Chapter 439 - Their Hearts Were in Sync (1)

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Gu Yu didn’t say a word. The cold and terrifying aura around him made Wei’er afraid to say a second word.

The man walked into the villa. He personally looked through every single place and confirmed it with his own eyes. However, every time he finished looking through a place, he didn’t see Xu Weilai’s figure. The dangerous gaze in his eyes deepened.

It wasn’t until he turned the entire villa upside down and there was no trace of Xu Weilai that his black eyes fell on the shivering Wei’er. His voice was filled with thousands of sharp blades, “Ask your family, nanny, security if they saw Xu Weilai, my wife. Have they seen her in the past few days? ”

A few days ago, Gu Yu’s wedding news was announced at Grandpa Gu’s birthday banquet. The next day, all the major media reported about this piece of news so everyone knew about his new wife, Xu Weilai. Wei’er naturally knew about it too.

However, she didn’t expect that Gu Yu would come to her villa to look for Xu Weilai!

A few days ago, someone sent her an anonymous text message informing her that a reporter was investigating the matter of her illegitimate child. This made her vigilant, so she hastily installed a lot of cameras. She also hired many security guards and told her parents to keep a close watch on the child. He was not allowed to go out to avoid being photographed.

Could it be that the reporter who came to investigate her was Xu Weilai? Gu Yu’s new wife?

Could it be that her security guards really caught her?

Thinking of this, Wei’er could not help but break out in a cold sweat. She swallowed hard and forced herself to remain calm, “Mr. Gu, I’m not here these few days. I really haven’t seen Mrs. Gu. As for the others, I can call them over now. You can interrogate them. ”

Gu Yu’s sharp gaze swept across Wei’er’s face, trying to determine if she was telling the truth. Then, he nodded lightly.

Wei’er felt as if she had been pardoned. She quickly turned around and called for the rest of the people.

In the hall.

Gu Yu sat on the spacious sofa. His long legs were elegantly crossed, but his handsome face was covered with frost. His eyes were filled with a strong sense of danger. Even if he just sat there quietly, it would make people tremble involuntarily.

Gu Yu didn’t say anything. Instead, he had Assistant Lin standing by the side to interrogate everyone. He even found a photo of Xu Weilai and had them identify her one by one.

First were Wei’er’s parents and nanny. They hadn’t left the house in the past few days and indeed hadn’t seen Xu Weilai. The security guards looked at her carefully several times and shook their heads in denial.

They patrolled very carefully. If there were any unfamiliar faces approaching, it was impossible for them not to have an impression!

They found nothing, and they didn’t seem to be lying. Assistant Lin had Wei’er to show them the surveillance footage. All the surveillance footage was normal. However, the surveillance footage on the third night were all deleted!

When Wei’er saw this, her legs went weak, and she almost fell to the ground. “I didn’t do it. Mrs. Gu is indeed not with me. I don’t know why this surveillance footage was deleted! ”

Gu Yu stared at Wei’er’s black eyes. There were raging waves in his eyes.

Xu Weilai had gone missing while was she investigating her private life. The last message she sent him told him that she had returned to the hotel safely. The truth was, she didn’t go back.

It could be speculated that she must have caught some key evidence, which was why she continued to stay. In order to not worry him, she sent him that message.

Therefore, his first reaction was that Xu Weilai had been caught by Wei’er, and she wanted to destroy the evidence against her. Xu Weilai might be imprisoned in this house, or perhaps… something even scarier had happened.

This thought flashed through Gu Yu’s mind, and killing intent appeared in his eyes!