate. Young Mistress was not likeable at all, but Young Master gave her an official title, and even a person like Young Master Gong Ming liked Young Mistress also. How attractive was Young Mistress?

In the room, Xia Xiaofu tried her best to control her tears. Ou Luoxi hugged her tight and was unwilling to let go, and he realized that his tone just now was a little fierce. He’d never thought to use such a harsh tone to her in the past. He could not help but soften his tone, and he kissed her small earlobes gently as he said, “Don’t cry anymore.”

Xia Xiaofu’s tears only flowed down more. She used her small hand to hold the material of her night gown, and she lowered her head as she choked up.

“Don’t cry anymore, okay? This is for you.”

Ou Luoxi stuffed something into her small hand.

There was the feeling of a warm and smooth thing in her palm. IIt felt very comfortable. Xia Xiaofu’s eyes were all blurry as she opened her palm up to look. It was the piece of jade that she liked during the auction yesterday.

She raised her head up, and looked at his exquisite face that was close up to her as she said, “You…bought this?”

“Yeah.” Ou Luoxi nodded his head.

Xia Xiaofu’s heart felt as sweet as honey. He actually bought it.

He bought the item she liked and was giving it to her right now.

“Thank you.” She was both crying and laughing.

Ou Luoxi cupped her waist and leaned against her forehead. With his nose, he nudged the fair white skin on her face lovingly, as he softly murmured, “Open your mouth.”

These words, open your mouth, made Xia Xiaofu feel flabbergasted, and her small pale white face became red at once. Her moist, almond-shaped eyes were taken aback as she looked at him.

What did he want to do?

It was only then that she realized how awkward their position was right now. Her lips were still left with the painful and numb feeling. It was because he’d bitten and sucked on them just now, and it was just as if he kissed her.

Didn’t he not like her anymore?

Wasn’t he going to marry Miss Gong Ling?


Looking at her gaze, Ou Luoxi’s senses slowly came back to him. He took a slight step back with his handsome body and made some distance in this awkward situation, but he used both of his hands to cup her small, blushing face . He slowly curled his lips up and said, “My body still has feelings for you. Furthemore, when you were together with me, you were also together with Ou Ze. You are Ou Ze’s wife now. To be a little more fair, shouldn’t you also be together with me right now?”

The hope in Xia Xiaofu’s eyes dimmed. Actually, what was she still hoping for?

She parted her small face away slightly.

“Wa wa.” Xia Xiaofu suddenly heard the sounds of Little Fifth crying next door. She was alarmed and quickly said, “Little Fifth is crying, I have to go and take a look.”

She shook his large hand off as she headed outside.

Ou Luoxi stared at her back profile and lost his concentration for a moment. Little Fifth…

Her daughter’s name was Little Fifth?

Ou Luoxi stood outside the room quietly. He looked into the room. Xia Xiaofu was carrying Little Fifth inside as she comforted her gently before she sat down on the side of the bed to feed Little Fifth milk.

The bright moonlight from outside the window spewed down on both mother and daughter. Little Fifth was moving her small, fair hands happily in the air. Xia Xiaofu held her small hand as she kissed it, and they looked extremely loving.

Ou Luoxi’s irises were fixed with the scene in front of him. His gaze stopped on the woman before it was all over Little Fifth.

Little Fifth…

It turned out that she still remembered.

He thought that she had long forgotten about it, that she’d forgotten the happy times back in the small house in the mountains. She’d forgot about the time when she acted cute in his embrace as she said that she was going to give birth to a daughter for him…that she would name her daughter Little Fifth.

Little Fifth…

This cute little child belonged to him?

He was a father now?

Ou Luoxi placed his head on the wall. He felt that his entire body had gone soft. If the kid was really his, if she was his Little Fifth, then maybe he would forgive her. He’d forgive her for lying to him, dumping him, betraying him. After all, she gave birth to his daughter.

Little Fifth was his, so she was his daughter’s mother. He and his daughter needed her.

The next day, Xia Xiaofu’s illness got worse. She was really running a high fever.

Ou Luoxi went out in the morning, and Xia Xiaofu’s mother made the decision to call the family doctor over to give Xia Xiaofu an IV drip. Xia Xiaofu didn’t get out of bed until the afternoon.

Upon waking up, Xia Xiaofu drank some clear porridge in the living room, and at this moment, the doorbell rang before Gong Ling rushed inside.

“Older Sister Xia, where is Older Brother Gong Ming? I heard that Older Brother Gong Ming has moved here. Did something happen between you and Older Brother Gong Ming? What is the exact relation between you?” Gong Ling had a naïve character and never attempted to cover up her thoughts, so the moment she came inside, she raised her eyebrows as she questioned Xia Xiaofu.

