Chapter 1276

Novel:My Mr. Song is extremely protective!|Author:The snow of an iceberg|Genre:Romance

Wang Zhuangzhi met his son’s cold gaze and did not retreat. Instead, he rushed in front of his son.

“Son, I had my own difficulties when I divorced your mother!

Can’t you forgive me just this once?

I’m your father!”

Sun Di looked at Wang Zhuangzhi, who was dressed in tattered clothes, unflinchingly. “You’re not my father at all. Look at how you look now.

“Even the beggars on the streets are better than you. What right do you have to say that you’re my father? ”

Wang Zhuangzhi’s anger was completely aroused after being humiliated.

Looking at his son in front of him, he waved his hand and wanted to give him a slap. However, he was stopped by the parents of the children who passed by.

“where did this poor beggar come from? How dare he block the school gate? Do you believe that I will call the police to arrest you right now? ”

Wang Zhuangzhi looked at the tall and strong man in front of him. His heart flinched and he quickly bowed his head and apologized, “I was wrong. I will leave right now.

You must not call the police!”after saying that, he peed his butt and ran away without turning his head back.

The parents of the students looked at the cowardly look on the man’s face and spat on the ground.

They turned to Sun Di and said, “in the future, if you encounter poor beggars again, you must shout for help. They love to catch children.

Do you understand?”

Sun Di said gratefully, “thank you, uncle! ” After saying that, he pulled Wang Ting and left.

After returning home, he told Sun Li about the matter.

Sun Li heard what her son Said and knew that things were not good. Wang Zhuangzhi was indeed too ashamed to run to the school to look for his son.

Deep Down, she felt extremely regretful. It was just like what Wang Mei had said. There was no turning back.

When Wang Mei returned from collecting the clothes outside, she saw Sun Li sitting on the stool with a bitter expression. Sun Di, who was beside her, did not look too good either.

“What’s wrong with the two of you? You look like someone who owes you money and hasn’t returned it. ”

Sun Di was sitting on the stool in deep thought. She raised her head and said, “Aunt Wang, my father came to the school today and scared me. ”

Wang Mei glared at her. “Sun Li, is what the Child said true? “?

“that dog skin plaster went to school to Pester Sun Di. ”

Sun Di said again, “aunt Wang, it’s useless to ask my mother.

“Wang Ting came with me after school. She saw it too.

“If you don’t believe me, you can ask her. My father is really too embarrassing. His clothes are tattered. He can’t even compare to the beggars on the streets. ”

Wang Mei finally believed him and said gently to Sun Di.

“child, go inside and do your homework. I have something to say to your mother.

“dinner will be ready in a while. Just come out for dinner. ”

Sun Di nodded obediently and left. He knew that it was inconvenient for him to be here now. It was better to let aunt Wang persuade his mother.

After the child left, Wang Mei took the stool and sat beside Sun Li. “What exactly are you thinking in your heart.

“Do you really intend to get back together with him?

“seeing that his life is down and out now, you can’t bear to see it. ”

Sun Li shook her head vigorously. “I never intended to get back together with him?

That day, I only gave him five yuan because I felt sorry for him. Who would have thought that he would still refuse to leave.

“I have no other choice now.

“If I leave this place, my job at the restaurant will be gone.

“When that time comes, how will the two of US live on? ”

Wang Mei understood the situation after hearing that. It was indeed a difficult choice now.

She thought of Li Jian’s pestering of her previously.

“Why don’t we give Lin Lei a call and see if she has any ideas? ”

Sun Li shook her head and objected, “Lin Lei, she’s still pregnant!

If I anger her, how can I let it go!

Why don’t I go and get some money for him so that he won’t Pester me anymore.

What do you think?”

Wang Mei didn’t have a good idea, so she agreed with Sun Li to give it a try.