Xia Xiaofu stood up and walked over to face Gong Ling as she said, “Miss Gong Ling, don’t misunderstand us. Young Master Gong Ming came over here yesterday to take this villa back into his possession. Because it was too late in the night, Young Master Gong Ming decided to stay the night. I will move out of this place, but I have yet to find another place to live, so it will only be a few days.”

“Is that true?” Gong Ling was not convinced. She’d already heard that Ah Li moved Older Brother Gong Ming’s clothes and daily necessities all over here, and it was obvious that he planned to live here for some time.

“Older Sister Xia, would you really move away?” This was the key thing that Gong Ling was concerned about. As long as Xia Xiaofu left, it did not matter where Older Brother Gong Ming lived.

“Yeah, I will definitely move away.” Xia Xiaofu nodded her head.

“Okay then. Older Sister Xia, I also want to live here. Ask the helpers to tidy up the guest room next to Older Brother Gong Ming’s room. I want to live together with Older Brother Gong Ming.”

Xia Xiaofu froze.

“What’s wrong Older Sister Xia? You are unwilling?”

“Of course I am willing.” Xia Xiaofu looked at the helpers and said, “Go and tidy up the guest room by Young Master Gong Ming’s room.”

“Yes, Young Mistress.”

Gong Ling saw Xia Xiaofu behaving so generously and stopped feeling suspicious. With her surveying them, what was she still afraid of?

“Older Sister Xia, my tone was not good just now. I must apologize to you. I am sorry, but that was because I was too anxious. I like Older Brother Gong Ming very very much, and everyone also knows that Older Brother Gong Ming is going to marry me in the future. He is mine, and I cannot allow anyone to snatch him away.”

Although Xia Xiaofu had already decided to wish Ou Luoxi and Gong Ling well, when she heard Gong Ling saying these things, her heart still felt very painful as she always thought of Ou Luoxi as hers.

“Miss Gong Ling, you don’t have to worry. No one could snatch Young Master Gong Ming with you around.”

“Really? Thank you Older Sister Xia.”

After Gong Ling settled down, Xia Xiaofu went back into her room to sleep. Because she’d taken an IV, she could not feed Little Fifth today. She was in a blur as she slept before she was awoken by the gorging.

She sat up, and the pyjamas that she was wearing were soaked before her chest. If she allowed it gorge for a night, the next day when the milk came back, Little Fifth would not have milk to drink anymore.

Xia Xiaofu always persisted on feeding Little Fifth breastmilk for six months, and by doing this, Little Fifth would have a healthy body.

She stepped down from the bed and came over to the vanity counter. She took the breast pump, and bore with the pain due to the gorging. She pumped a bottle of milk out, and after she felt a little better, she dumped it down the drain.

She used some water to wash her face, and she changed into a new set of pajamas. At this moment, she heard some sound coming from outside the door.

She stood outside the door and secretly opened a gap. She looked downstairs, and the main doors of the villa were opened by the helpers. Ou Luoxi came back. Ge came back late, and after he got inside, he removed the green coat that he was wearing and handed it over to the helpers.

“Older Brother Gong Ming, you are back?” Gong Ling wore a pink princess dress. She was just like an attractive butterfly as she dashed into Ou Luoxi’s embrace.

Ou Luoxi supported her slim waist gently, and made some distance between them as he said, “Gong Ling, why are you here?”

“It’s because I missed Older Brother Gong Ming.” Gong Ling hugged Ou Luoxi.

Upon watching this scene, Xia Xiaofu lowered her long eyelashes down, and she closed the door.

Ou Luoxi, who was in the girl’s embrace, raised his gaze up to look at Xia Xiaofu’s tightly shut door, and he pushed Gong Ling further away before he asked the helpers, “Is Young Mistress sleeping already?”

“Young Master Gong Ming, Young Mistress is not feeling well today. She is running a high fever, the doctor came over already, and Young Mistress went to bed a long time ago.”

“Okay.” Ou Luoxi nodded his head, and he headed upstairs. He had a glance at Gong Ling as he said, “I will ask Ah Li to send you back tomorrow.”

“I am not going to go back.” Gong Ling chased after Ou Luoxi as she said, “I will live wherever you live.”

“You can’t.”

“Older Brother Gong Ming…” Gong Ling was furious as she stretched her slim arm out to block Ou Luoxi as she said, “Why do you have to stay here? Don’t you think it is not very appropriate for you to be living here? Your older brother is in the hospital, and you are all alone with your older sister-in-law here. If others find out about this, they are going to gossip.”

Ou Luoxi’s expressions were calm as he said, “I am unable to worry about other people’s mouths. It is up to them to say what they want to say.”

“Then, then, why do you not allow me to stay here. Are you…afraid that I would disturb you two? Older Brother Gong Ming, I have long suspected that there is something between you and Older Sister Xia. The two of you… Do you two have some story with one another? Did you two date before?”

Ou Luoxi’s large hand that he placed on the door froze, and he regained normalcy after two seconds. He opened the door and walked inside. He noticed that Gong Ling was about to rush inside. Ou Luoxi stretched a muscular arm out to block her as he said, “Yeah.”

He nodded his head before he closed the room door.

Gong Ling who was locked outside the door froze. What did he mean with that yeah?

She’d asked a few questions, so which question was he replying to?

No matter which one it was, Gong Ling’s heart sunk. Actually, no matter how much Ah Li and Xia Xiaofu tried to explain it, as a woman, her sixth sense had already told her that Older Brother Gong Ming and Miss Xia had a past, but Older Brother Gong Ming did not mention a single word about it, and she pretended to be deaf.

And now that Older Brother Gong Ming was finally admitting to it, he actually did not attempt to hide it from her.

She was nothing inside his heart!

Xia Xiaofu started to have a fever again. She took fever medicine before drinking a glass of water as she lay down on the bed to sleep. As she slept in a blur, she felt a hand touching her forehead.

She opened a gap in her eyes with much difficulty. The lights were not switched on, and there was just some moonlight coming in from the balcony. At this moment, there was someone standing before her bed.

“Ah!” Xia Xiaofu let out a surprised scream, and she leaped up from the bed immediately.

There was a ghost.

She was shocked as she used both of her small hands to cup her head.

At this moment, she heard someone snort out in laughter as he said, “You are so scared? Scaredy cat.”

Xia Xiaofu found this voice to be a little familiar. She raised her head up to look over, Ou Luoxi was standing at the foot of the bed.

He’d taken a shower and wore a thin loose white sweater with a pair of black casual pants on the bottom. His entire being looked exquisite and attractive. He had one hand in his pocket and gave her a light look as he laughed at her.

“How did you get in?” Xia Xiaofu had a look at the tightly shut door and said, “I remember locking the door.”

“I climbed onto your balcony to come inside.” Ou Luoxi turned his body over to the side to look at the balcony outside the room. There was a gap in the window of the balcony, and the cool breeze in autumn was blowing into the room. It felt very comfortable.


Xia Xiaofu was speechless, this person used his skills, and going through the mountains and obstacles was just like a piece of cake for him. This balcony allowed him to go and come as he pleased, but…

“It is already so late now. Is there something you need me for?”

“I heard that you had a fever, so I came over to have a look at you.”

“Oh, I am fine. I just have a little cold. Thank you for your concern. You should go back to your room to rest.”

After she spoke, he did not say anything else.

The atmosphere inside the room became quiet. There was still a little awkwardness that could not be described. Xia Xiaofu secretly glanced at him, and he was against the moonlight as he stood before the bed. He was looking at her extremely seriously.

Xia Xiaofu’s small face was all red. What did he mean?


“Your clothes are wet.” Ou Luoxi spoke suddenly.

“What?” Xia Xiaofu froze.

Ou Luoxi stretched his long fair fingers to point towards the clothes in front of her chest. She did not know whether he was doing it on purpose or not, but he even pointed to the left and right side as he said, “Here.”

Xia Xiaofu lowered her gaze to have a look at herself before she leaped up from the bed quickly. She covered her small red face as she dashed into the bathroom barefooted.

Why was she so embarrassed? She was engorged again.

She was done for, he’d seen everything.

It was so embarrassing.

She needed to pump again. She was extremely hectic as she spun around the bathroom before she realized that the breast pump was still placed on the vanity. She did not have any other choice. She opened the door before dashing to the vanity.

That person was still standing by the side of the bed. He placed one hand into his pocket, and he looked handsome and young.

She felt so embarrassed that she did not dare to look at him. She only wanted to take the pump and leave, but she searched around the entire vanity and could not find it.

Where did she put it?

She just used it two hours ago.

“Are you looking for this?” Ou Luoxi spoke suddenly while standing behind her.

Xia Xiaofu turned her gaze back to look over. That person had his right hand in his pocket. His left hand was holding the pump that she was looking for. That person was so evil, and his long index finger was circling the pump.

Xia Xiaofu’s entire being was burning from head to toe. She wanted to die!

She parted her slim legs and ran over. She stretched her small hand out to snatch it away as she said, “Return it to me.”

He intentionally raised his arm up and did not allow her to get it. Xia Xiaofu went on her tiptoes as she tried hard to snatch it away. Both of their bodies were rubbing against one another. The clean and healthy scent on his body mixed together with the scent of body wash could not stop coming into her nostrils. Compared to her disheveled state, his clean and handsome look made her legs go soft.

“You made my clothes wet.” He spoke suddenly, and his tone had a gentle smile with it.

Xia Xiaofu noticed that his thin white sweater was a little wet after she rubbed against him. She could not snatch the thing away, and she hated that she could not dig a hole into the ground to hide. Her princess attitude came back a little, and she did not bother about anything else as she clenched her small fist to hit his chest. She pouted her red lips and stomped on the ground as she asked, “Why are you so bad?”